Bodily & Related Family Documents

Bodily Histories (MS Word format)

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Bodily GEDCOM for ancestors of Chris & Blanche Bodily & Family

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Life story of Julia Constance Allen Matkin
Life History of Christopher R Bodily
Funeral Services of Christopher R Bodily
History of Edwin Bodily, Sr.
(Received from Allie Bodily)
Edwin & Matilda Bodily
Edwin & Matilda Bodily - Older Photo
History of James Bodily
Jane Pittam Bodily
History of Jane Pittam Bodily
Robert Bodily
History of Robert Bodily Taken from the History of James Bodily
History of Robert Bodily
Suel M. Bodily taken in Europe during World War II

Suel is arguably the best uncle any kid ever had!

Arlie & Arlo Bodily
History of Esther Broadhurst Matkin Duce
Esther Broadhurst Matkin Duce
Drury Family History
Drury Family
History of Permelia Julia Drury Matkin
Permelia Julia Drury taken about 1880
History of Catherine Morgan Wilkes Morgan Hibbard
A Relic of the Hoke Family
Life History of Julianna Hoke Zimmerman
Blanche Matkin Bodily taken about 1952
Blanche & George Matkin
George & Julia Matkin Wedding Photo
George O. Matkin enjoying a well deserved nap!
History of Blanche Matkin Bodily
History of George Quayle Matkin
Blanche Matkin Bodily & her mother,
Permelia Julia Drury Matkin
Permelia Matkin's home in Swan Lake
Permelia Matkin with company
Permelia & Sarah Matkin at Sara's home
they were both wives of Samuel Matkin
Permelia, Blanche & George Matkin
Life Story and letters from Samuel Matkin
Samuel Matkin
Samuel Matkin
Harriett Roberts
Life History of Matilda Roberts Bodily
Levi Roberts' Cabin now located at the
Pioneer State Park in Salt Lake

Emily &Levi Rawlins are standing in front of the door.

Anjanette Stone's Bodily Information
Swan Lake Idaho taken in 1908
before ther were any cars.
Swan Lake Idaho taken about 1900
Blanche and George Matkin are
identified in photograph
Joural of Elizabeth Zimmerman Lamb
Life Sketch of George Gotlieb Zimmerman

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