Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins' Patriarchal Blessing
Lewiston, July 28th 1881

(Note: Typos are from the original hand-written copy)

A patriarchal Blessing given by C. W. Hyde upon the head of Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins son of Harvy and Margarte Rawlins born Feb 1st 1872 Richmond.

Jasper in the name of the Lord Jesus I place my hands upon your head and I seal upon you a Patriarchal Blessing for ere long you will be called to proclaim this Gospel from nation to nation from Kingdom to Kingdom and no power on earth shall stay Thy hands. Thou shall see wars and rumers of wars and the winding up seen of all things and the ushering in of the great mellenmial for Thou art of Joseph and a right to the fullness of the Priesthood and you shall have wives in due time and you shall do a great and Mighty work in Zion for it is Thy privelege to stand with your Redeamer when he comes and you shall receive the blessings of eternal lives with all Thy Fathers household for ever and ever. Amen.