Edwin & Nancy R Stocks Family Documents

  Edwin Murry Stocks
  A Cousin and Edwin Stocks
  Edwin Stocks and Joseph H. Lewis Portrait, 1898 (on mission in Southern States)
  Nancy Ellen Rawlins History by Eulalie L. Taggart
  Nancy Ellen Rawlins (young)
  Nancy Ellen Rawlins
  Nancy Ellen and her salt and pepper shakers
  Nancy Ellen and ? in 1949
  "Mrs. Ellen Stocks, 79, Enjoys Adding To Her Collection of Salt, Peppers" Newspaper Article 3/25/54
  Nancy Ellen Rawlins Stocks and her children Retta and Edna
  Edwin Murry and Nancy Ellen Rawlins Stocks Wedding Portrait, 12 Dec, 1894
  Stocks Children Portrait, 1905: Back: Adrin, Edna, Reeta; Front: May, Erma, Agnes (6 months old)
  Reta and Edna Stocks 1898
  Reta and Edna Stocks (young girls)
  Maurine Anderson, Eugenia, Sarah Afton, Edna Stocks Hutterball
  Reta Stocks Portrait 1896 (baby)
  Harold Andersen Portrait
  Maurine Andersen Portrait
  Gladys Andersen Portrait (young girl)
  Lyle Peter Andersen funeral program
  Lyle Peter Andersen Obituary
  Lyle Peter Andersen photo
  Cleon Jay Andersen Portrait (boy)
  Andersen Girls: Gladys (7yrs), Clysta June (3yrs), Donnamay (9yrs)
  Eugenia Hutterball Portrait (baby)
  Adrin Stocks Portrait (young child)
  Edwin Ray Stocks funeral program
  Alta Stocks Portrait (young child)

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