Funeral of James Brinkerhoff Leavitt

  • Died at the home of his son, James Roy Leavitt, north of Idaho Falls 8 Jan 1933 and Burried at Marland Idaho 10 Jan 1933.
  • Opening song "Near my God to thee."
  • Prayer - Nelse Christon.
  • song "Providence is over all"
  • first speaker was his youngest Bro Edward Leavitt.
  • second speaker H. P. Christon
  • Song a mixed duet "I have heard of that Beautiful land."
  • third speaker Wm England.
  • forth speaker N. J. Barklet (the school teacher
  • clothing remarks Bishop W. C. Cutfert,
  • song "I know that my redeemer lives,"
  • Prayer Bro Clemon.
  • Grave dedatied by by Lesley Williams


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