The free Gedcom to HTML Converter

Version 1.16, Oct 12, 1999

WebbedGed is a Perl program that creates HTML files from a GEDCOM file. WebbedGed originated from Dan Pidcock's excellent gedcomToHTML program, v1.45.

WebbedGed is free software licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Copyright © Paul Rawlins, 1999. Basically you can modify, distribute, or even sell it -- provided the source code is made freely available.

You can see what the output looks like here .


How to use it:

  1. Download and install Perl if you don't already have it. Perl runs on MS Windows 95 and above, Macintosh, and UNIX.
  2. Download the tar-gzipped WebbedGed.tgz or zipped WebbedGed.zip file and uncompress it. A new directory WebbedGed will be created.
  3. Copy your gedcom_file to the WebbedGed directory, where gedcom_file is the Gedcom file exported from your genealogy program.
  4. Go to the WebbedGed directory and type the following (without quotes):
    "perl WebbedGed.pl gedcom_file"
  5. Open the file html/WebbedGed_frame.html in your web browser. That's it!
  6. If you want to upload to the Web, copy the entire "html" and "gif" directories to the same directory on your website.


The first section of the source contains options that can be customized. Simply copy the lines to be customized to the file WebbedGed.cfg in the current directory and set the new values as appropriate.

Future Enhancements:

Thanks to all those who have sent enhancement suggestions. If there is something that you would like to see, let me know and I will try to implement it!

View the source.

View the revision history.

Send comments to Paul Rawlins.

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