My Great Grand Parents James Rawlins and Jane Sharp

James Rawlins was born 6 January 1794, in North Corlina, He died 17 October 1874 in Big Cottenwood Salt Lake Co. Utah, Jane Sharp Rawlins was born 22 March 1794 in North Corlina, She died 5 May 1858 in Big Cottenwood Salt Lake Co. Utah.

They were Married in Indiana, They moved to Illinois here they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Before they came out to Utah, They had Nine Children born to them.

James Rawlins had two other wives after he came to Utah, but they never had any family by him, The second wife was Mrs Harriet Wheat, she had been married before she was from Salt Lake City Utah.

The third Wife was Aunt Rachel she was also from Salt Lake City Utah.

About the 15 of May The Rawlins familys started for the West they traveled for a short time were divided With Franklin Richards Captain of One, Barnry Adams Captain of the next, and Andrew Cunningham Captain of the other, The third one was to travel behind, but in afew days they were ahead, they had passed both companies and were the first in the valley. They landed in Salt Lake City 12 October 1848, staid in the fort that night, Next morning Father Rawlins, Joseph S. Harvey M, and Andrew Cunningham, drove out to Little Cottonwood, Where Father Rawlins built a house, Joseph made a Dugout and Andrew Cunningham went back to Salt Lake,

About this time David and George Carson being Twins Married Fathers Rawlins two Daughters Millie Jane and Elva Ann, These Brothers were out after the Indians and George was killed so David took his brothers Wife and raised a family for him, they had a lot of hard times but were glad to be here in the vallies of the Mts.

Written by Eulalie Leavitt Taggart

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