Goudy Aberham Hogan

Goudy A Hogan was born in Richmond Cache Co Utah the 5 Feb 1871. His parents were Goudy Hogan and Ann Nelson, in Richmond 1 Oct 1882 by Thomas Richardson a Patriarch gave him a blessing and he was 11 years old he told him he would be ordained a Patriarch and that came true in Jan 9, 1938 in the Benson Stake. A tribute was paid him when he was released from the Stake Presidency in June 26, 1932, so I have copied it as it is so true of him.

Goudy A Hogan, a man of faith, a man of humility, a man of strength, a man of sympathy, a man of friendship, His faith has moved him on through a long life of service and usefulness to his state, his church and his fellow men, He has had faith in the triumph of light over darkness of right over wrong. Faith has led him through dark clouds of trials and adversity to the bright sunlight of a life of achievement and to a place of honor and respect among men.

In humility he has given wise counsel and advice in public callings and in private intercourse with friends. He has won and has enjoyed the companionship of good men and women and the communion of the Holy Spirit.

With a strength undaunted he has championed the cause of right, as God gave him to see the right and has upheld the teachings of the Divine Master.

In sympathy and kindness he has forgiven weakness and error in others and has led them into better living and into a new world ful of hope and promise.

He is a friend, loyal tried and true a friend of progress and of truth, without envy he rejoice in the successes and attainments of others and stretches out a hand to others who are in need. Goudy A Hogan is truly a friend of man and thereby has become a friend of God.

Merely to know President Hogan is to love him. His unselfish, happy disposition was always mirrored in a cheerful countenance, his optimism over his tasks makes him at all times congenial to work with. Perpetually faithful to his own ideals yet was he charitable always towards all humanity. Many have been impressed with his charitable attitude in times when the more rigid critics attempted to impart the idea that someone was wrong and should be condemned because of minor errors or weaknesses on the other hand President Hogan's idea was that all men are just about what their friends and associates think they are and that a word of encouragement or constructive counsel is worth a volume of preaching and criticism. To quote from one admirer who voices the sentiments of the mass of the Stake, I learned to love you while I was a Deacon and that love has grown to maturity Bro Hogan, what a faithful heart you have and may God crown eternal blessing upon your head for the care you have given my soul, you have given my soul, You have filled my heart with optomistic thoughts and with desires to carry on. I could pray in my heart that all my breathern were like you, who possess the mildness of a lamb and the integrity of (Job) in short the meekness and himility like unto that of the Christ I love you with all my heart.

Oct 23 - 1921 Reorganization of Benson Stake with Pre James W Funk, 1 C Goudy A Hogan, 2 C John E Griffin, Samuel W Hendricks Stake Clerk
Oct 29 - 1922 Dedication of the Tabernacle
Aug 13 - 1924 Erection of the Martin Harris Monument at Clarkston Ut.
Aug 31 - 1924 Opening of the North Cache Seminary
July 16 - 1925 Death of Brigham A. Hendricks
Sept 1 - 1928 Junior Seminary work instituted in the Stake
Dec 15 - 1931 Death of Patriarch William Waddoups
June - 1932 Renovation and redecoration of the Stake Tabernacle
June 26 - 1932 Reorganization of the Stake Presidency with H Ray Pond, Saul E Hyer, Alford Chambers, Samuel W Hendricks Stake Clerk

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