The Family of Zachariah Drury
From the Records of C. H. Drury

Zachariah Drury was born in one of the New England States, but where or at what time I have not the means of ascertaining. He married Ruth Sawyer, and her father served in the Revolutionary War. He had nine children who were born in the town of Wendell, Franklin County in the state of Massachusetts. Their names are as follows:


When Born

When Died

Elizabeth 1 ? ?
Abel ? ?
Needham ? 1810
Elizabeth 2 1786 1807
Elijah ? 1837
Silas ? 1817
Ester Feb 1792 ?
Nathan July 1794 January 18, 1854
Joel April 6, 1797 October 26, 1854

Ruth Drury, the mother of the above-named children, died about the year 1800, and Zachariah Drury, the father, died about the year 1802. He worked as shipbuilding, was a millwright, wheelwright, and a blacksmith and a general mechanic. This is about all I can write concerning him, as I have no record or journal handed down from my father to which I can refer.

Elizabeth 1 was scalded to death when one or two years old. Able lived with his father and learned his trades. He married Hapzibah Austin and now lives in Moatague, Franklin County, Massachusetts. They had eight children as follows:


When Born

When Died

Mary ? ?
Betsey ? ?
Needham ? Died Young
Abel ? Died Young
Dorinda ? ?
Hannah July 1816 ?
Lewis May 1819 ?

Needham and Abel died young. The rest of them grew up, married and had children, and were living in Massachusetts. The last we heard of them was in 1856.

Needham, the second son of Zachariah Drury, lived with his father when young and learned his trade of him. He married Amanda Winter in the year 1808. They had five children as follows:


When Born

When Died

Sylvia Ocdtober 19, 1809 September 1813
? Febuary 1812 Febuary 1812
Sophia October 1, 1814 ?
Amanda May 6, 1816 ?
Needham April 7, 1818 September 1833

He (Needham) died in the town of Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts, on March 27, 1818, and his wife died September 10, 1818. They both died of consumption.

Elizabeth 2 lived until she was 21 years old and she died with consumption about the year 1807.

Elijah, the fifth child of Zachariah Drury, after the death of his father, went to live with his uncle in Worthington, in the state of New Hampshire, where he lived until he was 21 years of age and then moved to New York State, town and county of Oswego. He married Mary Bradley and they had seven children as follows:

  1. Merit
  2. John
  3. Sophrina
  4. Nathan
  5. Hudson
  6. Harvey
  7. Mary

He (Elijah) died about the year 1837. His children live in New York State and were all married when we last heard from them, but John and Mary. He died with the smallpox. Silas, the sixth child of Zachariah Drury, lived in the town of Wendell until he died at about the age of twenty-seven years December 1, 1818 of consumption.

Ester, the seventh child of Zachariah Drury, was born February 1792 and lived in Wendell until she married a man by the name of Johnathan Hale about the year 1827. She then moved to Richmond, state of New Hampshire, where they now live. They have five children as follows:

  1. John
  2. Lydia
  3. Otis
  4. Enoch
  5. Laura

Nathan, the eighth child of Zachariah Drury, was born in Wendell Massachusetts where he lived until his death, when he went to live with his uncle Johnathan Drury in Worthington, New Hampshire, until he was twenty-one. Then he went to Oswego, New York, where he married Permelia Handmore. She died after a few years, and he married again to the widow, Susan Nelson. He lived with her and had three children as follows:

  1. Videtta, born 1834
  2. John, born 1836
  3. Nathan, born 1840

He (Nathan) died with consumption January 18, 1854.

Joel, the ninth child of Zachariah Drury, was born April 6, 1797. His father died when he was five years old, and he lived with his brother Abel until he was eighteen, when he went to live with Captain Crosby until he was twenty-one. He now married Tirza Winter and bought the place before owned by his brother, Needham, where he lived until 1836, and had four children as follows:

  1. Ruth born November 13, 1819
  2. Permelia Handmore born August 20, 1821
  3. John born February 6, 1824
  4. Charles Horatio born August 17, 1825

He (Joel) died in Springville, Utah Territory, October 26, 1854 of consumption.

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