About Neighbor Jode


    Did you ever hear of the man they called Jode,
    Who had a tough journey on Life’s stony road?
    Those with less grit would have died long ago,
    But Job was a sissy, compared with this Jode.

    Jode had a horse whom we all knew as Queen,
    She was blind, but her spirits would make your hair curl.
    Aunt Mary Ann used to drive this old pet,
    And shed bitter tears when poor Queen got all wet.

    The old sightless nag stepped into Bear River,
    But did Jode stand aside to watch old Queen shiver?
    Nay! He rolled up his sleeves, and fished out the horse,
    And continued to lead her with love, and not force.

    Jode had a Franklin with which he could work.
    Tires would be flat, and he’d stop with a jerk.
    Cheerfully whistling, he soon had the car
    Whizzing through dust on the lanes, near and far.

    Out in the yard stood an irritable beast,
    But Jode wasn’t timid - not in the least.
    He went to the bull, whispering, “So, Bossy, There!”,
    Then Joseph went flying, up through the air.

    That was the day we were sure Jode was gone,
    But he was too stubborn. He kept hanging on.
    Milkleg, or measles, or a mere broken neck,
    Can only elicit a mild, “What the heck!”.

    Jode Rawlins has been here for eighty long years,
    But nothing can daunt a man with no fears.
    When he knocks for admittance on Peter’s bright gate,
    The Guardian will say, “Jode! you’re a welcome old skate!”

      Virginia Hanson


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