James Rawlins in Mill Creek Ward Bishopric

(Retyped from Church Encyclopedia Book 1, Historical Record Vol 5-9, BYU Ref. 4, M272, J451b.
August 1997. Copy provided by Julia Rawlins from Bert Rawlins.)

April 8, 1849, Joel H. Johnson was ordained the first Bishop of the Mill Creek Ward. His Counselors were Reuben Miller and James Rawlins. At the General Conference of the Church, held in G. S. L. City, in April 1851, Reuben Miller was voted to be the Bishop of the Ward. He was ordained shortly afterwards. He chose as Counselors James Rawlins and brother Hotchkinson. Counselor Hotchkinson, went to California in 1851, and Alexander Hill was chosen second Counselor in his stead. Elder Rawlins was discontinued as Counselor in 1852 or 1853, when Alexander Hill became first Counselor, and Alva Keller was chosen to act as second Counselor. Alva Keller was dropped in 1856, and John A. Smith was chosen in his stead. During the absence of Alexander Hill on a four-months' mission to Salmon River, Robert Garner acted as Counselor pro tem. in his stead. John A. Smith removed to Tooele County in 1859, and Washington Lemmon was chosen as second Counselor in his stead. This Bishopric (Miller, Hill and Lemmon) stood intact for twenty three years, no change being made, at the time of the general reorganization in 1877, except that the Ward was slightly diminished in size by the organization of new Wards.

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