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[From "Glimpses" Compiled by Lyle Rawlins]

A Testimony ot the Prophet Joseph Smith. Jr. by
Jane Parrish Lindsay
Byron Wyoming April 2,1904.

I wish to leave my testimony to my family, children, grandchildren or anyone that may wish to hear it of the Prophet Joseph Smith - - that I do know he was a true prophet in these last days. He has done more for the salvation of the human family than anyone besides the Savior. That I do know him and have heard him talk. I heard him prophesy that the Saints would come to the Rocky Mountains to find their home in peace. I was there when the rainstorm came while he was speaking and Joseph said "If you can sit and listen I can stay and talk to you." and no one moved. I have heard him say his days were short on earth but death would taste sweet to him and he said that he would roll this work from his shoulders onto the twelve. "Round up your shoulders and bear it," he said to them.

We did not know nor could we understand that his days were so short. The last time he spoke in Nauvoo he said, "Greater love hath no man, that he should lay down his life for his friends." I saw him after he was dead and in his coffin. There were thousands went through that day and we saw the remains of Joseph and also Hyrum. And Oh! The gloom that hung over that city. It seemed like the Heavens and earth both wept. I was there when Sidney Rigdon spoke and said he was the next leader, but we felt he was not the right one. Before he was voted on the Twelve all came home and at the meeting Brother Brigham took the stand. He was the Prophet, the right one in the right place. I never witnessed the spirit more plainly manifest than I did that day. You would of thought it was Brother Joseph himself. Both his face and the expression on his face were like Joseph's. Therefore I know of a surety that this is the only true Church and I want all my children to know as I do, and I know that Joseph was a true Prophet in these last days, and I want my children to live and keep all his commandments and gain a salvation for themselves and live as I have done. Keep the Word of Wisdom strictly and pay a good tithing. Live more humble and prayerful, obey the council and be worthy of his salvation and rise in the morning of the first Resurrection. These are the testimonies of your humble mother which I know are true. As I am advanced in years and don't now how soon Father will call me home again - - I shall leave this testimony. Amen.

(She lived fifteen years longer)

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