Goudy Abraham Hogan

Goudy Abraham Hogan was born 5 Feb 1871 in Richmond Cache Co Utah. - when he was five years of age he moved with his parents to Dixie Utah, and lived in the United Order. At the age of nine (9) he returned with his parents to Richmond. He attended the District Schools of Richmond and the Brigham Young Collage at Logan Ut. He married Elva Arminta Rawlins in the Logan Temple the 9 Nov 1892. to them nine children were borned, one of which died at birth the others are all married and have their own homes.

He moved to Lewiston in 1894 and has made his home ever since. On May 12, 1901 he left to fulfiel a mission in the Central States. He labored in the Indian Territory and Oklahoma for twelve monts and the last fourteen months were spent in the Office at Kansas City Missouri. He returned July 3 1903. The following autumn he was sustained to the Benson Stake Mutual Board. He held this position until he was released to be sustained as second counselor to Bishop Andrew L Hyer of the Lewiston 1 Ward in 1915. He held this position until he has set apart as First Counselor to Pre James W Funk (Bishop of the Lewiston 1 Ward - then he was counseler to Bro Funk in the Benson Stake) in the Benson Stake Presidency until the 23 Oct 1921 in which capacity he served until the 26 June 1932.

He was secretary of the Cub River irrigation Company from 1915 to 1920 and President from 1920 to 1927. He is at present a director in the Lewiston State Bank and the Wm Budge Memorial Hospital and he has worked in these position for twenty years now (1942).

He has held several position on committies on civic improvement in Cache Co among them the committee to secure right-of-way for the Utah Idaho Central Railway and various other road committees - field Supertament of the Amalga Sugar Co. He was Mayor of Lewiston town 1937 till 1939. A Paterich of Benson Stake 9 Jan 1938 by Melvin J Ballard.

By Eulalie Taggart


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