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Annie Marie Boren Bigelow

[This was scanned into my computer from an original typed copy in Feb, 1997. The spelling has been corrected in the first, history, section, but not in the following poetry section. A prose version of the history section is also available in a computer file. -- Stephen Rawlins]

Autobiography of Annie Marie Boren Bigelow

Written in 1946 and typed by her daughter Emily Stoker

Memory Thoughts of My Life



I am writing a few of the memories of my life for you
Don't expect much, you'll be disappointed if you do,
13 children belonged on our parents family tree
Six brothers and six sisters and me.
I was the fourth daughter and seventh child
As the record of our family had us filed,
At this writing I am the oldest one left
Of five brothers and five sisters I am bereft.
Of that large family only three are left my dear
We will try to enjoy each other while we are here,
Five brothers and five sisters are laid away
To sleep in their graves till the resurrection day.
Annie Marie Boren born October 24, 1873
At that time winter was coming on you see,
At three months my life, the whooping cough tried to take
So great faith was exercised for my sake.
Annie cannot live, was whispered all around
But Father would not listen to that sound,
With faith they administered to me and a blessing gave
To them the spirit whispered "Her life I'll save."
I was nurtured with care month in and month out
But that I would get well Father had no doubt,
Then there came a time it seemed my spirit had fled,
And for dead they laid me gently on the bed.
Calling father they told him I was no more
His soul was pleading, and his heart was sore.
She is not dead, God told us she would live
Now to me will you a teaspoon give.
Into my mouth his own breath he blew
Just why he did it he never quite knew,
By just such experiences science has gained fame
For sometimes when life seems ended it may be restored again.
It was hard for me to survive the first year of my life
But now I am both mother and wife,
I have been blessed with children eleven
Of five we have been bereft, they were taken to heaven.

10 - Second Year

At two years a few words I could say
And no doubt I was walking by the way
Life was so sweet I had nothing to fear
Every one seemed to me very dear.
No doubt many things came in my way
To spoil my happiness while at play
Discontentment lasted but a little spell
Then I was feeling happy and well.
12 - Third Year
At three years I had an experience to you I'll tell
For it was riveted on my mind so well.
Grandfather Mecham died and you will plainly see
My cousin and I knew not what trouble could
Our interest in life was joyous and free
For we talked and laughed up in a cherry tree.
That was not all we did she and I
For things we did made our parents sign.
We were told by an Uncle to gather apples for a cow
When she bellowed we dropped them in the mud right now.
Uncle scolded us and said, "Why put them there?"
Never again did I care his company to share.
15 - Fourth Year
At four years my cousin and I played in water at the head of the spring
Getting in water was a joy in my life if there was anything.
But my aunt brought horror to us for doing such a thing
Keep away from that water or under you go, and a rock I'll bring.
To me thinking of going down in the water below
Would be the last place on Earth I would care to go.
But gently by the hand she led us away
Saying from the spring and water you will have to stay.
What more could we do we did not know
But to a pen where two young deer were we'd go
My cousin dropped her straw hat down by the deer
They tore it in shreds, then what would happen to us was not clear.
18 - Fifth Year
I was so frightened of Indians when I was five
I was glad when they left town that I was still alive
Whenever we saw them coming to beg bread
Terror went from my feet to my head
Then my brother to me a magpie brought
And said to talk it could easily be taught
I thought of that achievement I could be very proud
If I could teach it to talk gentle, not bold or loud.
But the experience I had was painful indeed
For a tine of a pitchfork I run in my foot full speed
I was going to dig worms to give them for their feed
Now I wouldn't keep a bird in a cage no indeed.
21 - Sixth Year
To a little log school house for an education I started
But today a place like that would make one downhearted
One room one teacher for big and small
Now that kind of setup wouldn't do at all.
And yet I miss that one room school
Where no one lived by any set rule.
Big and little, old and young, from each grade
With their association and warm love I was repaid.
Our ability was counted by readers from one to five
That finished our education at that school if we were still alive
The experience of hard knocks were all we knew
For higher education was given to only a few.
24 - Seventh Year
To many quiltings to tend children I would go
While the mothers worked hard and chatted so
Quilting and ragbees were all the rage
There the gossip of the town was always staged.
For dinner we kiddies had to wait
Until the time to us grew very late
How glad we were to get a piece of cake or pie
Then off to our work we must go without a sigh. 26
26 - Eighth Year
One of the important steps in my life
I was baptized in the Mormon Church against which there was much strife
From that day to this I have happy been
Trying to keep myself from temptation and sin.
At that time came a call for the Relief Society to store wheat
So the poor and needy would have something to eat.
Mother with her children listened to the call
So with our neighbors we gleaned wheat in the fall.
Gleaning and saving there was bushels of wheat in store
And what that wheat did for our boys will be remembered ever more
In World War One the President said the soldiers of bread was in need
To the government the wheat was sold yes indeed.
29 - Ninth Year
Provo Canyon was narrow and steep and the road was dangerous so
We must count on accidents to happen you know
Our wagon wheel came off, out I went, hit my head on a rock
Which gave my parents a terrible shock.
Father took me in his arms and went for water
He bathed my face before I could walk without a toter
In the canyon I pictured beautiful scenes and frightful fears
That lasted in my memory for years and years.
In the same canyon we met a herd of Texas cattle
With their long horns they showed signs of battle
Father pulled out to the side of the road to let them go by
It was a relief to take a long breath without a sigh.
'Tis terrible to be homesick and away from home
Gladly you welcome a chance to go back never more to roam
When the chance came I started from Provo but our wagon was upset
We were pinned under the wagon box you bet.
When we were released my cousin's little girl seemed cold and dead
So the driver took her down to the river bed.
When we took stock my wrist was thrown out of place
A terrible ordeal we had to face.
My cousin was a cripple and couldn't walk
The accident to her was a blow and shock
We waited and thought a long time we'd have to stay
But peddlers came along and gave us a ride that day.
When we got to the river the little girl was alive
Then with another problem we had to strive
How would we get home and still survive
Was another problem we'd have to contrive.
I rode up the canyon with one peddler the mother with another
I held the sister she held the brother
High up in a wagon with a double bed and a spring seat
To get any comfort we found it truly a cheat.
When I was eleven we saved our shoes for Sunday wear
On other days our feet took the wear and tear.
It hurt my pride to go barefoot at eleven
I'll never forget it if I live till I'm seventy seven.
Father made our shoes and sewed them all by hand
Tacked the soles on with wooden pegs on a wooden stand
We are proud of our Father when we think of his work
For we never knew him to falter or shirk.
The shoes Father made were strong and good
Now I can appreciate them just as I should
Thinking of those shoes now brings memories sweet
But wearing them then brought comfort to my feet.
40 Twelfth Year
At twelve I thought more of pleasure and fun
We played town ball, steal stick and races run.
In the winter on sleds we would coast down the hill at night
When the cold wind blew and the moon shone bright.
Little I dreamed while traveling through this life
I would find so many rough places
I never thought of the danger and strife
That comes to all tribes and races.
Yet long, long ago in the dear old past
The friendships I made will always last
For the good times my chums and I had together
Time or years can never sever.
43 Thirteen Years
Some people count thirteen an unlucky number but then
It isn't so to all women and men
We have our ups and downs in each and every year
We will pass by that number without fear.
Sports at that time were all the rage
And if you had talent you could go on the stage
To excel in spelling matches was our aim
And all in the class had to play the game.
One day Don said "Polly, Vira, Annie, all you three
Come go with me the beauties of nature to see."
So on horseback we joyfully galloped away
And spent a beautiful summer day.
On the cedar hill we sat and looked around
And listened to natures joyful sound
There we talked of what married life would be
But I felt like that was too far in the future for me.
Yet I was the first of the three girls to marry
Not many years alone did I tarry
The memory of that day brings joy to my life
In just a few years I became Don's wife.
48 - Fourteen Years
We went in crowds, no picked bunch
When we went on a picnic to take our lunch
To the canyon or some times to the river we went
Where a joyful good day was spent.
When I think of our sleigh rides it fills me with joy
Tipping over and switching gave a thrill, oh boy
The boys took hot rocks to keep us warm
They were expected to keep us safe from harm.
To ride on horseback was really a treat
But to ride in a buggy was a joy complete
Then I had never ridden in a railroad train
On a bus, street car or an airplane
I remember sitting in the shade of a tree
Knitting socks and stocking my sister and me
We knit them with woolen yarn
And then we had to learn to darn.
We measured our yarn to see who could knit the fastest
It was easy to judge by who's yarn longer lasted
Then we wore woolen stocking for our health
The poor wore them and also those who had wealth.
Many hours we sat there and talked and knit
And shaped our work to exactly fit
Wristlets and mittens we finished with care
For the old and the young in the family to wear.
Clothes were our problem we had few at best
Yet we knew at that we were greatly blest
No dresses of silk or lace, 'twas gingham or calico
Yet we reaped golden harvests of joy you know.
We had no warm furs no caps or hat
No hand bags, money purses, or anything like that
Not a dime or a penny could go for a treat
Sometimes for vacation we went to the county seat.
56 - Sixteen Years
With sweet sixteen comes the spirit of youth
With life full of vigor and pep to tell the truth
Then we listen to the music of love so sweet
And glad memories made our hearts faster beat
That summer I went to a saw mill to work
Believe me there was no time to shirk
We cooked for a large family and mill hands too
And we found much hard work to do.
We did the washing on a board and scrubbed floors on our knees
And ironings were done with hand irons if you please
Do this and do that, hurry here and hurry there
So of work we got a full days share.
In the morning we put breakfast on the table to eat
Then the mother and I to milk twelve cows had to retreat
After working a long summer day through
We must milk the cows again we knew.
When I think of the work we had to do
I wonder however we got it through
And at the end of the week, sake alive,
I only got one dollar and seventy five.
In the Fall I had not a penny for the pleasure to spend
There was no money to borrow and none to lend
But to candy pulls and parties we gladly went
That brought to our souls joy and content
62 - Seventeen Years
Courtship and marriage was then in line
Two hearts knowing happiness thought that would be fine
The lessons of life helped open the door
To bring dreams true we had thought of before.
Could I but tell the thoughts that made my bosom swell
For in my life and hopes they will always dwell
I have always kept alive the flame of love divine
As you will know by reading carefully between each line.
We cannot go back to those years that have past
But in our memory they will always last
The happiness of courtship I would like to stress
But to you in language I cannot express.
The joys and happiness that two lovers learn
In later years in abundance return
I enjoyed sweet tenderness and thoughtful care
From a lover with virtues choice and rare.
Don said to me "If you to me your heart resign
Then in return I'll give you mine."
Yes truly I will, I love you so
But for their consent to Pa and Ma you'll have to go.
When Don asked for me I wasn't there
That part of the bargain I didn't want to share
But later I said I'll be on hand
And make a true and honest stand.
Later I said to Mother, Don is calling tonight
Better keep the children out of sight
We have secrets to tell, yes indeed
And instructions I'm sure we will not need.
When he came Pa, Ma, brothers and sisters were there
The same room with them we had to share
We sat by the fireplace and stories told
Young folks then enjoyed the company of the
We had to wait till all was tired and went to bed
Before we could talk of the plans we had in our heads
We worked hard to make things come our way
So we could set our wedding day.
On the twenty ninth of April I changed my name
For a life of happiness and not for fame
I had found my childhood sweetheart true
Now I live where the sun shine comes through.
72 - Eighteen Years
At the age of eighteen a girl is of age they say
To choose that course she'll take
If she keeps the law who can tell her nay
Now she can her own choice make.
Now I will weave a robe of life to wear
I must weave it with good deeds and thought
I'll weave it from the pattern loved ones share
A beautiful pattern that cannot be bought.
I'll join it together with loving care
And have friendly deeds to spare
I'll weave it with patience and its goodness share
So the robe will be comfortable for me to wear.
I'll weave in faith and hope with my work
With obedience and courage rare
I'll weave it with pride and never shirk
While weaving that life robe to wear.
I'll line that robe with sunshine and smiles
And with kindness I'll strengthen the seams
I'll fit my robe to all my trials
And stitch the hem with sunbeams.
I was yet too young to fully realize
Married life holds so many joys and care
But I learned one must be careful and wise
And all blessings with others share.
Nor could I quite understand
The treasures that for me were in store
Till my husband so good and grand
Vowed he'd protect me ever more.
On the twenty ninth of April we were united as one
To travel side by side till life's race is won
Happy has been all those years
Although they were mingled with joys and tears.
So together we are building starting today
A portrait of human character we'll say
The location beside life's highways
Sustaining pillars self respect always.
The foundation we'll build of courage to do right
The floor of loyalty and guidance from above
Main entrance spiritual wakefulness and light
Windows light of good will and love.
Color scheme helpfulness and respectability
Roof of joy and hope to reflect tranquility
Dome influence to radiate good deeds and thought
Superintendent of building to lead the way the prophets taught.
83 - Nineteenth Year
The next step in life will be motherhood
To bring dear souls to Earth
The plan to us was only partly understood
Yet with pride we looked forward to baby's birth
May 6, 1892 our first child came from above
How tenderly I pressed her head close to my breast
Dearest treasure a little bundle of love
So gently she was placed in my arms to rest.
Father and mother's hearts beat in happy accord
For the dear gift God had sent
How could there be a greater reward
Or more happiness and content.
86 - Twentieth Year
August 25, 1893 early in the morn
Another daughter to us was born
She had blue eyes and curly hair
And her beautiful body gave a thrill to everyone there.
That time of year the weather was hot
But she was a gift like money never bought
With her she brought her love then and there
That only parents knows how to share.
Fall came with hazel sky and golden grain
Harvest was near the weather did proclaim
Then came winds and storms and sleet
For winter brought snow that creaked under our feet.
Then came spring with April showers
To bring the green grass and lovers flowers
Time will not erase one work or deed
That love has written down for future need.
Now our family added up to four
We decided to look the country o'er
To find a suitable place to live
To make a comfortable home and to our children an education give.
My husband said to me one sunny day
Would you be happy to go from your birthplace to stay
It was hard to leave friends and place of birth
To battle the elements and dig in the Earth.
We had made no mistake in our love
And after faithfully imploring our Father above
We vowed we would always stand firmly together
And take whatever came be it good or bad weather.
All our belongings went on a wagon in a pile
We took them over hills and valleys mile after mile
Over roads that were rough long and steep
From dugways it was horror to look way down in the canyon deep.
It was a long weary road we started to take
And day after day it took us our journey to make
Happy we were after a long weary day
To know we were getting along our way.
It took a long time to travel that road by the hour
Automobiles climb easily the hills we had to tower
Oh how long and tiresome the trip seemed then
I hope we will never travel it in a wagon again.
When we reached Ashley Valley to where we started
And from friends and loved ones we had parted
We thought of our neighbors day after day
And hoped our true friendship would always stay.
Now our journey was close to the end
Thanks and gratitude to our Father did ascend
That we had his protection and care going over that dangerous road
And the prospect of having a comfortable abode
At that time we had no home where we could go
To our sister Zora's we went to stay a day or so
We had a good visit and rested too
For we knew there was work waiting for us to do.
It was hard to find a place we could live in for awhile
Finally we found one without comfort or style
In that two-room cottage our trouble began
That was the place a scorpion our baby stung.
We worked with our darling day and night
While care and worry gripped our hearts so tight
Through faith and prayer God gave her back her health
That was more to us than power or wealth.
We were determined to have a place of our own
For discontent in that place had its seed sown
All our efforts and energy were bent that way
A rented house was no place for us to stay.
We had happiness and it didn't cost money as many suppose
To have a good time on this Earth
The best of its pleasures are free unto those
Who know how to value their worth.
Kind words and glad looks smiles cheery and brave
Cost nothing--no nothing at all
Yet all the wealth millionaire could save
Can't make such pleasures befall.
Many happy hours waiting for a home was spent
For the love we had gave joy and content
Our children with their prattle and song
Made the years glide smoothly on.
In a national depression one has to be brave
To make a meager living and try to save
Men out of work could be counted by the score
Want and hunger was felt the country o'er.
We arose early in the morning before the dawn
To see what in the world was going on
There was very little money to be made
To have a living one must trade and trade.
To build with little money it took inspiration
A lot of courage tact and investigation
Our place was started with a load of wood
It amused the neighbors still they thought it good.
Now we must get logs to build a home
Not a mansion a palace or even a dome
We hung a blanket to the window a quilt to the door
It had a dirt roof and a rough lumber floor.
Next the door was made of lumber and in the window we put glass
Then we could see our neighbors whenever they pass
We built the house on the corner of a forty acre farm
More for convenience than beauty or charm.
Our neighbors were far apart and very few
That I was frightened of Indians everyone know
When all the neighbors went away for the day
Were you frightened? Did I hear you say.
Now we were settled in a home of our own
The land must be cleared so crops could be grown
It took patience hard labor and toil
To grub the sage brush and dig rocks from the soil.
We found that when we were breaking up land and pioneering
We found that things were not always cheering
Don't think I am discontent or complaining
Though the scars of hardships are still remaining.
On the land we bought Indians camped every year
In the Fall when they went hunting deer
To our liking that wasn't a treat
To have them come close under our feet.
When you see a village of Indians spring up over night
It send fear to the heart and horror to the sight
Pioneering isn't all pleasure and fun
If you keep up your work you go on the run.
The first thing in the morning Indians came not to beg bread
They sat down at the table and wanted a meal instead
What could we do but with them share
The food they could see on the table there.
They ate the food with pure delight
To watch them was an uncommon sight
When they got their share they went away
Truly I hoped no more would come that day
Still they came little big old and young
It was confusing to not understand their tongue
They seemed curious to know who dared
To come live on the land they had always shared.
Soon they packed up and disappeared
It wasn't nearly so bad as we had feared
Seeing them leave was quite a sight
For we didn't want them there another night.
We knew we had another hard winter to face
Just a typical feeling of the poor of any race
Christmas past and another year came
And things were going along about the same.
On the 30 of January 1895 another girl was no surprise
She added one more to our family size
What rapture a little bundle of love brings
And in our home sweet music rings.
One more jewel in our crown to wear
Our love was easy with her to share
She helped make our home happy and bright
We enjoyed her life from morning till night.
How much we welcomed Spring that year
Sunshine and showers helped banish fear
Again we must work digging the Earth
So in the Fall we could tell what our crops were worth.
What a task it was to break up the land
Unless one tries it they can't understand
What it takes to turn land over with a hand plow
It was slow and tedious not like it is now.
It gave me a surprise to see Indians coming
Traveling so fast their horses were running
Down came the blinds pretending we weren't home
For my little girls and I were all alone.
They stopped to drink by the side of our house
The babies sensed my fear and kept quiet as a mouse
Setting on their horses they galloped away
To town they went but didn't long stay.
On their way back they stopped again
Oh I said in my heart what could they be wanting then
It was some dried meat we had hanging there
How we would feel about them taking it they didn't care.
A month later when the sun was nearly down
Two young braves rode to our door, that caused me to frown
We'll take you for our squaw was the demand
What for me to do was more than I could understand
What they intended to do was not quite clear
I trembled from head to foot and was white with fear
I was churning and nervously the dash went up and down
All the time I was praying my husband would come from town.
When his wagon came into view they dashed away
Time has never taken that dreadful feeling away
To me it is no wonder I had such fear
Whenever Indians came very near.
In the Fall before hunting time came round
We had the place securely fenced they found
The Indians stopped and you could almost hear them say
Oh they have taken our camping ground away.
It had taken all summer to get the land ready to sow
Our crops were very light in the Fall you know
Winter was coming on and a living was hard to get
No time to get faint hearted you can safely bet.
There was some work for Father bailing hay
And working his team hauling wood for one dollar a day
We joyfully weathered the storms wind and rain
We felt we had so much in the future to gain.
We had a cow bought some chickens and a pig
Some of them were little and some were big
When we could sell eggs we got ten cents a dozen
We were lucky to sell them to friend neighbor or cousin.
We planted fruit trees including cherries
Shrubbery small fruit and a patch of strawberries
Flowers bloomed beautiful all around
Gathering nourishment from the fertile ground.
In the Fall we had a bumper crop
All kind of vegetable that was tip top
We enjoyed gathering the crops and putting them away
Little dreaming on the place such a short time we'd stay.
In less than two years we had cleared all our ground
We had felt the right place for a home we'd found
But as we changed our minds day by day
Things began to shape in another way
All the time we lived in Vernal a living was hard to get
As long as we live we can never forget
How we had to leave our crops not getting a cent
After working so hard and our strength was spent.
Father Bigelow wrote come back and roam no more
And take back the same chance you had before
We studied whether to stay where we were or go
But we started back and got hung up in the snow.
We had waited in the Fall a few days too late
For with the weatherman we had no date
The storms overtook us and the cold wind blew
So through the wild country we couldn't get through.
Though storms may come anytime we know
For it was November and the bleak winds blew
At current creek the team couldn't make the grade
While waiting for help right there we stayed.
We had tried taking part of the load up the hill
To give up going on was against our will
It was such a steep slick and icy road
The horses couldn't stand to pull the load.
Our cousin Frank Mecham was with us there
So with our misfortune he was willing to share
That cloudy night he rode horseback away
Although it wasn't pleasant we had to stay.
In Strawberry valley the snow gets deep
Wintry winds piles it on the roads in a heap
There were no snow plows to clear the road then
If they had horse power they didn't have men.
That night we thought we'd be alone we five
But we found the campground with Indians alive
I thought how could we ever stay in such a place
But that was exactly what we had to face.
Around the campfire we shivered with cold
And thought of horrid stories of Indians we'd been told
In the morning they went along their way
We were left alone to watch and pray.
It was a long cold ride for Frank but then
He came with horse teams and a number of men
It was a welcome sight to us when they got there
For those days of worry was hard to bear.
Around the campfire it was cheerful when jokes were told
Some were new and some were old
Though it was cold and dreary our little girls sang
Oh happy home, sweet childhood home, and how that music rang.
Those men said how joyous the world would be
If only like innocent children the joys of life we could see
It taught each a lesson to follow through life
To always be cheerful through hardships worry and strife.
The next morning we started again on the road
With plenty horse power they took the load
The gratitude we felt no words can describe
When we mounted the hill and was on the other side.
We were happy to get back to the place of our birth
It seemed to us then there was no better place on Earth
Father started to work again at the sawmill
It gave a feeling of security and a great thrill.
On the 28 of February 1897 the stork brought another little one
Our lives were thrilled with the coming of our first son
Another blessing to father and mother
And our daughters were pleased with their little brother.
To raise a large family it takes strength and determined will
Father worked hard all day running the sawmill
To turn and saw logs from morn till night
If you said it was hard you were exactly right.
In the spring when the sawing was o'er
We started on the same kind of work we'd done before
To clear another farm and plant it too
Much work and work for all to do.
Summers came and winters past
Taking care of the children came first and business last
While raising our family there was little else I could do
To husband and family my aim was to be true.
I always felt willing to give a helping hand
And do the will of God as near as I could understand
Much of the pleasure of amusements was laid aside
To protect our children and with them abide.
My desire was to be tolerant and kind
And forget little failings and leave them behind
To be as faithful as I knew my friends to be
And treasure all the beauties in their lives I see.
Elva was born April 25, 1899 by the way
She grew nearer and dearer day by day
With her came good luck and good cheer
That made things brighter all through the year.
That makes daughters one, two, three, four
That added to our family one daughter more
With each ones company prattle and song
Our happiness was renewed each time one came along.
We were always going from place to place
Trying to find more comfort and a larger space
This time we moved to a house in a meadow green
Where the beauties of nature were always seen.
A crystal stream of water ran close by
Where we could catch fish on a hook with a fly
Fishing was good on that little stream close to town
For dinner some were caught and fried a delicious brown.
Florallia born November 25, 1900 she was so gentle and full of love
Another darling sent from heaven above
May everyday be filled with hope and cheer
And life brings only gladness year by year.
Your baby days presented a pleasant view
With the sunshine bright rays shining for you
I recall so fondly your childhood days
With all your darling and beautiful ways.
We enjoyed our home happy for many years
We know no sorrow had few worries or fears
There on the farm with our children our lives were free
As the fondest of parents could ever be.
If we had all the houses we've had in a row
We'd find in each home that fire lights softly glow
Our hearts were tuned with loving joy
Sometimes there was grief to make alloy.
But as I look back my eyes behold
Pleasures and beauties that never grow old
Living on a farm one gets worried and perplexed
And ofttimes wonder what would be best to do next
We learned to be humble while living there
And trusted to our Heavenly Father for protection and care.
Our soul desire was to teach our children right
And have them pure and innocent in Gods sight
We tried to protect them in their youth
To have them live and uphold the truth.
Our aim was to be a true example to them all
Extra effort must be made for the responsible call
May our footsteps never falter may we gently guide each one
So we can say follow us dear daughters and son.
We tried so hard to teach the Gospel plan
That God has given to mortal man
Not to live it only on Sunday but all the week
And listen to council when the authorities speak.
In the morning we had to get up with a smile
To get to Sunday School we had to walk a mile
Hand in hand the children glided along
Happily singing a Sunday School song.
We had to plan to be on time to Sunday School
So we had to live the golden rule
Saturday our clothing was all put in place
So nothing unpleasant we'd have to face.
In the summer we dressed the children in white
When we took them to meeting it was a beautiful sight
We hoped they would always be innocent and pure
God loves little children as we do I'm sure.
In vision I seem to ofttimes see
Those wonderful days that used to be
The days that was so precious in the past
Memories are the only things that seem to last.
We left a happy home to move to town
To get a store you can mark that down
The post office was there for us to take
With the two we thought a better living we could make.
It was much better in a financial way
For our income increased day by day
The work kept us busy the whole day through
To take care of the store and post office too.
The stock in the store was not complete
It lacked a variety of food to eat
We added more to the store each day
Until we were making our business pay.
Christmas time came with cheer that year
To us Heaven on Earth seemed very near
On the Christmas tree we hung trimmings and toys
Stockings were filled with candy nuts and joys.
We loved to tell the story of Christ to everyone dear
As they sat beside so they could clearly hear
How Christ loved little children and did them bless
How by right living we'd gain eternal rest.
We wanted our children to be comfortable and well dressed
So after the days work was done at night I sewed and pressed
Till I had made each a wardrobe complete
My aim was to have them look dainty and neat.
The joys of that Christmas can never be told
The imprint will stay with us till we are very old
That was the last Christmas our family was complete
For soon there would be a vacant seat.
When the old year passed away from view
We left fond memories to take a chance with the new
The year 1902 came in warm and bright
All nature enjoyed the sunshine and light.
With another year wending along its way
It brought pain and sorrow that would always stay
We had to walk by faith and not by sight
It was hard sometimes to choose the right.
February to us is the saddest month of the year
It brought many sorrows heart aches and tears
Sickness and death blasted our life
The whole year was full of sorrow and strife.
The black clouds gathered so fast and so thickly
Death came to our home so sudden and quickly
Ida had died and left us in despair
With broken hearts we called her back from over there
She came back and stayed till the next night
And tried to lift the thick veil from our sight
She said Mother comb my hair good tonight
So the angels will watch over me with their light.
She told us at one o'clock she would be going home and then
"Don't with your sorrow call me back again
Mother don't cry for it is not right
For me to come back like I did last night."
Sure enough at one o'clock she died
I couldn't cry I just looked in space and sighed
Although my heart bled I couldn't cry
For her words lingered MOTHER DON'T CRY.
Well we remember before she went away
She pinched her father's chin and he heard her say
"Father be true and stay in the right track
I'm going now and will not come back."
The first shock of death took Ida February 6, 1902
On the seventh we held her funeral and buried her too
Now there would always be a vacant place
Only God can give strength such trials to face.
Little did we think on the morrow
Eva's death would double our sorrow
For on the eight she faded and passed away
No longer was she allowed on Earth to stay.
The sorrow death brings, Oh tell me why
When we know all people are supposed to die
We hope some day to fully understand
When a perfect knowledge is at our command.
In the morning of the ninth our baby's spirit fled
Words cannot express the sorrow when we were told she was dead
It seemed that blow would take all our hopes away
It left us speechless with sorrow that day.
Our hearts were torn with grief and despair
In God we put our trust so our grief we could bear
Our faith must be strong fast and true
Oh we need God's spirit all our life through.
On the tenth a double funeral was held for two so white and cold
My heart bleeds when I think of it now I am old
We tried so hard their lives to save
But they were buried side by side in one grave
When we got back from their grave Adora was ill
We worked all night but the angel of death hovered still
She grew gradually worse and on the eleventh died
God only knows how much our faith was tried.
On the eleventh she went to join the blest
On the twelfth we laid her gently to rest
I had to help make her burial clothes
How it sent pains to my heart no one knows.
For her we couldn't hold funeral services as we had before
That added to our sorrow one burden more
We were deprived going with her to her grave
For we had two children left we must try to save.
It was measles and diphtheria that took their lives away
For that reason our friends were afraid to stay
We were left alone both day and night
To save the two children left we had to pray and fight.
We were dumb with grief and fear
For to deaths door the ones that were left was very near
God saw our anguish and grief and let them stay
Our hearts were full of gratitude to Him that day.
Each child seemed to feel and know
When it was their appointed time to go
With aching hearts we watched them die
Their last words were "MOTHER DON'T CRY."
Those last words sewed the tears up tight
And our hearts grew heavier day and night
When tears flow freely it eases the pain
We prayed and prayed for relief but it was in vain.
Day by day I tried so hard to hide my grief
Till I thought there never could be any relief
Everything looked so dark and drear
I humbly prayed I could shed a tear.
It broke our hearts to think of the vacant places
But trouble comes to all people and races
To one vacant chair there were added three more
Every day we counted our trouble o'er and o'er.
In one week four little girls were in their grave asleep
We humbly prayed angels would their vigil keep
With anguish we parted with the ones we love
We said a farewell till we meet them above.
No words or pen can ever express
How death can the spirit depress
Comfort can only come from God as a whole
To ease the pain of a grief stricken soul.
Dear Lord help us put grief and sorrow down
And work with the living to gain a crown
Help us be faithful and kind to those we love
And prepare to meet those gone above.
We had to walk by faith and not by sight
We must be true and do what's right
And lock our troubles up and throw the key away
That is what we tried to do that day.
For our family's sake we smiled through tears
Though we felt great sorrow for years and years
No pain or death can kill our love
For the children God sent us from above.
Now I should settle down at eventide
With a true faithful husband by my side
Hoping and planning for future days
Praying God to bless us in all our ways.
Grant me health strength and a determined will
Some useful niche in life to fill
May I be eager and glad that I can bear
A portion of each days work and labor share.
We tried to put our talents to doing good
And help all living in our neighborhood
Work always helps to ease ones troubled mind
That fate tries so hard to undermine.
No matter how we feel work must be done
There is no time to shirk for anyone
Work gets tiresome without some play
Take them both they help pass the time away.
In putting up the mail one day what did I see
But a letter that came from Post Office Box B
I was alone, I opened it with trembling hand
I knew another trial we would have to stand.
When husband came home I could hardly speak a word
With such sorrow and anguish my soul was stirred
I gave him the letter with a deep sigh
Before it was read neither had a dry eye.
Oh what a pain it sent to my heart
To think from each other we'd have to part
We were sorely tried to know just what to do
Would we be false or could be we true
In just a few months though
My husband got a call on a mission to go
To take care of things at home I must stay
While Don went so many miles away.
God says there is much to offer a throbbing heart
So for a mission my husband was set apart
Some thought that call wasn't right or just
But we were willing to wear out rather than rust.
Our friends seeing our sorrow and grief
Tried to get from that mission a relief
All the elders' names in his quorum were put in a hat
They thought to draw lots it would settle that
Strange but Don's name came out three times in a row
So all were convinced it was God's will he should go
God works in a mysterious way His wonders to perform
And while doing His will He protected us from harm.
So in humility we were parted for a little season
The faith we had in the Gospel was our only reason
Now we can see the hand of God was just
To take our minds from trouble we must.
It wasn't easy to say God's will be done
When you have to part with a loving one
But if we appreciate our blessings as we should
We must be faithful loyal and good.
We prepared and accepted that call
And Don was off for that mission before all
Still we must walk by a guiding hand
For there was so much we didn't understand.
We never questioned God's wisdom anymore
We were working for a pass to a heavenly shore
Our means were limited you can bet
We were under a financial strain and deep in debt.
But trusting in God we made the grade
For all our obligations in time were paid
Left awhile alone with family and business too
It took a lot of courage to pull it through.
A faint heart never a battle won
Or shirked from protection daughter or son
Day by day month by month slipped on
I must keep things going while husband was gone.
The time slowly passed winter came at last
With white snow and a chilly blast
No matter how cold I had to open the store
And always kept open the post office door.
It must be a time of hope not fear
We should forget the crosses that irk us here
And think of the wonderful vision ahead
And strengthen our faith of self till we're dead.
It would soon be Christmas and time for a tree
For me there was no joy like there used to be
We must forget the crosses that try us here
And work for the ones to us so dear.
The pines on the tree filled my thoughts of better days
And the stars sent forth its jeweled rays
With a throbbing heart I played Santa to my own
Oh how hard it was to trim a tree alone.
How could I ever take the spirit of Christmas on
With so many of my loved ones gone
My trouble came back not just a part
But it almost crushed my aching heart.
You see when Christmas came that year
My courage failed and I trembled with fear
Could I play the part of Santa feeling so sad
It took almost more courage than I had.
I must smile and fill the children's hearts with cheer
For Christmas time to them was very dear
I must hide my feelings for my loved ones' sake
With a true Christmas spirit a good Santa I'd make.
With care I filled stockings and trimmed the tree
For making the children happy meant much to me
I let not one thought or act mar their joy
I wanted them to be happy my dear girl and boy.
When the children were snugly tucked in bed
I knelt and a humble prayer to my Father said
Help me to keep the Christmas spirit all the year
And help me to fill my home with cheer
Then I went to bed with another prayer in my heart
May I, Heavenly Father, never from honor part
Give me a cheerful spirit and keep my soul awake
Teach me love and wisdom for childhoods sake.
When I woke Christmas morning after a good night's rest
I could see in the children's faces how much I was blest
I had made them happy this Christmas time
May they never be unhappy for any act of mine.
When the new year came in I hoped it would be
More kind more hopeful and bright for me
Will it bring friendship like other years have brought
To dream of peace and happiness is a wonderful thought.
We tried to wrestle happiness from fates hard hand
And cultivate peace which makes life grand
We were trying to gain a reward in a kingdom yet unseen
More glorious than to be a king or queen.
The more we give of our talents while we are alive
The more love and sympathy in our hearts survive
When dark clouds gather and we give a sigh
The blossoms of love we give will never never die.
Before I was even years twenty-nine
I was left for awhile alone with two children of mine
They were too young to help make a living
Much love and devotion to them I was giving.
Spring came with songs of birds and hum of bees
With full bloom of flowers on the trees
All nature was beautiful to behold
The grandeur of it can never be told.
If everyone would try to put sunshine in their soul
We'd come nearer reaching perfection and a higher goal
We loose so much in life working for the dollar
And neglecting to be a first class scholar.
I remember so well how hard I tried to carry the load
Till we had reached the end of the road.
To where a mission had been faithfully filled
That through God's mercy He had willed.
Try as I may I failed in health
We had no riches we had no wealth
There were no chances for needed rest
All the time I was trying to do my best.
We may control our life in part
But we can't control the beat of our heart
The doctor said, we must have your husband come home
Or he'll be left without a wife and have to raise his children alone.
Then again he said to me one day
Stop hard work or with your life you'll pay
How can I when work has to be done each day
To keep things going while husband was so far away.
Then he said I come to talk to you as a brother not as a physician
To see what you think of your husband coming from his mission
I'll never ask that while I'm still on top the sod
I want to be true to my husband and God.
Said he, it would only be right and in reason
That he should come home for a little season
I'll tell the stake president your condition then he'll say
We'll send a telegram to have him released without delay.
Then he told me how his wife had been very ill
They sent for him before he had time his mission to fill
He went back once more but was called back again
To care for the sick both women and men.
If your husband comes and helps nurse you to health
It will mean more to him than a world of wealth
What you must have is a rest from financial strain
When you get well he can go back again.
You have made the sacrifice and you will be blessed
God has weighed the spirit you both possessed
A release from this mission will be honorable and just
Now in the mercy of Heavenly Father you must trust.
A few days later from Provo I had a call
My husband asking how things were with us all
I'll be home in the morning I heard him say
It's no wonder it surprised me to this very day.
Husband took over the worry and load
And true love and devotion on me he bestowed
Through faith and prayers my health started to mend
Till I could do some work and my family tend.
Joyfully and tearfully along life's pathway I went
Till thirty years of my life I'd spent
To me it had been ages but I hadn't done much
Toward education or going high in the church or such.
I had better end my thirty years
And try to forget I shed so many tears
Our life's pleasure was ended for so long
Help me Oh Father to be patient worthy and strong.
I would like to view the past with clearer eyes
And see the beauties in the skies
Be prepared for what the future has in store
And be more faithful than I've ever been before.
An epidemic of typhoid fever struck the town that Fall
Eighteen cases to be exact and I was the last of them all
Fate stepped in with an iron clad hand
We knew not where our trouble would land.
My husband administered to me than said, Annie you'll get well
Not right now though, when I cannot tell
Whenever there arose doubt or fear
Those words of inspiration rang out loud and clear.
It was a comfort to have that assurance
For there came a severe test of our endurance
When our faith was at its lowest
We put our trust in him that all things knoweth.
For eight long weeks we feared for my life
We prayed husband and children wouldn't loose mother and wife
We were truly grateful for the blessings you can depend
When on the road of health I started to mend.
It was touching to hear the children pleading
For a mother's protecting care they were needing
For weeks I laid sick near death's door
For the skill of doctor's could do no more.
But Heavenly Father in his mercy and care
Helped us with another trial and burden bear
That sickness brought many doubts and fears
That we had been trying to shake for years and years.
Truer devotion to a wife a husband never gave
He did all in his power my life to save
Though trials make the heart grow stronger
Yet we must hope and pray a little longer.
It's hard to keep your courage with poor health
To us the faith we gained is more than wealth
Our friends and neighbors helped day and night
While we tried to keep a happy future in sight.
Winter came and Christmas time was here
This time I was too sick for a Christmas cheer
On that day of days I was very low
My folks were afraid on the other side I'd go.
Christmas morning my eyes were so dim I could hardly see
The presents my dear ones brought to me
People looked to me like little specks that day
And everything seems so far away.
With so much anxiety the day was dreary to spend
Humbly we prayed God would his blessings send
I realized I was very close to death's door
Unless God willed otherwise I'd soon be on the other shore.
I was rallying from the ravages of fever and then
Another dreaded disease meningitis pulled me back again
Then to my friends death seemed certain and sure
The pain was more than I could long endure.
The elders were faithful to come day or night
Still there was no relief for the pain in sight
My whole body was helpless except one arm
That caused new worries and gave an alarm.
I was in such severe pain I didn't know
Just why but I stopped worrying though
Annie you are going to get well but not now
Had been indelibly written on my brow.
felt the other side was very near
But I longed to stay with my loved ones here
I could see with each look the anguish in my husband's heart
My desire was to stay with him never more to part.
One of the elders seeing my suffering and pain
Said oh why are our prayer not answered are they in vain
Maybe it is God's will that she should go.
I'm sure we have done all we could here below
Brother Bigelow with your consent to the Bishop I'll go
Have him arrange to have her washed and anointed and dedicated to the Lord
So either in life or in death she will receive a reward.
The Bishop heartily approved and that was done
That day before the setting of the sun
He prayed for the Lord's will to be done not ours
And acknowledged God's mercies and His powers
He said Father if it is thy will let this sister live
And all praise and honor to thee we will give
With those words the black clouds faded away
And our faith and hopes were renewed that day.
He said, Sister Bigelow take courage your work is not done
You'll raise your children to honor you everyone
I felt the spirit of the Lord from my head to my toes
One who hasn't felt it never knows.
From that moment I started to mend
That terrible pain was now at an end
I was soon able to get out of bed again
Long in my memory that blessing will remain.
The month of June came with roses fair
Their fragrance filled the summer air
All nature was most beautiful to behold
It renews hopes and courage to young and old.
We were happy to hear the songs of birds and hum of bees
And see the beautiful flowers on bush and trees
Who would dare deny that it was not through God's hand
This world was made so wonderful and grand.
While we are looking for happiness we all must
Acknowledge God is merciful and just
If we feel our cross is too heavy to bear
Lighten it by helping others and their burdens share.
I was handicapped as wife and mother I felt I couldn't do my part
For my sickness had left me with leakage of the heart
The doctor's prescribed powder, capsules and pills
Saying they would help take care of my ills.
Three doctors had told me I'd never be strong or well
But would say be careful you may live a long time who can tell
We knew we would have to seek a higher power
That could help each day and every hour.
Thus we planned on what to do
With faith and a determined will we carried through
We would take a trip to the Salt Lake Temple
Where with worthy saints we would assemble.
Our company consisted of people four
Their memory comes back to me o'er and o'er
Mother Bigelow, Sister Fraughton, Don and I
To receive Father's blessings we were going to try.
To Salt Lake City we went when the river was high
Not much of the road from the river to the station was dry
The water had run over the river bank and covered the road
To get through one had to have a wagon and horse team to carry a
We thought we were safe waiting for the train
So the driver with team started home again
The train came on time but we didn't go far
Before we had a shock and a jar.
A large bull came walking on the track
The whistle of the train wouldn't turn him back
So the consequence was that he went under the car
That was the cause of the accident and jar.
That threw the engine and one car off the track
So we had a long wait till they got them back
No one was hurt I'm glad to tell
All was frightened but it came out with all well.
This happened at one o'clock in the day
The engineer told us we would have a long time to stay
Till a wrecker would come and put them back on the track
All tried to be jolly but to keep them that way took some tact.
We had to stay with the train there was no other place to go
The whole company tried to make the best of it though
The wrecker got there unexpectedly quick
And the train was soon on its way with a click.
Instead of getting in Salt Lake on schedule at eight
When we got as far as Provo it was raining and late
Where we could to get out of the storm and cold
A new problem would have to us unfold.
We stayed with our friends that night
We had waded through mud till we all looked a fright
We were welcomed as we'd always been before
They had room and made beds for all four.
Next morning we got up with smiling faces
We had planned to visit so many places
In Salt Lake City we found a place where all could stay
We had hoped to have it come that way.
It the temple Sister Fraughton and I were baptized for our health that day
I was too ill to go through a session so I went away
To rest and ponder my blessings o'er
For they had never been so sacred to me before.
Sister Fraughten another blessing received
She said if I'd go back I could get one she believed
The Elders were blessing the sick one and all
Now go back you haven't a moment to stall.
Back again I went without my rest
My whole heart's desire was that I'd be blessed
My heart beat fast for fear I'd be too late
I hoped and prayed that wouldn't be my fate.
When I opened the door to the temple the guide was there
I told him I'd come back so in a blessing I could share
That the Elders were administering to the sick I didn't know
So I didn't know what to do or where to go.
He gently said take off you shoes and follow my lead
I will gladly take you there yes indeed
He opened the door and said you stay there
And they will answer your needs with a humble prayer.
Only two were left all the others had gone away
With a prayer in my heart I said I am glad to be here today
When all were gone the Elders came my way
If you wish to tell us your trouble you may.
My heart's desire is to get a blessing from the Lord
Who gives to all people their just reward
Your husband is in the temple we understand
We'll have him come so in the administration he'll have a hand
If we know your trouble we can more plainly see
I said leakage of the heart is what's bothering me
One put his hand to his brow and said that's bad
My courage and faith failed and I felt very sad.
But a light soon filled his countenance and face
Nothing is impossible with the Lord for all his race
Oh how soon my faith picked up again
For I knew the spirit of God rested on those
They prayed God would bless me and make me strong
That to do good on this Earth I'd live long
They told me my work was not finished yet
Said I'd be an influence for good to people I had never met.
They said you'll raise your family and work in the ward too
This part of the blessing has already come true
I'm sure if I live for the blessings I received that day
All the blessings of Earth would have come my way
Such blessings stay with one through the years
When I stop to consider they banish fears
By the power of God I was healed that day
And the leak in my heart was taken away.
There was no more need of powder and pills
For God in his mercy had healed all my ills
Now what was needed was time to rest
For I had so marvelously been blessed.
I know God lives with all my heart
May I from that knowledge never part
May I instill them in the heart of daughter and son
To my grandchildren and everyone
May the spirit I felt in the temple always stay
To guide my footsteps along life's stormy way
Help me to treasure that influence all my life
So I may be a true mother and wife
If I could speak words of a poet's pen
More freely I could express my feelings then
I'd help others to rejoice as I do now
I'd touch the spiritual cord of their lives somehow.
How much I miss when I fail to see
The beauties of some tasks held out to me
Life is a game of give and take you and I give and take
In that way we joy and satisfaction make.
The more we give of our talents while we are alive.
The more love and sympathy in our hearts survive
When dark clouds gather and we give a sigh
The blossoms of love we give will never die.
When I went to the temple I was very sad
When I left I felt joyful and glad
It is a sacred and joyous feeling
When the Lord to you His spirit is revealing.
I resolved I'd live on a higher plain
If I could the spirit of God obtain
I went home with a determined will
The duties of life to faithfully fulfill.
I cared not for honor or praise
In humility I wanted to do things in God's ways
No matter how long or hard and weary the day
I would try joyfully and faithfully to stay.
The road ahead seemed strange and new
There is temptations and pitfalls for us to go through
May the light of heaven guide us day and night
In the road that leads to eternal light.
Sometimes we stray and wander far away
And fail all God's commandments to obey
If we are humble God makes us strong
And our trust in him will keep us from going wrong.
A dear sister came to get me in the primary to teach
I said no that is further than my faith and courage will reach
Too keenly the great loss of my children I feel
Try as I may the pain in my heart will not heal.
But with her persuasion I accepted that call
It was a blessing to me my family and all
It was a trial I declare and vow
The first lesson I gave the sweat run off my brow.
Oh what a trial to me to work with children so sweet
I wished I could lay my trials at Jesus feet
I gained the spirit of peace while working there
I was willing to do God's will and work anywhere.
Then I was called to work in different organizations
I tried to do my best in my lowly station
To be class leader in the mutual I felt my inability
I put heart and soul in my work and gained tranquility.
I loved the work with children and the youth
My desire and him was to teach the gospel truth
When we forget our feelings and work for others
They seem to us like sisters and brothers.
With all my weakness I tried to be good
And to treat friend and foe as I should
How in all these years how could I count the worth
Of the children of whom I have given birth.
October 17, 1904 brought to our home another son
He brought happiness to the family everyone
I was so happy holding a new baby on my arm
I prayed Heavenly Father would protect him from harm.
With my darling baby against my breast
I thought of the rare jewels we possessed
When I felt a dimpled hand on my face
No fortune or fame could take that place
It was October and flaming colors were everywhere
So with all nature its blessings we share
The autumn blooming with color and tint
On all trees and bushes it made its imprint.
Never was a mother happier with her family than I
To prove it you'd have to tell me when and why
We joined with our children in their frolic and fun
And ofttimes in races with them we run.
Raising a family is a blessing rare
When fond parents together the responsibility share
We wrapped love round our children like a clinging vine
Heaven and Earth in their lives were combined.
At three months old William was critically ill
The memory brings to me sorrow still
The doctors diagnosis made us very sad
For they said meningitis was what he had.
Watch him closely for in a stupor he'll go
No matter what happens don't touch him though
He went in the stupor that very night
Words are expressionless the anguish watching him so still and white.
All night we watched and prayed with a broken heart
That God would not from him make us part
The doctor said it depends how the water dried from his brain
Whether he'd loose his mind or be bright and sane.
A merciful Father heard our pleadings and let him live
All praise and honor to him we freely give
When the stupor passed he wok up smiling and bright
For God had given him health and light.
When the doctor found he had woke up all right
He said it was a miracle that happened last night
Dear children don't doubt God's power
Seek for his spirit to be with you every hour.
On the 12th of July 1906 our third son came to live on Earth
How thankful we were for his life and birth
We welcomed another son and thought it grand
A blessing so easily for us to understand
In the garden of my heart was joy and song
The day our baby boy came along
Good wishes and friends that are staunch and true
My son that is what I wish for you.
At two years old Alton had an accident that looked
Instead of just a scald his hand was cooked
In agony and pain he rubbed the skin off his hand
Before we could get it done up with a band.
We had to bandage each finger separately you understand
So the flesh wouldn't grow together on that hand.
Much faith was exercised and we tended it with care
And we are thankful there is no scar left there.
Working in the church helped my sad heart mend
When faithfully my duties I did attend
When I worked in Primary with the children sweet
I looked forward when the time came with them to meet.
I forced myself to join the youth in amusements too
If I did my duty that's just what I had to do
Being with the young people gave me hope and life anew
Helping them with their problems was a pleasure too.
I was called for the Relief Society secretary to be
That made me working in organizations three
This new responsibility meant lots of work
If we officers did our duty there was no time to shirk.
There's much work falls on the secretary to do
When called to responsible position one must prove true
The teachers report must be kept accurate too
And see the annual fees come through.
By the books we are judged so a record is kept
When the minutes must be read for the sisters to except
An annual report to the stake must be made each year
Sometimes that is done with trembling and fear.
Just a little mistake throws wrong the balance sheet
So again and again the work you must repeat
Every mistake must be ironed smoothly out
And everything balance before you've finished your route.
May 26, 1909 Emily was born to me
Another bundle of love came from heaven you see
Her coming to our home brought peace and cheer
And her loving smile lasted year by year.
If there is one thing above another
It's the joy and happiness babies brings to mother
We loved you with all our hearts baby dear
We felt the peace of heaven when you came here.
Give me strength and guide me aright
That I may teach my children to follow the light
It kept me busy as I could be
Children have to have care and attention you see.
Many hours I've worked for my children and their needs
Teaching them to be honest in thought words and deeds
Their love has repaid me each day I live
Nothing grander to a parent can the children give.
Winona our seventh girl was born December 31, 1910
Nothing better or sweeter could be given us then
She came to us the last hour of the day
The last day of the week we truly can say.
The last day of the month is a fact my dear
We will wind up with the last day in the year
Last in hour, week, day, month and year
But not last in the love of our heart baby dear.
Sweet baby with prospects many and rare
When I held you to my breast I could see beauties there
Just a little girl but what a precious gem
Our love was sincere for our babies everyone of them.
Now darlings come close to me and we'll have a chat
Not about the weather or anything like that
Not to discuss neighbors dark clouds or rain
But how fate had booked me for sickness and pain
I had gone through the pangs of childbirth and felt fine
Until the days had numbered nine
We were happy thinking not much longer I'd be in bed
For in the morning we thought I'd be up instead.
The next morning my leg was swollen as large as two
We didn't know what it meant or what to do
The midwife came that had been nursing me through
She said get a doctor, I don't know what to do.
The doctor gave no encouragement he doubted if I would live
With what knowledge I have the best care I'll give
With his skill and medicine it wouldn't ease the pain
It seemed beyond endurance in that condition long to remain.
Out in the dark dooryard in prayer Don knelt
Seeing my suffering much sorrow he felt
There was no more the doctor could do
Our trust in Heavenly Father helped me pull through.
Inspiration came to him beyond the power of men
Telling him what to do for me and how and when
Go take hot water salt and add bran
Apply hot blankets to her legs as hot as you can.
The first application helped ease the pain
But it had to be repeated again and again
Milk leg was thought to be incurable then
For not much could be done by the skill of men.
But God in his power can heal any ill
If we are humble and willing to do his will
My life was saved only by his power
And the blessings we receive from him every hour.
The doctor said if ever I did get well I'd never walk
That proved to be wrong and idle talk
Oh may we hope the future holds in store
Many blessings we never enjoyed before.
For two months I was confined to my bed
Being so helpless was something to dread
True it was months and months before I took another step
Sometimes I was discouraged, sometimes I wept.
I got so weak I had to learn to walk again
But many is the miles I've walked since then
I had hardly got my health back when
My husband was called on a mission again.
The plans we made to build a home must go
It takes money to keep a family and a man on a mission you know
We sacrificed our business and sold the store
My health wouldn't permit me doing business anymore.
My husband was trustee in the district school too
They had to release him from that work too
I was appointed trustee to take his place till school election
But I never got out as I was expecting.
I was elected trustee for another term to serve
Under the condition it took courage and nerve
It would soon be time for a baby to arrive I knew
They wouldn't take no for an answer so what could I do.
The month of Thanksgiving our baby was born
Her father being so far away left in my heart a thorn
Doing school work helped pass the time away
For husband had a long time yet to stay.
On November 24, 1912 our last baby came with us to stay
She planted love in our hearts that very day
Dearer to us than the rarest pearl
We cherished her and we call her our missionary girl.
She made the eleventh diamond in our crown to wear
That makes life brighter and our cross lighter to bear
To me there is no greater privilege on Earth
Than to be a mother and give children birth.
When each child came it helped sooth a broken heart
And each one played in their lives a hero's part
I have thought so much of each baby dear
Everyone to me was sweet, loving and near
My wish is to make each one's joy complete
That nothing will come in their lives to cause defeat
The train of my thought goes back to glad memories expressed
Others speed forward to some new address.
The past loving thoughts of happiness brings
The future glides by with flight of eagle wings
I know I held life's greatest gift tight
When my darling children was safe at night.
When each one said a humble prayer at my knee
In a land where all children are born free
I cherish the memory of those baby days
With their pleasant smiles and winning ways
With my husband away it was work and worry all winter long
We just couldn't keep things from going wrong
When we watered our team in the morning all seemed fine
But one of them bled to death that day before nine.
Then one of our milk cows broke her neck and died
Although to do our chores carefully we had tried
These are just minor things I really know
Yet they make things mighty inconvenient though.
The winter passed slowly as all winters do
When Spring came we were glad we lived it through
In the Spring our farm work had to be done
The children and I did it without help from anyone.
It was impossible to get help so we did it alone
Although not one of our children was grown
We cut the hay and had it bunched all right
But before we could haul it, it rained all night.
With a long steady rain the hay didn't dry
Till the lucern grew between bunches several inches height.
How hard to get that hay up I'll never forget
Most of it spoiled by being too wet.
We must haul it off so another crop could grow
I'll tell you it wasn't an easy job for us though
We shocked our grain and hauled it too
There was no other way for us to do
Then It was time to get the winters wood
Ervin said to get it he knew he could
I helped him cut trees from a creek bed
That saved going to the mountain instead.
We hitched up the team and went every day
and we got our winters wood in that very way
We sawed all day to get enough blocks to fill a wagon bed
Then the wood was split and stacked in the wood shed
No more did we worry for our winters wood
That made the winters fuel and did it seem good
Through it all I didn't want to change my life for one young and free
My next birthday forty years it would make me.
I have traveled over crooked winding roads for forty years
And the reception we get isn't just joys and cheers
We may go wrong and get off the right road
Many times I did wrong before I knew.
May the good I do out weigh the ills
For it was a long hard road up the steep hills
Much in life depends on which road we choose
Whether we win or whether we loose.
Now I am forty years Father help me to see
And count the blessings I know come from thee
As far back as 1908 I went to meeting without care
And was put in secretary of Relief Society while I was there.
They gave me no chance to say yes or no
For those in authority had willed it so
It may be a good thing we don't always know
What lies in the future for us though.
While I was sick I was not released you see
Till the time came to make second counselor of me
On February 22, 1914 from his mission Don returned
To be with his family and enjoy the reward he had earned.
Hand in hand with the children we went up the road
For with their help we were able to carry the load
With six children responsibility came by the score
With them came blessings I counted o'er and o'er.
My husband and children helped me work in the ward
In humility we were trying to gain a reward
Sometimes the duties in the ward was hard to take
Our family we first considered for a living for them we had to make.
From secretary of Relief Society I hadn't been released yet
The sacrifice I made is not easy to forget
Every Tuesday we were due to meeting without fail
Even if it rained, snowed or blew a gentle gale.
Every Tuesday I had to plan my work to a tee
For I had to take three babies to meeting with me
I washed hands and faces and put hair in curls
Just mere babies were our three little girls.
In stormy weather I carried two babies in my arms
The older one walked proudly by me with her charms
Our older children went to school every day
So with the babies they couldn't stay.
Father's time to his work and business was giving
Like all families the children must have a living
When it was fine weather taking the children was fun
By my leading the way the little ones could run.
They made little trouble just sat on a bench by my side
Till meeting was out then back home they would glide
I went to meeting with a hope each day
That I could train my mind in a religious way.
If I only could profit by what the class leader taught
It would help me to live through the week as I ought
The encouragement and training the mothers had
Helped to guide our children daughter and lad.
The lessons taught dealt with all phases of life
That helped make a better mother and truer wife
It trained in charity that comes from the heart
And gives us a desire to do right from the start.
When we went to meeting we were always glad
We were taught to be cheerful and never sad
The lessons always taught something new
All must get in and work not only a few.
The president was there to guide and direct
The counselors watched all mistakes to detect
The secretary kept a record of good deeds and bad
And acknowledged the good each member had
When the call came first counselor for me to be
Then I was released from secretary you see
With this new responsibility I prayed for power
To help with the duties of each fleeting hour.
Father help me to overcome temptations and do the right
So when day is done I can be happy at night
I have great faith in the gospel, why do I hesitate
To frown on all evil before it is too late.
I was learning fast to help carry the load
For years I traveled that long winding road
The first day I was counselor I was called to lay out the dead
In ways of Relief Society work I was being lead.
Our president was gone from home for a whole week
I soon was in the harness so to speak
That week one brother and one sister died
I had their burial clothes and funeral to look after beside.
I enjoyed being counselor while in that calling I stayed
My only regrets are the mistakes I made
I hope the good deeds will out balance the bad
If so I will thank God for the privilege I had.
All the time the tempter lurks near to tempt and defy
And sometimes he gets the upper hand we can't deny
While we are trying to be good he works fast and hard
To keep us from doing our duty and gaining a reward.
He's always trying to tempt us till we die
We oft wonder at the power he had, how much and why
As I sat meditating one day I had a call
Saying I want to talk to you and your husband that's all.
What is was all abut I couldn't surmise
Or what was waiting in the way of a surprise
Not very long did I have to wonder and wait
For Bishop Fullmer was on time with his date.
Would my husband and I be willing for me to serve
In a position that would take courage and nerve
We want you for Relief Society president to be a mother to the ward
To help the daughters of Eve to gain a reward.
In humility I accepted that responsible call
It took great faith for my family and all
Whatever at that time seemed a burden to be
Proved a great blessing and pleasure to me.
My two counselors I just dearly loved
We were united for we got inspiration from above
We helped the young people when they were wed
Worked in sickness and helped bury the dead.
We had entertainments for the young and the old
We comforted the sorrowful we were often told
We were called from home both night and day
And sometime a long time we had to stay.
The Relief Society sisters helped each and everyone
We never knew when our work would be done
Our greatest responsibility is to help those in need
It was a privilege and a pleasure to us indeed.
To be helpful and thoughtful was the Relief Society creed
All must be honest in thought word and deed
When we were called on for a donation it wasn't a task
All responded freely for what we were asked.
Working with the dear sisters left fond memories sweet
Now I enjoy their company whenever we meet
One of our callings was to make burial clothes
For men, women, children, rich, poor and all those.
The time and place for sewing was duly set
And at my home we most always met
My family got pleasure serving dinner too
But it gave my daughters extra work to do.
It brought happiness to them and to me
For the sisters appreciated and enjoyed it you see
The clothes were neatly sewed and with care pressed
Then we took them to the home where the corpse were dressed.
There were no funeral homes where we could take the dead
We had to prepare them for burial in the home instead
The church house was where the funeral was to be held we know
We had the house to get ready and take care of the flowers too.
A lunch must be prepared when the funeral was over
Friends and relatives made the company a score or more
I was appointed president in horse and buggy days
Things then were so different in so many ways.
When the sisters came to conference from the county seat
A half dozen or more came to our home to eat
We had to prepare lunch at noon and dinner at night
No other way could we fix it to make things right.
With the automobiles long distance has been taken away
So now they can go home with comfort to stay
If you have an automobile how lucky you are
Then the distance between towns doesn't seem far.
When we went to Heber to conference it took a whole day
For going there with horse team was our only way
We worked hard in the ward and tried to do our share
But I never left my family with our proper care.
My husband and children stood fast and true
Things at home would be taken care of I knew
Sometimes I worked hard taking care of my children's needs all day through
Besides working in the ward and taking care of a family I had plenty to do.
Our secretary was jovial kind and good and sweet
Always on hand the members to meet
We tried in our weak way to help the sick and dying
We had to be patient and humble there's no denying.
With honest hearts the work we did embrace
Hardships and suffering and death we had to face
Hard grievous tasks were in our way cast
We hoped and prayed we'd be faithful to the last.
It takes courage and humility to be a friend worth while
And always meet and greet friends with a smile
While we were giving and serving those in need
It enriched our lives and made them worth while indeed.
The Relief Society workers had no time to shirk
For in that field there is always honest work
The work may not lead where green meadows roll
But to planting true character and molding a soul.
If we found anyone tough or blighted by sin
We must spray with love and true thoughts bring in
In our lives weeds are growing more trouble than we guess
Those weeds are no more or less than selfishness.
The Relief Society sisters have many chances to serve
Give to them the honor and praise they deserve
I'm sure a true friend in each sister you'll find
In helping train the spirit and calming a troubled mind.
Willing to give freely and caring for all
Helping the daughters of Eve overcome the fall
As time goes on in some hard things we have to take part
Working in sickness and death it almost breaks one's heart.
No wonder we make mistakes in this strange life
Living in a world with so much worry and strife
Being president of the Relief Society is like being mother to the ward
One must accept the responsibility with their own accord.
How deeply I felt my responsibility no one knows
But trusting for help in God our confidence grows
Our hearts were filled with compassion for everyone
We held no malice for old or young.
Our labor was not for power but for love
It taught us to be humble and seek help from above
My fondest hope was to teach the children God gave me
And try to guide them back Father to thee
The Boren family was having a reunion once a year
Bringing relatives and friends together from far and near
We enjoyed a good program to these annual meetings
To all was given a hearty welcome and a kindly greeting.
A reunion was planned to be in our home November the tenth
But instead William took critically ill and to the hospital we went
But on the eighteenth of November he died while we were there
Although day by day he had been given the best of care.
Again we were brought down to the depths of despair
For our dear son went to join his sisters over there
His lovely spirit had taken wings and gone
Before we can again meet him the days will seem long.
His sickness came with such a cruel dart
It robbed us of joy and left a bleeding heart
Death came and took such a heavy toll
It was weakening to both body and soul.
When we brought him home our friends were there
Oh how hard they tried our burdens to share
The Relief Society sisters came with respect and love
To give us strength they prayed to Gob above.
Yes there was sorrow and weeping in our home that night
Where the lovely form of our body lay cold and white
Our hearts were breaking it made us feel old
The anguish we suffered can never be told.
There is no use thinking we can explain
How to our hearts it brought sorrow and pain
We must acknowledge our Father knoweth best
One more of our children are numbered with the blessed
We must lay William softly down to sleep
Among the hills where angels their vigil keep
We had to part with one we loved and say a last farewell
How our acing heart stood it no one can tell.
Lie in peace dear son in the silent tomb
Till an eternal day comes to brighten the gloom
We gently laid flowers on the grave while tears dropped like rain
Sad will be the lingering hours till we meet again.
I did not know the ways of tears till that day
When I saw Earth washed clean with rain
Then I learned tears like rain can bring
Refreshing peace to hearts long parched with pain.
How happy we'll be when time is no more
And our weary feet reach the golden shore
Williams voice was gentle his heart was kind
His going brought sorrow to heart and mind.
And yet we feel and know our dear kind Lord
Has richly honored William with a great reward
Could it be he could no longer grant a stay to him
In the light of this world so weak and dim.
Without him we are lonely but his going brings
Joys and comfort to him of heavenly things
It recompense our lives because a fairer scroll
Reveals to us the beauty of his soul.
Could we ever go back to normal living
What comfort they could our friends were giving
Could we adjust our lives in a lonely home now
And wipe the distress and grief from our brow.
Ervin and Elva married and had families of their own
We enjoyed them in our home till they were grown
To their family each was added a girl and boy
Every grandchild brings to us comfort and joy.
In 1919 when the flu raged and took such a toll
And brought death and sorrow to the nation as a whole
Ervin's family had flu in Provo and there I went
While there a sick and miserable time I spent.
In a few days I was down with flu with the rest
A fourteen year old girl was all the help we had but we were greatly blessed
Why she didn't take the flu we didn't understand
For it was taking whole families all over the land.
The next year the flu raged in our own town
Most every family was sick and down
People were afraid with the sick to stay
So for weeks I was away from home night and day.
It was just about through the town when my family came down
I had helped with sickness in most homes in the town
To get much help was impossible was generally known
God gave me strength to care for my own.
To town boys did our chores and work outside
For them a warm feeling in my heart will always reside
When we are humble God always provides a way
And when in trouble He is a guide and stay.
From fifty to sixty years I have seen the beauties God gave us
Children's joys and laughter smiles and thus
All these years I saw sunshine in sunset and bubbling brook
And learned of treasures given in the golden book.
I will try to live so I can forget the years
That memory brings of doubts and fears
In my sixtieth year I climb the rugged hill of life
Counting on ten more years with joy and strife.
Tender memories cling round those by gone years
When boys and girls tell me of their joys and fears
There is no turning back even if wrinkles are carried on life's scroll
Time's invisible fingers are indelibly written on our soul.
I was asked to teach a Sunday school class for a time or two
They had me teach the Gospel Doctrine class for years before I was through
I had taught classes many times that is true
But to teach parents was a great responsibility I knew.
With my limited knowledge I didn't know what to do
It was in humility I accepted the call I'm telling you
I studied and prayed and prayed and studied again
For I knew my pupils would be experienced women and men.
It was from inspiration I received from above
That I could try to teach the gospel that I so dearly love
Words aimlessly spoken without sincere desire
Fail in their effort to aid and inspire.
Give a longing heart and a hungry mind what they request
With humble and simple words they can be expressed
When we are called if faithful all things we can do
So I put my heart and soul in the work it's true.
Humbly I prayed for inspiration and light
That I could see clearly the things that were right
For any success I give praise to the Lord
The failures I made was of my own accord.
Those years gave me a testimony more precious than gold
When looking back those days never grow old
We ofttimes do things the hard way but we learn to do by doing
While the truths of the gospel plan we are pursuing.
When you interest a class and hold them spellbound
Then the lesson has clicked and the key to their heart you have found
I hope with those people I left a memory sacred and rare
And with all that tended my class their friendship I'll share.
I was called to be secretary to a missionary committee
If we had failed in our efforts it would have been a pity
We made a success I'm thankful and glad to say
We planned at night what to work out in the day.
Brother Boyden, Sister Nuttall, Sister Boren and I
Would get money to send to the missionaries no matter how hard we had to try
Fewer and more faithful workers would be hard to find
Than those dear missionary friends of mine.
Every Monday night we held a meeting and planned
A dance or a party to make money to keep the situation in hand
While we served we helped two missionaries in the field
We had hope converts to the gospel their labor would yield.
Some faithful members paid a dollar a month to the fund
Sometimes we solicited money but were never shunned
We made parties and sold ice cream too
That was a good way to make money we knew.
We proved many times faith without works is dead
But with careful planning we worked to get ahead
Our working together we became life's long friends
We will always respect each other till our journey ends.
When Alton was called on a mission
It was hard to send him under existing conditions
It took all the courage we had to have him go
For we all knew we'd have a hard row to hoe.
Our home was mortgaged and we were deep in debt
Money was scarce and hard to get
To sponsor that mission sacrifices had to be made
But in spiritual satisfaction we were paid and paid.
We were exposed to all kind of weather
But our family worked unitedly together
No denying we had to get up early in the morn
And work by lantern light till the break of dawn.
In the winters while doing chores our hands and feet almost froze
ugh we were dressed warm in winter clothes
With lantern in hand we went to the barn
Milked the cows and fed them hay and corn.
We then milked twelve or thirteen cows
Then stopped and wiped the frost from our brows
Wherever the mission spirit caused Alton to roam
He knew he was backed up one hundred percent at home.
We sent him on that mission with a prayerful heart
And hoped in that mission he'd take a leading part
If my feelings of missionary work were written in a book
Satisfaction would show on every line you look.
I worked all day and prayed day and night
That I would uphold missionary work with all my might
I cannot express the happiness peace and joy
That come from a missionary husband and boy.
All the time they were away to preach the gospel truth
To the ripe in age down to the bloom of youth
How a flame divine grows in all hearts aglow
When the truth of the gospel we all learn to know.
Let us all try unceasingly to help perfect the plan
And be faithful in the duties that fall to mortal man
We must build wisely for to the master we must atone
We must all work together we can't build alone.
Sometimes my patience was tried all my time was taken
Trying to help my children get an education
To get the children off to school we got up early in the morn
To wake up we didn't need an alarm.
They had to go twelve miles and ride in a bus
They must always be ready to avoid a fuss
Every day luncheon had to be packed just right
And dinner must be ready when they got back at night.
On the farm money doesn't float on air
So we had to be careful all the time we were there
I will always remember the girls being good and kind
Though their share of money was small they tried hard not to mind.
At home from school part of the time Emily worked and stayed
By taking weekly examinations her grade she made
When graduation time came and school was through
With the rest of the students she got her diploma too.
To the missionary cause our girls proved brave and true
And worked with a will till Alton got through
They worked on the farm like men and boys do
If they hadn't we couldn't have made it through.
Don's health failed while Alton was away
But day by day with the work he had to stay
From then on our difficulties never eased
Till Alton from his mission was released.
The girls helped mow the hay and bunch it too
And hauling it to them wasn't anything new
We shocked grain and pitched bundles like men
Helped haul it and put it in the stack then.
It should make us better women and men
For the trials and hardships we went through then
Trials made our family grow closer together
They were ready to work in all kind of weather.
In November 1936 I had a severe case of flu
All winter I didn't get well no matter what we tried to do
In March to the Intermountain Clinic I went
From there to the L.D.S. hospital I was sent.
Five doctors with their skill tried to pull me through
They said a number of operations I have to go through
My heart was in such a weak condition I couldn't stand it though
The heart specialist said you can't operate I know.
Five doctors Tindell, Hatch, Maw, Vico and an intern I can't name
But he worked faithfully with the doctors just the same
The surgical doctor said she is a poor risk for an operation
Better treat her medically for her restoration.
If we can get rid of gallstones, and a poisonous garter she may get well
But otherwise it would be hard to try to tell
We will try to build her up the doctor said
For six weeks more we will keep her in bed.
Then from the hospital to Winona's we went
With her profession all her extra time she spent
My husband watched over me with such tender care
Winona reported daily my condition while I was there.
My heart never got strong enough for them to operate
So to go home and stay the summer I made a date
For five years the doctors kept me alive but I was down and out
It was against their advice I tried to go about.
My husband and family was loyal one and all
So I didn't have to worry about work at all
Though I was sick I didn't want the children to think me lazy
Or think to me my life seemed dark and hazy.
Although to do work I wasn't able
I crocheted doilies for cupboard and table
I counted my time profitably spent
To create loveliness my talent I bent.
While doing seven bedspreads I watched the pattern grow
With flowers and gay designs to make a show
While working on them I left cares behind
So in the chest of your memory the stitches I made you'll find.
The second time they took me to the hospital for awhile to stay
But it wasn't long again before they took me away
I went to Winona's home in Park City she gave me the best of care
I enjoyed her company all the time we were there.
On the twenty-ninth of April we had been married fifty years
It brought to our hearts happiness and cheers
Our children planned to celebrate our golden wedding day
Love, respect and devotion they were going to pay.
A big time was called off when the doctor said
You can't go to Wallsburg you have to stay here instead
At that time we were living in the city Salt Lake
And the words of the doctor was hard to take.
Our children so tactfully handled the case
It made it much easier for us to face
To celebrate they came to Salt Lake with presents and feast
We appreciated it greatly to say the least.
Their thoughtfulness wanting to show us a good time
I have locked securely in that treasure chest of mine
We appreciated what they did in thought, work or deed
Such love and kindness is what parents need.
Ervin and Winona's families couldn't come spend the day
They said we'll give you a vacation and pay you way
In a year from then we were on our way
To sunny California for a two months visit to stay.
To Sunny California for a little while to stay
Ervin and Winona sent the money to pay our way
We went to see the children more than a pleasure trip
While there on life I got a tighter grip.
We didn't see much of California I was too ill
But the good time we had lingers with me still
The children lived close together so from place to place I could walk
We'd enjoy the day and we'd just talk and talk.
When you are enjoying your visit the time just flies
And you learn to appreciate the family ties
The children did all they could to make our stay a pleasure
And their efforts turned out to be full measure.
My husband enjoyed most of his time fishing
All the time for a big fish he was wishing
One lovely morning a big one took his bait
The largest one he had landed to date.
That fish was 27 inches long and weighed nine and one half pounds
Maybe before he landed it he had to go the rounds
The fishing in the Feather river was very good
So we watched the men fish whenever we could.
Back to Utah and home we returned again
The rest of the summer and winter to remain
The children saw us on the bus at Marysville
The memory of that trip lives in my memory still.
We lived in Salt Lake City three winters ahead
Then to St. George our minds were lead
To work in the temple for the living and dead
To stand proxy for husband and wife who by the law of the land had been wed.
We left home with our ambition and built high
Never thinking before we found a place to live our hopes would die.
We must have a place near the temple where we could walk
But people having places near just wouldn't talk.
We had no automobile so we couldn't take a place far away
And if we couldn't go to the temple we didn't want to stay
At last we found one little room with no convenience at all
In it was a cupboard made of orange boxes slim and tall.
A little old stove, two chairs and a box for a wash stand
We had no hot water we did our washing by hand
All winter we lived like they did in pioneer days
We had to take care of our clothes in the old fashioned ways.
There was no warm carpet in that little room
And the high price of rent come all too soon
The bed had a hard mattress and a very poor spring
To make comfort in that place there wasn't one thing.
To give up and go back home wasn't in our line
So we played make believe and said things are fine
Going to the temple gives us strength day by day
We made up our minds though inconvenient we'd stay.
When spring came and the winter's work was done
It was a pleasure to shake hands with our friends everyone
We thought we'd get a place for next winter to be sure
We stored our things and paid rent but it didn't make us secure.
On our second trip to California we went from St. George
On the big ship of life we ventured to barge
One full night's ride took us to Los Angeles City
There for twelve hours we were delayed that seemed a pity.
When we got there with people the station was crowded
The city was foggy and our minds somewhat clouded
The bus was to leave in an hour or so
We were ready and waiting on our journey to go.
We waited for a call to come that would take us to our destination
We knew the bus was waiting out in the station
When the call came with our baggage we rushed to the door
We witnessed the same experience people had done before.
To our surprise they said the bus is full we can't take anymore
And before we could get there they slammed the door
Remember it is war time and there is no other car available
You'll have to wait till the next time table.
The next bus due would be at seven o'clock that night
Waiting so long in a bus station doesn't seem right
We traveled the first night so we could see California in the day
But instead we traveled at night all the way.
That night we traveled 496 miles and after noon we reached Yuba City
When we failed to see California we thought it a pity
When we reached the children's home and past trouble gone
To get the feeling of home it didn't take long.
We spent a wonderful time for two weeks or so
Then 116 miles to Central Valley to see the children we'd go
We visited with Ervin and family for awhile
They treated us while there in first class style.
We saw roses white, pink, red and the color of gold
And they were as beautiful as we'd been told
California is noted for its beautiful roses
And growing there was all kind of poses.
It was a treat to pick ripe oranges from the tree
And look at orchards and vineyard as far as the eye could see
High in Central Valley the trees were of a different hue
And all along our way we saw something new.
While there we traveled and looked the country o'er
And saw many sights we'd never seen before
Their neighbors treated us just like we were their kin
They took u to places where never before we had been.
They took us to the Shasta Dam to show us the sights
You must go with someone working there or you had no rights
The man that took us had to vouch for our conduct or we couldn't go
Our names and place of residence they had to know.
You may ride to the top of a mountain to look at the dam
But if you tried to get in the canyon with money they would only say scram
Even a workman going to and from work had to show his pass
The dam was too well guarded to take anyone's word or sass.
We rode down the canyon for miles after the last inspection
To where they were doing work to perfection
When the dam was completed dammed up miles thirty-five
What wonderful things man can contrive.
We went up on the elevator four hundred sixty-five feet high
It almost took my breath or very nigh
It was amusing to see how easily the work was done
That work went like clock work for everyone.
To watch the machinery to such perfection run
You'd think the work there was just fun
They pressed a button and up in the air we went
And for an hour or so an enjoyable time we spent.
They would press a button and a batch of cement was mixed
Press another button and a load to go to the dam was fixed
To press the wrong button you'd make a great mistake
Not only get you in trouble but some life it might take.
We left the elevator to walk up three flights of steps leading to the tower
I just went up two and lost my climbing power
The steps were built on the outside wall, the only protection was a rail
Looking down to the ground made me dizzy, I was afraid I'd fall.
The rest of the company got to the tower and could see for miles around
I felt safer to go down and see what I could from the ground
Our experience there was an interesting one
It was amazing to see cement carried down on a wire by the ton
When the dam was completed what a sight it would be
It would dam up the water 35 miles in rivers three
We rode over the highest double decker bridge the world ever made
Pit River was down under where the river a channel had made.
The train came through a tunnel and went through the lower deck of the bridge
Four automobiles could go abreast leading to a road on the ridge
It was a marvel to look so far down in the Pit River below
And see so many travelers over the bridge come and go.
We went back to Winona's and celebrated their and our wedding day
And Father's birthday and Mothers day in sunny May
In June Fathers day wasn't slighted in the least
For on all five occasions we enjoyed a good feast.
In the Feather River good fishing is to be had
It always made the men happy and glad
The rest of our vacation was spent that way
For fishing was one thing we enjoyed every day.
Sometimes to the river we'd all take lunch
It was thoroughly enjoyed by all our bunch
My husband would fish from a boat in the early dawn
He would fish and wish while to work Jess was gone.
Their plans were to meet after work each day
I'll be on the river till you come Don would say
One day when Jess got home he was very ill
But to break his appointment was against his will.
He'd have to stay home and get some rest
He said if we'd go tell Don it would be best
We went to the river and signaled to him
We thought he'd take up anchor and row the boat in.
The wind was blowing such a strong gale
All efforts to row the boat to the shore seemed to fail
The wind took the boat down the river at such a rate
It turned my blood cold to think what might be his fate.
The Feather River was long, deep and wide
I thought if the boat capsized he couldn't swim against the tide
Not long till the boat was out of sight in the river's bend
So a fervent and silent prayer to Father I'd send.
The strength Don received from an unseen power
Helped guide the boat safe from the peril of the hour
Winona ran down the river side as fast as she could go
There was no human help she could give him though.
When he reached the bank of the river he tied the boat to a tree
Both he and Winona came smiling back at me
He vowed he'd not get trapped alone anymore
When he had to go alone he'd fish from the shore.
This vacation over to go home we must go to the railroad station
A score or more soldiers were waiting there to go to their destination
We were afraid there was so many we couldn't get on that train
But we were fortunate we were soon homeward bound again.
We were due in Salt Lake City the next night at eight
But the train was delayed five hours and were late
Being late we were disappointed and we missed our date
So at that station we had to worry and wait.
There people were frantic they couldn't find a room
No other train left that night and the station would be closed soon
There is no rooms to be had we would hear people say
Don didn't wait but went out and found a place to stay.
The second fall we went from home away
We knew we would never go back to Wallsburg to stay
Although the strength of our lives there we freely give
Never again do we want to go back there to live.
In a home you have built and lived there for many years
It's hard to leave it without shedding some tears
There is memories in each corner one here and one there
Your thoughts go through the house and everywhere.
I love the dear places where my children trod
The walks they played on and the grass and sod
What a thrill went to my heart as I watched them play
That joyous memory is fresh in my mind today.
We worked hard to be independent when we came to life's edge
But we got the wrong slant on the business wedge
Quite often one makes a great mistake
But we tried to be cheerful for each other's sake.
My advice is to use what means you need as you go along
Then you enjoy them if things go wrong
We worked and tried to save for a rainy day
But things just didn't always come our way.
In the fall we went back to St. George before our rent was due
The place was rented again and the lady was getting rent from two
We had a written agreement, we could have held the place
We thought it better to turn the place back with grace.
What we would do for a place to live we didn't know
To find another place we'd have to go
When we reached the sidewalk we met President Snow
He solved our problem and told us where to go.
You can get an apartment in the Stake house there
And for modern convenience you'll have no care
The hot water we had night and day gave comfort and joy
There was no one to bother or annoy.
We found out what comfort a small apartment could afford
Not a moment of our stay was lonesome or bored
We sold our home and had our furniture stored
We must rent till normal conditions was restored.
In January Leila Snyder bought a home and two apartments made
In part of her home the rest of the winter we stayed
We moved before the apartment was ready she didn't want to live alone
When one moves before the home is ready one has to atone.
When you move before things are ready you make a mistake
Then all the disadvantages you have to willingly take
We planned more in our minds than we could do with our hands
We just couldn't get anyone to work out our plans.
For a time things didn't work out very fine
So we had to work and smile and try not to pine
We just couldn't get material to remodel and build
So things didn't work out as we had willed.
Moving and building at the same time isn't nice
For you have to do things not only once but twice
We sent for our furniture and stored it in one room
Day by day we hoped we'd be settled soon.
Spring came and we were still in a mess
But it didn't do any good to stew and fuss
For a chimney to be built we were forced to wait
The winter had passed and it was getting late.
Each day we must greet people with a smile
We tried to make the duties of life worthwhile
Though the promises of help was broken, never mind
No matter how you tried it's better to be good and kind.
We just couldn't be too precise, clean and neat
When the red mud of St. George clung to your feet
How we longed with care our clothing to place
But still they were in trunks and in a suitcase.
Papers and receipts got in places we couldn't recall
It was a problem for us to keep going at all
When a convenient place for things we'd find
It helped to calm and ease our troubled mind.
We surely were uncomfortable for a little while
Was it any wonder that it was hard to keep a smile
Don had to take over the carpenter work to do
Day after day he worked hard to get it through.
Two clothes closets had to be moved to another place
Windows and doors in another direction had to face
For example one room had five doors leading away
We weren't content for that condition to stay.
We filled two doors up and papered them o'er
So no one would know they had been there before
When the chimney was built there was plastering to do
How soon that would be done no one knew.
When the plasterer came it gave us a thrill
It was a pleasure to settle that bill
Then the paper hanger came and did room number one
But it came off almost before it was done.
It was a job to get someone to paper it then
For the job had to be done all over again
Who could put the paper on so it would stay
That was a problem to worry us for another day.
A sister with a large family could do the work alright
But she would have to come after school at night
So with her help and what we could do
We would work till ten o'clock at night and finely got it through.
We had no place to put dishes they were packed away
Till a cupboard was built there they'd have to stay
Those little perplexities don't make much sense
But to our minds they were large and tense.
The saying is we go from the frying pan into the fire
But to be sensible was still our desire
The third winter we had a comfortable home in which to live
To our Heavenly Father many thanks we give.
The time past that winter with out a jar
We felt like heaven for us was not very far
We had plenty to eat and plenty to wear
And at night we slept peacefully without care.
I'll tell you of a vacation in story form
When we went it was early in the morn the weather was warm
When we arrived at the bus station in St. George
Bought our bus tickets and paid the charge.
We waited patiently till the bus came along
Our glad hearts beat with joy and song
We were fortunate to get each of us a vacant seat
And some apples and a bag of popcorn to eat.
We left St. George at exactly seven ten
On a crowded bus full of women and men
How glad we were to be on our journey our children to see
We were happy and glad as fond parents could be.
We went to Cedar City in sort of a hurry
Not knowing if we could catch the train was a worry
When we left the bus we were still hurrying then
To catch the train we didn't know where or when.
We had only fifteen minutes to walk a block and a half
Hurrying to buy tickets and catch the train was a laugh
We boarded the train and had two minutes to the good
For the train left on time just as all trains should.
At Lund we changed trains but an hour we had to wait
So there a little treat we got and ate
The Challenger, a big long and swift train
Picked us up and on our journey we were off again.
To Milford we landed in the middle of the day
With our children for a while we were going to stay
Jess met us at the station and took us home to a fish dinner
Good enough for a king or queen and even a sinner.
Then they took us way out on a fishing trip
To the mountain where clear cold water we could sip
Our first night camp was in a meadow green
The first thrill was a wild deer we had seen.
We were disappointed when there was no cabins to be had
We slept under the stars without shelter but still was glad
All the sleep we got that night was only a doze
For the night was cold and frosty we almost froze.
In the morning the sun chased the dew away
So we were content a while longer to stay
The scenery was just beautiful to behold
The pleasure we had can never be told.
The fishing was good the men got their share
We had plenty of fish to eat all the time we were there
The time quickly passed now we must go to the valley below
The way we went over the road wasn't very slow.
The road to the mountain gave us thrills and chills
But to go there met the approval of all our wills
It was narrow and steep and dangerous too
To get up to the lakes we must follow a rough road through.
The time was too short we had to stay
We had other children we were to visit by the way
We stayed in Milford a few days before again getting on the train
The clouds were fast gathering and we might have rain.
We started again it was for a long ride
We scanned the country over from side to side
Over the desert we traveled where mounds of sand was piled high
Lyndle station our next stop was getting nigh.
Soon we would be nearing our destination
Fern and girls met us at the railroad station
It was a thrill to meet and greet them there
They took us to their home their comforts to share.
We enjoyed being with them on the farm
The nights were cool and the days were warm
When their days labor and their chores were done
We went sight seeing with the family every one.
We rode miles and miles in the country side
And enjoyed the pleasure of eventide
The night before we left some of their friends came and had a treat
Next morning they took us to Provo other loved ones to meet.
The rest of our vacation was spent in Provo and Salt Lake
With children grandchildren the rest of our time we'd take
We could hardly find time our old friendship to renew
For the children always had something planned for us to do.
Family visits and chicken dinner were all the style
And in Provo canyon we rode mile after mile
Our visits there we will never forget
The memory still lingers with us yet.
They took us to Wallsburg old friends to meet
And to us that was a genuine treat
To see dear friends that had shared our joys and sorrow
That helped us to find a bright tomorrow.
I find as my pen runs along with me
I am writing some poor poetry
So I'll call my writing off for a little while
I'm thinking you won't like the working or style.
The spring and summer we feel was well spent
We were treated royally wherever we went
So back to St. George for the winter we'll go
And write about some other things we know.
Next vacation we were happy to get on the bus
Without any argument or any kind of fuss
To get on the bus was a chance we had to take
Before we had traveled far few people were awake.
I was so thrilled to think soon our children we'd see
So going to sleep was no temptation to me
I was thinking what you our meeting would bring
To leave all cares behind is a very good thing.
For weeks we had counted each hour of the day
For the time to come for us to be on our way
We left for a while our friends behind
To go to the place where our loved ones we'd find.
We rode over across acres of barren land
But it wasn't hard for me to understand
Why men has to make a living by the sweat of his brow
As Adam did in his day so do men now.
We traveled over rough roads mile after mile
Just to get the glimpse of our loved ones' smiles
This time we went to Beaver by bus it is true
We would be met there by loved ones we knew.
Over thirty miles in an automobile we went
And a jolly good time for ten days we spent
Fishing to my husband is the best time you can give
It spurs up the spirit to joyfully live.
We cut our visit short this time
And thought to go back in the fall would be fine
We went from Milford to Leamington for a few days
In Provo and Salt Lake we made the rest of our stays.
The visits we had with our children were the best
We enjoyed a good visit with friends and all the rest
Two months was the limit of our vacation this time
So back through the hills to St. George we'd have to climb.
We just had to go back I'm sorry to say
We missed a fishing trip we'd planned going back our
Unexpected things come up from day to day we see
That makes things look different to you and me.
The summer past joyfully and quickly away
But where we wish to we can't always stay
We'll go back to St. George and make the best of the winter while there
Next summer we'll come back the joys of our children to share.
Our fourth winter in St. George was a pleasant one
We felt like by spring much work could be done
Month by month passed before the temple was open
So we didn't get all the work done that we were hoping.
While we worked in the temple peace came to us night and day
As long as we live that glad memory will sty
At night when we got restless and couldn't sleep
We would look through our window and at the temple peep.
A glorious sight would meet our gaze
It made us think of heaven in so many ways
Just to look at the temple gave us inspiration
To work there helped us gain a salvation.
In the morning when we went to the temple we got fresh air
All that is worthy feels the spirit of God while there
The feelings we felt there we cannot explain
May that spirit always in our life remain.
The fourth winter the renting problem was hard to lick
As soon as a room was vacated it was taken up quick
We were fortunate to have three rooms
When along came higher rent and everything booms.
Property raised in price one half or two thirds
People got their price for property without changing words
So now we have decided to move back north again
There with our loved ones a while to remain.
We hope some day to go back to the temple again
For the love of temple work with us will always remain
For seven winters we worked in the temple all we could
I hope the five hundred I worked for will call it good.
When we left St. George we got up early in the dawn
To see on the truck the things were securely
Our neighbors stood by to shake our hand
Their true friendship was easy for us to understand.
We said goodbye to the dear friends we had won
And hoped we'd left behind enemies none
The truck driver started engine and the wheels began to spin
He said now folks it is time to get in.
We left St. George on a bright April day
To make our home in Provo far away
We traveled all day without worry, trouble or care
All of our belongings to had with us there.
The beauties of nature appealed to me as never before
As my eyes scanned the country o'er and o'er
Even the waste sage brush land and rocks all shapes and six
Told me they were placed there by someone all wise.
It was a long journey about three hundred miles
Many interesting things brought awes and smiles
Green and fertile valleys we'd go through
The contrast of winter and spring was shown too.
It gave me a thrill to travel the mountain side
Where the road is both steep and wide
And when we glided down the valley below
Where streams of crystal waters flow.
The road we traveled was crooked and winding
The joys of a beautiful day we were finding
When a rabbit or squirrel jumped up it was a surprise
Little and big ones not all one size.
Long will I remember that beautiful April day
The beauties of nature thrills me all the way
The road like our lives has its ups and downs
As it leads through hills and valleys into towns.
Each town we came to was alive with girls and boys
And in store windows were all kind of toys
Men walked the streets in suits blue, black and brown
And the ladies dressed in a beautiful gown.
It was interesting to watch people go in and out the store
Some leading children and followed closely by some more
They seemed to come out as if walking on air
The desire of their hearts must have been granted there.
Nature put on her brightest garb the day was fair
The perfume of flowers filled the balmy air
The wind gently shook the leaves on the trees
A wonderful sight were all of these.
In green pasture we saw cattle and sheep
Some were grazing on hills that were steep
I could see beauties in the clouds floating in the sky
And watched the tall pines on the mountain high.
The snow capped mountain never missed my gaze
With streamlets flowing down in natures ways
Hills of cedar we could see from far and wide
Where the wild deer roam and from hunters tried to hide.
Some wild flowers I would liked very much to pick
But we traveled over the road too quick
We heard a song bird singing up in a tree
His chirp seemed to say be happy like me.
I watched the clouds paint pictures in the sky
Why people don't appreciate them more I can't tell why
To describe their beauty I cannot try
With so many farms and shapes can you tell me why.
The white clouds are beautiful on an April day
Floating around in such a marvelous way
I kept thinking what the future had in store for me and you
And how many times in life we didn't know what to do.
I thought what a wonderful world this would be
If only each one their own faults could see
The trees were wearing their robe of green
All nature was so quiet and so serene.
The birds were flying over here and over there
A gentle wind was blowing through the air
To look at the mountains tall and grand
Why they are not enjoyed by all I can't understand.
Some mountains are flat some round and some come to a peak
Of their grandeur you will hear people speak
It was a gentle refreshing spring breeze
Kept moving the limbs and leaves on the trees.
While the road went winding around each bend
It was taking us closer to children and friend
I could only see beauty as we went steadily by
For the sun shone bright in a friendly sky.
A more interesting and pleasant day I can't recall
We were nearing our home loved ones and all
A long day's journey brought us to the end of the road
Where the truck driver left and unloaded the load.
Our children met us with a welcome sincere
That filled our hearts with joy and cheer
We were homesick and lonesome while we were away
Now we hope close to our children we'll always stay.
Now we have moved back on a farm
Mornings we look at the mountain with beauty and charm
We have crystal water and the air is free
I still like a farmer's wife to be.
Now dear children I am living in the garden of your childhood days
The sweet memory gives me joys in many ways
The love we cultivated in that garden long ago
Grows truer and stronger as the years come and go.
Happy were those golden hours now long years past
We learn by suffering the value of time at last
Dear children turn over a new page and try anew
And see what forgiving little faults will do for you.
Only a gentle word, kindly deed or thought
Will help us to be charitable like we are taught
Stand on your own feet dear daughter and son
Don't turn a cold shoulder to brother or sister either one.
It is much better to suffer wrong I can truly say
So wipe your slate clean and start over today
To be happy you don't have to have much wealth
It takes love and contentment added to that good health.
Hold not back the words that will comfort and cheer
Down deep in your heart you will be happier dear
The time to appreciate us and give love is while we are here
It will take not an ounce of love from your own family my dear.
A kind word, a letter, even a card never takes love from anyone
But sometimes they lift sorrow and worry by the ton
Time counts as nothing when help and love is needed
So let the impulse of a true heart be heeded.
Angry words pierce the heart like a cruel dart
And kind words come from a noble heart
I'll not admit I'm feeble though over seventy years old
But still when a wintery blast comes I may shiver with cold.
The joys and sorrow of seventy years cannot be told
Not if one lives till he's reached a hundred years old
Our hearts must be free from anger now
To have peace and happiness written on our brow.
In a shade past seventy still a hill I must climb
When you number the days I've been in the shade a long time
Old age may make me slow I can't keep up speed
But I'll still try to help those that are in need.
I count my blessings though in years I'm old
To say I am young would prove I was bold
God has given me better health that is why you see
The years have been kind and good to me.
Sunshine and shadows come and go while life goes on
The darkest hour is just before the dawn
Happy will be the day when we understand
Why trials come to us on every hand.
Why so many troubles come we have never been told
But by faith we're given strength as we grow old
The sorrow that came in our younger days have never healed
Why it should be so to us has never been revealed.
Though my hair grows white and foot steps loose their grace
I still laugh at my grandchildren's happy face
When we pick roses the leaves wither and decay
Yet they have a fragrance till the end of the day.
Look carefully and you will plainly see
What these later years have brought to me
Dear Lord I do not care if I am growing old
As long as my family true love for me hold.
May I stand on life's hillside so content
I can look back and see a life well spent
It's hard to live right from the cradle to the grave
And never stray from the teachings God gave.
If I could leave my testimony here
And impress it on the lives I hold most dear
I often think what my children think of my silver hair
As they sit and rock in their easy chair.
Can you think of a greater service you can give
Than give help to loved ones while you live
Each year the world has been good to you and me
And its beauty had been joyous to see.
Dear children you make me happy though you are far or near
When the beauties of your faces I see so clear
With so much hope, pride and joy
I wrapped securely around each girl and boy.
I hear childhood voices calling across the years
I try to remember the joys not falling tears
Time has marred life's beauty and robbed it of its art
But the declaration of love being supreme in my heart.
Help me Father to be more thoughtful when I see sorrow and pain
To lend a helping hand without thought of gain
My life's work is swiftly passing, soon it will be done
My I leave a blessing to my children everyone.
Pure thoughts are like silent friends to cheer our lonesome hours
They smile from the garden of our soul like bright eyed flowers
At the foot of the mountain I gaze at the peak I must scale
Oh give me strength as I climb up the rugged trail.
Give me faith in he who created the steep mountain trail
May I know He who called me to climb will give me strength to not fail
Tender memories cluster around those by gone years
When my boys and girls told me of their fears.
Now all our children have flown from the home nest away
And making homes for companions and children today
The harvest time of our lives are when they come bounding home
And tell us no happier place they find no matter where they roam.
Our family is worth all they've caused of heartaches and pain
When with a loving smile they come home again
Now we have grandchildren and great grandchildren girls and boys
How could there be anything more to equal their joys.
With pride I remember in my prime
With a loving family I spent most of my time
A life well spent with such beautiful things
True harmony through each avenue rings.
Six of our children are married with our blessings sincere
Our hope is that their love will be greater each year
To make a home and raise a family was their aim
We prayed there would be no discord in playing the game.
Married life builds hope, faith and a love supreme
To raise an honorable family is a wonderful dream
With pride you can stand them up for inspection in a row
Where the sunlight of heaven will softly glow.
Five grandchildren were born to me between my fortieth and fiftieth year
Six came in my fiftieth and sixtieth year to bless and cheer
Seventeen was the number born between my sixtieth and seventieth year
One born in my seventy-first made twenty-nine my dear.
When thirteen of those grandchildren came to Earth
I helped take care of their family I knew their worth
I rendered that service with a mother's love
Now I have six great grandchildren come to us from above.
Two of our grandchildren lived with us seven years
I shared their joys and lovingly dried their tears
I held them so tenderly to my heart
I missed them so much when we had to part.
Seventy-three years today (October 24, 1946) they laid me in mother's arms
I came to a world where we had to hunt beauty and charms
My birth place was a little village new
Where my parents had pioneering to do.
I honor them for having a family large in size
They obeyed the commandments given by one all wise
We were taught in youth to follow the gospel light
And to respect others feelings and try to do right.
In December nineteen hundred and forty-six I end my story to you
May the blessings of the Lord be with you all your life through
May the joys of life come to comfort and cheer

History of Annie Marie Boren Bigelow Dear Husband Don.

D Dearest I have always been happy and content with you
E Ever your kindness and goodness brings joy what'er you do
A And be it cloudy or sunshine what ere life may hold
R Remember my love for you will never grow old.

H Husband dear may all our years be full of peace
U Untill we go where our love will never cease
S Say good weather may vanish and friends may fail
B But my love for you will always prevail
A After forty years you are still the ideal of my life
N Now and always I'll be your loving wife
D Day by day may I help keep you from sorrow and strife.

D Do you know I have been thankful for you all my life dear
O Of all the blessings I know for or near :
N Nothing can take the-place of my husband dear

My Guiding Star.

Dear husband you have been my guiding star
That shines for me where ever you are
In the daytime it shines for me as~bright
As the stars that twinkle in the heaven at night.

Dear husband today you are my guiding star
And it shown for me when you went afar
It shown when you went on a mission and left us home
It shown on the children and I when we were left alone.

Dear husband you will always be my guiding star
You shine for me when temptations and foes are as cruel as War
When dark clouds gather and seem black as night
For me your star is always shining bright.

Dear husband you are my guiding star
That shines when you are near or when you are far
Life would be lonely and sad without that light
That guided me in the pathway of light. To Our Dear Ones Gone Before.
A Adora you came to bless our home on Earth
D Dear you were a joy from the day of your birth
O Oh the parting with you rent our hearts in two
R Right we are longing and waiting for you
A As years roll on and we have our final test
May we all be numbered with the blessed

I Ida in you came our second thrill of gladness
Our parting left us in gloom and sadness
D Darling death took you so suddenly away
You had only a few short years to stay
A And pleadingly you said stay on the right track
May we live worthy to meet you when we come back.

E Eva kindness beamed in your eyes of blue
Letting love and the light of Heaven shine through
V Very soon you were called to your heavenly home
Leaving us in sorrow and grief to roam
A A priceless jewel did we count your worth
In the little time you stayed on Earth.

F Florella the look in your eyes told us you must go
L Long before I was reconciled to sorrow I know
0 O'er my pillow grief bowed me down at night
R Relief only came when God turned on the light
E Every morning brought a sigh and then
L Longing I waited for our meeting again
L Let your peaceful influence be with us day and night
A And may it help us to always do right.

W William in you a tower of strength we found
I In you we had joy and your voice was a wonderful sound
L Little arms so dear imbraced us before going to bed
L Like thoughts I feel them warm not cold and dead
I I miss you so much I cant help but sigh and moan
A Angels guard you dear while in sorrow we roam
M May your sweet smile linger till we come back home.

When I think of our children that have gone before
And I know here on Earth I'll see them no more
My heart bleeds with sorrow and I heave a sigh
As I remember their last words "Mother dont cry." T Today is Mothers day to you a message of love I send
O Oh cherish it my faith for you will be true to the end.

M May every lovely gift be woven in your heart to make it bright
Y Yes may you have contentment just for doing right.

D Do You fight daily trials of life without fear
E Ever trusting that Gods protecting care will ever be near
A Ask yourself is the service of others your plans for the coming year
R Remember obligations to your loved ones my dear.

S Stand by virtue no matter where you go
O Only you can live your life but it effects us all you know
N No one but parents knows how our heart yearns for you to do right.

D Dont forget we pray for you morning and night
O Oh remember the time is more precious than some future day
N Now discern your powers and use them while you may.

E Ever may you do your duty and never cease to try
R Right will bring happiness without grief or a cause for a sigh
V Victory brings golden moments of joy and content
I I know you Will love the dear gifts God has sent
N New days come filled with opertunity grief and pain.

B But could their worth be counted think and think again
I If you will polish your gifts and make them shine their best
G God in his mercy will help you do the rest
E Each one can lighten the load of a brother in need
L Let this be your aim then you will by happy indeed
O Others may falter along lifes winding way
W We must choose the right dear what do you say? E Elva I am thinking what a part you took in my heart
L Lo when death come and drove deep its fatal dart
V Very true each thought of you helped the wound to heal
A And though long years have past still the anguish I feel.

B Bowed down in sorrow that filled our lives so thick with gloom
I In our aching hearts the sunshine could find no room
G God let you stay for a becon light my dear
E Ever t strengthen encourage and cheer
L Lovingly in your embrace I found hope and rest
O Oh how warmely I held you to my breast
W When in memory I see you taking part.

C Caring for your parents from the very start
A As you loveingly tried to cheer our torn and bleeding heart
R Relief comes through a kind Father above
T To his grief stricken children he gives hope and love
E Each day I pray for your family numbering seven
R Remember a mothers love will help lead them to heaven. T Today we send by a mall carrier instead of a dove
O Our message to you which is filled with faith and love.

M Mighty is the responsibility to your leaders friends and all
Y Your obedience has made you worthy that responsible call.

D Dear my ernest suplication from morn until night
E Ever have a humble spirit and ever do right
A And though you are many miles away and you had a long weary ride
R Remember to look back to your childhood home with honor and pride.

S See in your dreams the mountain side where oak and maple grow
O On the edge of the dear valley where you picked sweet flowers long ago
N Now if in your labor you can some wayward life turn.

J Join earnest with Gods servents and for their salvation yearn
O Oh son falter not but always be brave and true
H Home friends and parents are praying and trusting in you
N No wealth the world has can compare no matter how grand.

A As your mission if you only make the right stand
L Let faith guide you day by day your duty to fulfill
T To work in this mighty cause according to Gods will
O Oh grant that we may watch and pray through the coming hours
N Now to be protected from temptation and all evil powers.

B Be wise honest brave and bold when you know to people the truth you have told
I I know life is sweeter when we cheerfully carry our cross
G God in his mercy will reward us acording to our work deeds and loss
E Each day brings your chance to make your life ring true
L Lo what a glourous opertunity is given to you
O Oh when your mission is ended and your duty well done
W We will have a happy meeting and be united every one. S Success comes with grit and a determined will
U Under a load of burdens we struggle to climb the hill
C Cares are varied and many but there is happiness for all
C Certainly they come whether we are short or whether we are tall
E Each day brings some opertunity to help those that fall
S Success is grander than treasures of silver or gold
S Success is grater than rank or title a hundred fold.

E Emily success and blessings are not bought and cannot be sold
M Me think them better than sparkling diamonds or shining gold
I Isnt success and the balm with its soothing power
L Like the necture of sunshine every hour
Y Yes and may lifes sweet fragrence of peace and love on you shower.

M May your heart beat true and feel anothers success or woe
A And may you have true happiness in friendships glow
Y You'll find success in doing well your duty here below.

F From your vacation did you find success when a fishing trip you had
R Rejoicing in the company of your mother and your dad
O Over mountains high and valleys low
M My dosent its memories thrill us so?

M Many times we recall the good times we had
O Overjoyed with pleasure not a moment sad
T Together many times may those joys be repeated
H Hay! have you plans for another trip completed
E Each day brings satisfaction and joy for the things we done
R Remember the fishing trip of 1932 as a success and a pleasure won.
T To you our congratulations are proudly sent
O Our hearts was with you when you to surgery went.

M My we are proud of the advance you have made
Y You surely was faithful to make that grade

D Dear angle of mercy to the sick you are I know
E Every day when to surgery you go
A As your lovely smile beams I see you
R Ready to help pull the sick through.

D Do you realize the station you gladly fill
A And acknoledge in all things our Fathers will
U Use your talent wisely tis Gods gift
G Go gladly on helping burdens lift
H Hevenly Father protects those in his hand
T Treasure His help and try to understand
E Every day with some noble life you are intrusted
R Reward comes when things are rightly adjusted.

W Where are you now in the glory of your dream
I Intelligently traveling in lifes golden stream.
N Now is the time to help with all your heart
O Oh how glad I am in the noble work you took part
N Now guard your thoughts and words with care
A And in all you do seek aid from Father in prayer.
D Darling some beautiful thoughts linger in my mind
A A dear memory of a babys loving smile left behind
R Radiating to us your sweet patter and song
L Love that makes the sunshine bright all day long
I I sent with you when you went to make a home
N Now with husband and babies in happiness and joy you roam
G Go where you may do what you will you are my baby girl still.

B Beautiful to me your sweet and bright eyes appear
A All your life I have tried to protect you from trouble and fear
B Because I loved you so as the days went swiftly by
Y You made me want to sing and smile and sometimes cry.

G Go where you will try as you may you'll always see
I It takes a lot of patience a mother brave to be
R Regardless of what people think and say
L Lo you are still my darling baby girl today.

O Okie you can battle trials and in honor go
K Knowing we love and appreciate you so
I In the old home I rocked you many times to and fro
E Each moment you were my darling baby girl you know.
T To express in words the love and pride I have for you
O Oh how very hard for me to try to do.

M My hopes and thoughts are you will always prove true
Y Your conduct and record means everything too.

D Dears never falter in trying to do whats right
E Ever trusting in God to guide you in the light
A Always be affable and kind to all you meet
R Remember to be courteous and never any one cheat.

G Guard strictly your actions both day and night
R Right you are with temptations you'll have to fight
A Although you are living both far and near
N Never will my love fail for you my dear
D Dears my thoughts will be with all of you while we are here.
S So every time I see you my heart will beat for you
O Oh and my love will ever be true blue
N Nothing can sever a Grandmothers love thats true
S So I will strive to gain the prize of eternal life with you.
T Today while thinking of my grand daughters so dear
0 Oh how with gratitude I love and appreciate you while I'm here

M Many to the joys of a happy life you and I can learn
Y Yes and the pleasures we had in the past again may return.

D Dears live each day to do at least one good turn
E Each one then a great reward may earn
A And prepare to enter safe in our heavenly home
R Remember not long on this Earth we roam.

G Go to bed at night in the morning awake from a good nights slumber
R Remember contentment brings joys without number
A And with thought your bright happy days are never ending
N Nearer to God and his throne you'll be asending
D Daughters are you the true gospel plan defending?

D Dears Grandmothers heart for you fondly beats
A And you know from honor there will be no retreats
U Use wisely today to write a page in lifes golden book
G Get help from the pages as on them you look
H High must your thoughts be in work or in play
T Though far in the distance from me you are away
E Earthly homes were made for us to prepare for eternity
R Remember there is where we all long to be
S So be thankful you are living in a land thats free. A Among the noble daughters you are one
N Now think noble thoughts till life is done
N Nothing to take the place of love can ever be won

M My birthday baby girl and name sake
A A million dollars for your love I wouldnt take
R Remembering you have eyes of brown
I Innocence and greatness brings renown
E Everyone says dear dont wear a frown.

B Be good and the robe of charity wear
I Is my most earnest and ardent prayer
G Go do some good to neighbor and friend
E Each day will bring pleasure without end
L Lo should you find your task to great
O Oh may you be guided to the golden gate
W Where our Heavenly Father and loved ones wait.

L Let me tell you how I prize your life dear
O On the aniversary of my birthday we welcomed you here
V Very dearly you comfort us every one
E Each day when your daily labor is done.

G Good it seems to have a grand daughter to prize and love
R Realy you came dear from the garden above
A And am thankful and greatful that you
N Never very from being faithful and true
D Dearer to me than precious gems are you
M Mother always has for you a pleading heart
O Oh cherish it and from truth never part
T Today October 24, 1944 I'll be seventy one
H Hush dont tell it to any one
E E'er they say I am old and gray
R Rather picture me the other way. M Marie dear grand daughter and name sake
A A million dollars for your love I wouldnt take
R Right from heaven you came to stay
I I miss you always when your away
E Each birthday I think of you as I have today.

S Something tells me your love is true
T To parents friends and loved ones too
O Oftimes I think of your beautiful eyes dear
K Keep them bright with innocence and cheer
E Each day be thoughtful kind and good
R Remember to be helpful just as you should.

T There is always much you can say and do
H Happy it will make life seem to you
R Ready to make happy the ones that are sad
E Every way try to make them jolly and glad
E Extra joy will come when you know you had.

Y Years months and days pass out of view
E Each day I hope will bring joy to you
A All of your friends hold dear to your heart
R Right you must try to be from the start
S Some how I find that is the way to be smart.

O Oh darling try to do right day by day
L Let not hate or anger cross your way
D Do that and joy in your heart will always stay.

T To you gain strength by honest living
O Oftimes you gain by wisely giving
D Dear a happy birthday I am wishing
A Alone you will never be left to pine
Y Your life must be counted with the noble and fine. Dear Son.
Ervin today I have been thinking of your baby days
Oh how you made me happy in so many ways
How you played so joyous beside our cottage door
And weaved a cord of love around my heart forever more.

When you mashed a finger or stubbed a toe
It always sent a pain to my heart you know
Then I would hold you gently in my arms
And to me you were a bundle full of charms.

I watch you with pride while you were at play
And thanked God for you day by day
And thought how wonderful it was to have a son
I just couldnt express my feelings to anyone.

I watched you grow from childhood to youth -
And tried to teach you to always tell the truth
My fondest hopes were you'd be brave strong and true
That is my constant prayer for you.

You have always been my pride and joy
Ever since they told me I had a little boy
I have watched and prayed year by year
That you would be protected and guided aright my dear.

Our children have been more precious than silver or gold
Making a chain of love that cant be bought or sold
Absence makes the jewels brighter glow
But does it I'm sure I dont know.

We gathered our jewels and watched them sparkle and glow
The pleas~re they brought no one but mother can know
I have guarded them gently through the years
And I always remember their laughter and tears.

Other settings hold our jewels other hands help and guide
But think of the joy I had walking by their side
I dearly love my children where ever they roam
I hope they never forget Mothers love and home.

To My Youngest Son
Alton in your baby days I loved you so
It was a pleasure to me to watch you play and grow
I took pride in watching your face so angelic and fair
I knew my baby at that time had not a care.

I dearly loved your sweet innocent smile
That you greeted us with all the while
It helped me to keep my love for you fresh and pure
How could a mother give to a son love that was truer.

With pride grandmother Bigelow called you her little quail
Because you run so swift yet you looked so frail
We watched you run to the store and back
I'm sure no faith or pride for you we lacked.

You loved to go with your father but I never heard you call him Dad
Truer love for his parents a little boy never had
At the farm one day the children was telling what work they could do
You were to young to talk plain but you said "Oh come down a tat or two.

Again when you were older you bantered Father for a race
Thinking he could beat he had you go ahead a little space
We were all really surprised at what running you could do
For you fairly and squarly won the race all the way through.

My prayer was that God would bless you to always do his will
And protect you from temptation and every kind of ill
That you might grow to manhood and learn to love his laws
And help roll on his mighty work and glory in his cause.

I prayed that his spirit may guide you in the right
This was my earnest suplication from morning till the night
May God grant that you prove faithful and help keep you from sin
And may you in this worldly conflict a great reward win.

May you be happy in this life its a fine thing to do
You can be happy if you live right all the way through
Try being happy for just a little while
Then you will see on every thing the glory of a smile.

To My Dear Daughters: Elva, Emily, Winona, & Okie
My dear daughters oh what a joy thrilling sound
May my love enter each fiber of your being and encircle you around
For love begets love and confidence begets confidence too
So never must a secret be kept from me or from you.

Oh daughters for you my heart often bleeds
For I know your reward will come through your acts and your deeds
After the supreme love of God comes the love of parents my dears
And may you ever be happy and united through the coming years.

Bight daughters God gave us, oh what a sacred trust
To keep them spotless to be counted with the just
Four Father has taken home in his care they are secure
While the ones He has left us must temptation still endure.

Daughters may I prove worthy your trust and care
And with you your joys and sorrows fully share
Your virtue and purity I would guard with my life
Humbly I pray for wisdom to protect you from evil and strife.

Daughters as long as God gives me faith and life
May I help you in youth in courtship and as wife
And when I am called back to our heavenly home
Trust in your guarding angel and from the right path never roam.

Yes daughters your sisters are waiting for you in Heaven above
May their sacred memory fill your soul with faith and love
Let their sweet influence help you your burdens to bare
And in eternity may we all meet and a worthy crown wear.

Family Verses February 5, 1925
Don is at the head of the Bigelow firm
When he gets up early it makes the family all squirm
If you will follow his lead I will tell you true
We will come out in our lives true blue.

Annie has responcibilities in the home so
With her work she dont make much show
But if you will help her stem the tide
You will always find her at your side.

Ervin he has gone far from our home
May he soon settle down no more to roam
Be quick in your work thoughts acts and deeds
Which in the future will help you to secced.

Elvas duty calls her now away
Where we hope she will not long have to stay
May your partiarchal blessing prove true
That some day there will be a happy home for you.

Alton is sure a cracker jack
Does his work with a deal of tact
Just pause with your work and see if you fit
In the class with joy happiness and wit.

Emily when your young and when your grown
You must gather friends from the people you have known
Be jolly and happy day by day as you go along
In that way you'll make friends sincere and you'll not be long

Winona shes the girl with the curley hair
Who says you stand here and you stand there
But she helps us to be full of fun and cheer
So for the days that are coming we will have no fear.

Okie our little girl of music and song
Can make our lives glad as we go along
Now guard your temper Okie dear
Then you will live happy without grief or fear.

Carl was our first grandson
Try to prove true till your race is run
Unto you will be given much power
Prepare yourself for the time and hour.

Velma if you are what your mother would wish you to be
In you a good girl she will always see
In her world of sorrow care and trouble
Your goodness and kindness and love to her must double.

Keith you are our wonderful little man
Who trys to help just all you can
Who works and enjoys it untill its all done
Helping to make things lighter for everyone.

Byrle is our baby of gladness
Came to our lives to banish sadness
The labor of your heart and hand
Will bring forth fruit in a better land.

Our family has been cut just half in too
Five children and three grand children have been taken from me and you
But through the great wisdom of God who can tell
But what such grief and sorrow for us was well.

Verses for Meeting March 9, 1925.
Any success come to us through our family meetings
And love and respect come with our greetings
Dont expect or look for truer love to be
Than can be found at home on the family tree.

Father and Mother it is very true
Have suffered hardships and heartaches for you
Children on your part you can show kindness
That will lead us through a world of blindness.

In a happy home each must take his share
Of work labor thought and care
Let a few words of encouragement be said
In that way we may be gently lead.

We will not always live together here
Lets be patient and kind to the ones we hold most dear
Do we put fourth our best endevers
Let no harsh unkind words or actions show ever

Do we find excuse and try to shirk
Or do we just hate the sight of work
If we do lets roll our sleaves high and keep a dry eye
Say I will change my ways without questioning why.

The mantle of charity we all must wear
So doubt and worry may be removed with prayer
Are we loving and kind and speak only of good
If we do we can treat each other as we should.

Dont hold our appreciations till another day
Show them in each thought and act I pray
Reflect on your conduct and work out the problems of youth
For success and happiness follows truth.

Perchance you think some prases due us
Now is the time to slip them to us
For the future holds for us indeed
A heaven at home just what we need.

For Home Meeting April 21, 1925
A speach tonight I'm expected to make
To have success your thoughts and attention it will take
Paper and penciles you must lay away
And listen to just what I'm going to say.

My subject love and kindness it will be
What I say is to myself as well as thee
Open your eyes wide and look straight at me
So the love and kindness I can see.

To not tire you my talk wont be long
But to you I want to make it forceful and strong
That love begets love and kindness too
If thats what you want sew the seeds to come back to you.

The first example of love and kindness I want to tell
Is of the sacrifice of our Savior we love so well
And the prophets heros and heroines we can plainly show
Their love and kindness to humanity they did bestow.

And for our Gospel the prophet Joseph Smiths life he gave
To show us the plan by which each our soul may save
Keep in mind the Pioneers our parents and grandparents do dear
Gave kind loving services and sacrifice to have our homes here.

Friends loving and kind you will always find
Through their kindness in our heart will sweet memories bind
Now for our homes lets make this part clear
No place on Earth love and kindness should be more sincere

One thing more I want to call to your mind
Is at home am I courtious loving and kind
Fight against all things that brings confusion and destroys peace
Then in life on true happiness you will hold a lease.

Just one week from tonight I want you all
To remember that from you there will be a call
For a written sugestion from each one what it will take
In our home more love and kindness to make.

Sin Is Sin

Dont send my boy where your girl can't go
And say there is no danger for him you know
Because they have their wild oats to sow
That is no excuse for my boy to be low
Than your girl so please dont tell him so.

Dont send my boy where your girl can't go
For a boys or a girls sin is sin you know
And my boys hands are clean and white
And his heart is as pure as your girls tonight
Please dont send him where she cant go.

Dont send my boy where your girl cant go with grace
So there would be no sin he would be glad to erase
That his heart would be light and his concience free
And joy will come to both in walking lifes dark sea
Dont send my boy where your girl cant be.

Dont send my boy where for your girl you'd be afraid
Help my boy to refrain from sin with her aid
May they shun temptation and keep from sin
That the true aim of life they will honestly win
Dont send my boy where your girl shouldnt have been.

Dont send my boy where your girl cant be true
So there will be only joy for me and for you
May their view of lifes glorious plan keep them from sin
That honor virtue strength and love may dwell therein
And send my boy where your girl will win.

Instructions on Diet.
The diet that would be my friends delight
Would make me reduce till I'd be a fright
They would keep me on a lettuce diet near a water tank
And for style they would have me lean and lank.

With sunkin eyes and wrinkled skin
How they would torture me to make me thin
A digestive track I'd never need
Since they would keep me entirely off feed.

They would have me a soup bone walking the street
With my bobbed hair long legs and slim feet
Why I'll try to reduce and look better than that
Without loosing all my fat.

One hundred and never mind the pounds I weigh
For only eating three square meals a day
A laughing tonic I'll surely have to take
To keep my mental wits awake.

To do the very best with my diet.

P. S.

My friend who gave this good advice
Tried in her humble way to be very nice
It was her good fortune to be thin and lean
So her diet must be wild sage tea and thick cream.

Believe me while white sugar she detested so
Away from her diet it had to go
And if you had any pains in head or toe
You had to be rubbed and rubbed just so,

And Balance Again Your Diet.

A Mothers Responce May 10, 1933.
We are greatful this morning for the blessings we have recieved
For our Pioneer parents that had faith tie. gospel to be!ieve
Thankful for our home in this valley and mountain dear
And thankful to feel our heavenly Father is ever near.

We are thankful for Motherhood with its cares its joys its woe
No career can be greater no matter what we do or where we go
We are greatful for our husbands with love grand and strong
For our children Oh may our mother love help them from doing wrong.

We are greatful for the priesthood which has such power
To point our way to heaven and lighten our trials each hour
We are greatful to work in the church here at home
To the gospel spirit no matter where we roam.

We are thankful to meet familys with a smile
For we stay with them only for a little while
Mothers your advice should be wise and true
Our sons and daughters get their lessons by observing what you do.

We are greatful for the things we have seen and heard today
Happy for the honor shown though it be in a humble way
We give words of appreciation before we loose the chance
Volumes are often told by a gentle touch or kindly glance.

We are thankful for this carnation the emblem of Mothers day
May its fragrance whisper peace along our stormy way
With gratitude mothers wear carnations white pink or red
We will remember to give when the flower is faded and dead.

Our gratitude to Hevenly Father we show when we bow the knee
And we are thankful for every blessing that comes from thee
We thank you again for the carnation you gave
The memories of this day we will cherish and save.

For a Christmas Party.
We had a party in St George one christmas day
For the present we took not more than twenty five cents could we pay
I crocheted three hot pads to save money for me
It was a Relief Society party you can plainly see.

Stitch by stitch I make these pads
While thinking of the wonderful friends I've had
I'm wishing for one more friend its true
May I hope that friend will be you.

The days of 1944 will fade away
But true friends will always stay
I long for one more friend tis true
May I hope that friend will be you.

Happy Birthday Husband Dear.
On May 22, 1966 you came from heaven your parents to meet
And with their love they felt you couldnt be beat
To you in childhood everyone seemed happy and sweet
In your youth ambition knew no defeat.

In 1989 our lives were joyous and sweet
Little did we think thornes may fall at our feet
We were just living our lives in a joyous way
Like youth and happiness would always stay.

Our courting days were full of pleasure to me and you
And we vowed to each other we'd. always be true
April 29, 1891 we were married our hearts beat with one accord
We started out together to gain a just reward.

Blessings come to us one by one like pure gold
And love and faith keeps our hearts from growing old
The years that follow brought us boys and girls
To us more precious than gems or pearls.

Years past and by 1912 we had children eleven
Five of them left us they were called to heaven
To husband and wife comes crosses hard to bear
Together we tried to carry our share.

Our love was true that helped lighten the load
For flowers of sacrifice bloomed by the side of the road
Let us try to forget the. trials of the past and present too
And on the trials of life cast a pleasenter view.

I pray in our future life we'll be united as one
We are sealed for eternity by Gods wholly son
Past the mile stone three score years you have gone through
To your family you are gentle strong brave and true.

Father help us to be worthy of your respect and love
So blessings will come to us from above
Dear husband I have loved you all these years
Together we have shared our joys and tears.

If I am strong and faithful as I ought to be
Help and strength must come from thee
May your birthday anaversary return many times with joy compete
and make everyone happy you chance to meet.

For after all your acts of life in a measure
Helps give the world much sunshine and pleasure
With true love I greet you on this birthday
And with me your love will always stay.

Verses for Leila Snyder on Amas and her birthday.
Happy Birthday
Please stop climbing up on chairs
Tis a dangerous thing to do
Tred softly while going up stairs
It will be wiser and safer for you.

And while climbing the ladder of life
Measure the years by the pleasure it brings
Not by the pain the sorrow and strife
But by good and glorious things.

When we get old and slow of step
You may enjoy your great blessings yet
As years go by you may loose some pep
Still there is joy left in life you bet.

For the things we have shared all through the year
These lines are prompted by memories dear
And we measure your life by the joyous things not years
measure it by joy and song not by tears.

Thanking Bessie For A Birthday Present.

To show my appreciation for those beautiful cards
That you was so thoughtful to send me
Such kind deeds always bring their own reward
I appreciate them deeply as you can see.

Yes I appreciate them more than you can tell
And darling I truely think their swell
I started to write you a letter
But read between the lines till I do better.

Birthday Greetings to Afton 1944
Though we are many miles apart
I love you dear Afton with all my heart
And although I am old and my hair is gray
My love for you is dearer than if I were young and gay.

What did your birthday bring
A cake and a party and friends to sing
Thanks for your noble birth
Its not in my power to count your worth.

We send joyous greetings to you today
May peace and happiness always with you stay
May the joys of life come to you each year
For you are one of our treasures dear.

Dear Sister DeGraff and Sister Broadbent too
I thankfully acknowledge my visit from you
I am gaining in health in which friends took part
And the lovely flower you brought blooms now in my heart.

One flower in life it has wisely been said
Is worth more than banks of them when your dead
All the Relief Society workers I hold most dear
God bless each one for their love and cheer.

My association with you has been happiness and joy
Never a wave or ripple came to hurt or annoy
This is my humble way to tell you sineere
Always in my memory I hold you most dear.

P.S. The President of the stake and her counselor came to visit me when I was ill and unable to attend Relief Society meeting.

Encouragement From Mother
Emily if the book of life was opened to our view
And we could read and understand it me and you
Within its pages the gems of truth we would surely find
To comfort our hearts soul and mine.

Courage will help us fill the bill
With faith hope and a determand will
We struggle and fight obsticles here below
To shape our lives to Fathers will before to Him we go.

Faith will flee when we doubt and fear
When trials and troubles comes to us here
With hope and trust we meet disapointment with grace
When we have to stand firm and meet them face to face.

Its just the little things we do thats all
Its just the way we do that makes us great or small
Its just the love we send that sinks deep into the heart
Its just glad memories that keeps love awake when we're apart
Its just an inspiration to know your love is true
Its just a consolation to know our love is strong for you
Its just to know friends and comrads may come and go
Its just to know parents love you so
Its just a gleam of sunshine that chases the clouds away
Its just the joys of childhood you tucked in our hearts to stay
Its just the glories of life we find living at our best
Its just to know our loved ones are numbered with the blessed
Its just because you need experience that we let you go away
Its just to fill a mission that you'll be glad for some day
Its just a strong desire of golden opertunity and then
Its just a hard struggle to gain respect of men
Its just to have a womans sphere of joy or woe
Its just to hear some loved one say yea or no
Its just to have intrests to inrich our lives you see
Its just to master our suroundings no matter what they be
Its just because I love you that I sometimes drop a tear
Its just because I'm happy and rejoice when you are near
Written April 2, 1933 to Emily.

If you'll sit down and listen a little while
Or in fancy walk with me for half a mile
I'll tell you a story of our easter true
Which has been requested by one of you
Easter morning was wonderful the sun was bright and clear
Making me wish you were all here
The ground was damp and you were away
So we thought it best at home to stay
Our Easter dinner was surely swell
Just to you our menue I will tell
Boiled eggs, potato chips butter and bread
For a change it was pickles and watercress instead
Baked beans sliced ham corned beef made us sigh
Before we found room for a bannana pie
We miss you dears when the table is spread
Tis then our separation we always dread
But one thing that causes us no pain
That is to think our love for you is not in vain
Now make a wish for 1934
That we may all be together as many times before

Something to Laugh at.
After doing my duty gathering eggs you know
I was walking proudly back to the house just so
Down I went eggs and all and in that crazy fall
Seventeen eggs was mashed to smithers was all
Ha, Ha, I picked myself up not hurt a bit
Yes and wondered why I had so little wit.
Written to Emily October. 15, 1933.

Being Kind.
Of all the graces of the mind
The best is that of being kind
The sorrows of the mortal life
The weariness of stress and strife
Will all desolve and fly away
Like mists before the God of day
And leave no trace or track behind
If those we love are good and kind.

The petals of the fragrent rose
The lilly as it buds and blows
Are not as helpful to the mind
As the beautiful art of being kind
If being kind could rule the Earth
The time between death and birth
Would be a vision and a song
That would dethrone the God of wrong.

Those wonderful years that make me fifty-nine
Have never caused me to change my mind
That the very best for me and mine
Is always to be good and kind
While my feet in these slippers go
With tears of gratitude my eyes fill I know
And oh how I thank you with my heart and mind
And love you because you are good and kind.
Written to Emily and Winona October.26, 1933

St. Patrics Day
On St. Patrics day I've often wondered what l'd do
If some rich uncle would come through
Say a million bucks or more that others I might aid
And yet I'm more than half afraid
Before I'd hardly half begun
I'd look out first for number one.

If St. Patrics gave me a million though it was cold
I'd found an orphans home or school
Where all poor lonely kids could go
To love and learn and play and grow
Yet I must build my body soul and brain
So I must stop and think again
Before I to willingly hand out that much dust
I think it would only be right and just
To buy myself a mansion of the best
Where I could live a life of rest.

On this St. Patrics day at eventide
I think ten million shamrocks I'd provide
An prepare a feast for folks to poor to buy
And how I'd laugh to see the dollars fly
Still it may be wiser by far
To by myself a big and hansome car
And on second thought I think a girl like me
Should be planning for a family of three.

This being St. Patrics day I've thought it through and through
And yet I hardly know what I'd do
Suppose I could a million dollars gain
I'd banish all selfish thoughts from my brain
But helping the needy and poor would make my heart sore
So- I think I will grab a million more
While I think it is good to shield the right
But If I keep my money I'll think I have fought a valent fight.

Before the end of this St. Patrics day
I must change my mind in the good old fashioned way
Of the golden rule where there is no stress or strife
But all work together for a better life
Money like flowers we must give away
For love and gratitude that will always stay,
Work for the Relief Society we'll gladly preform
Then the 17 th of March will bring joy not harm.
Written for Emily to read for a St. Patrics Programe.

Stop and listen to my story but dont let it sound sad
But our disapointment made us all feel bad
Let us forget heartache and fill our heart with peace
And pray hard times will end and disapointment cease.

Eery heart must have its burdens every soul its load
And oh the disapointments when we keep the upper road
It only makes the road harder to wear a sullen face
So smiles are flowers that brighten up our place.

Our heart holds many disapointments lets make them shine as gold
For it surely is surprising what the human heart can hold
Do hearts feel sorrow suffering and woe
And almost stop beating when the light of hope' burn low.

Disapointment oft leaves thornes of discontent.
Pierce through an aching heart and leave it sad and spent
And to wait longer to see you my dears
Its imposible without shedding just a few tears.

But I know tears shouldnt come at all
But sometimes they do rise high and fall
Days and weeks and months go by and years rush on
And before we realize it a year has gone.

But kind words spoken lights the sky thats darkening gray
Heals a broken heart and gives hope for another day
Be not weary dears be great and good and glad
If sorrow striked the core be glad for the things you've had.

Worries and cares in our way may be cast
But let us be faithful to the very last
To true we had disapointment this thanksgiving day
Let us forget it and thank God for our blessings while we may.

A Few Of My Thoughts
I stop and ponder for my thoughts are with you far away
My sincere desire is that Gods spirit will guide you day by day
For at times the ship of life seems to toss too and fro
And we in our blindness dont know where to go.

Think serious of the future and what it means to you
Guard your actions in all the things you do
Make prayer your safeguard in all the things pf your life
And save sad memories deep regrets and strife.

Be bold in your convictions that you know to be right
Mark well your pathway through an inspirational sight
And when tempted to do a thing you know you shouldnt do
Stop and think of your parents who are always praying for you.

The time may come for you to take a vital step
Which will take courage faith and a lot of pep
But to the faithful the door of inspiration stands open wide
So you may know who is worthy to walk through life by your side

Place your aims high keep your virtue and honor true
For there is someone just as honorable waiting for you
Happiness comes through obedience and doing our best
And trusting a kind Father to do the rest.

When youth has passed we oft have sore trials to bear
Through your faith you have strength your burden to bear
For after the clouds clear away comes the sunshine of light
To put all sorrow and discouragement to flight.
Written to Emily

A Poem and part of a letter
You never can tell what your thoughts will do
In bringing you hate or love
For thoughts are things and their airy wings
Are swifter than carrier doves.

They follow the law of the universe
Each thing creates its kind
And they sweep o'er the track to bring you back
Whatever went out of your mind.

When you get old like I am and have some one tell you make a good impression on their lives you will realize what little things you do that you never dream of. Just seems so much in the lives of others.

Aœter you have spent hours preparing your lesson and you have done the best you can you will infrequently feel discouraged thinking that you Did not reach your objective, as you so earnestly tried to teach your class. Let me whisper to you, you can never tell what your thoughts your words and your kindly deeds will do in encouraging and inspiring those whom you teach.

Very seldom does anyone come up and thank you at the time you give a lesson, but let you go home often discouraged but still the seeds of faith and trust springs up in their later lives. It awakens a love for truth, it opens the eyes of the soul to the great purpose in life, helps them to live honest for honesty sake not because honesty is the best policy but because it is right. Virtuous because it is so in the heart and to love good for goods sake so after all is said and done the great responsibility has its own reward.
Written to Emily while in Salt Lake teaching the Trekker class.

Are We Thankful
Are we thankful within our hearts
For the loved ones so very dear
For trusty friends for kindly words
For a welcome smile with cheer

Are we thankful for enough to eat
And a place to keep us warm
The knowledge that a higher power
Will keep us safe from harm.

Are we thankful for the sunshine bright
And for the winter snow
For rain and trees and for the flowers
For each dear day we know.

Making Life Worth While.
Sometimes when trouble comes thick and fast
And living apears a great trial
Forgeting the blessings and joys of the past
We wonder if life is worth while.

Wen no one is near us to cheer us on
And the world seems dull and gray
We're tempted to quit in dispair and grief
And then-- we remember to pray.

Though all the world may turn us down
And our friends refuse us a hand
There still is one we can always trust
For God can always understand.

He is ever willing to help us out
To cheer and gladden the heart
He will pour out blessings upon our heads
If we'll but try to do our part.

Its the trials of life that make us strong
So let us meet them with a smile
Still giving service to those in need
This will make our lives worth while.
Written to Emily while at Osbornes.

The widows Rights. Written for a party of widows at M. M. Battys
Tis the right thing to share the widows burdens and
And help keep them from men and their snares
To show them respect we are here today
Let them have their rights in what they have to say
Gossips tell us our widows are flapers at best
So we will name them over and prove them by test
You cant tell what might become of each widow who is wise
When we count their actions and not their size.

Aunt Marriot tried all her life to be cute
But failed to find the second man she could suit.
Aunt Temp sports round in her car tis quite true
She says no one but women for her company will do
Aunt Ester sometimes thinks she is as young as of youre
But of her ability to flirt she wasnt quite sure
Aunt Susan longed for some man her joys to share
But would always say of men I'll beware.

Aunt Veleria thought more of-a neighbor than any old
Says she'll never get married though she'll prove she can
Aunt Susie why the men all set and stare
She will never take a man to raise she dont think it fair

Aunt Polly likes to make goo-goo eyes and smile at men
She wouldent take her pick out of one hundred and ten
Aunt Lena will set her cap for the man that is best
And prove widows are flappers by test.

Yes our widows have sorrows and cares
Many happy hours are due them by rights o theirs
Take courage and smile tis the best way to live
Then sunshine and cheers to each friend you will give
Today throw all sorrows and cares aside
And on the free ship of joy take a ride
We love our widows there's no better in any town
No matter how big or of what renown.

The gleam in your eyes tell the pledge you made to your husband is true
And to friend and family you have been true blue
Except our friendship may it be pure as pure gold
And last through ages and never grow old
Your life has been lonely without husband tis true
He is over there waiting patiently for you
If you try to make every ones life brighter
Then the load you carry will be much lighter.

We have a little town called Wallsburg out in the west
To us of all towns on Earth it should be the best
We have pure mountain air, crystal streams and firtle soil
Oh what wonders we could bring out with our labor and toil
While we stay in Wallsburg.

Tis small and out of the way thats true
But what with the problems of life has that to do
Isnt it true that the wilderness has blossomed like the rose
To what extent our town may grow no one yet knows
Dont listen to scandle or disgrace told of our town
But work hard and make it a place of renown
Right here in Wallsburg.

Dont be faint hearted and brake down and sluff
If you are asked where you are from dont say some other town sure enough
For woe to the man without back bone to say
Im from Wallsburg, a little town along your way
The mountains and valleys are beautiful and grand
We would be proud to have you visit us understand
Some day in Wallsburg.

The Bishopric of our town is working to get a crown
So all of you just put this down
Geo A. and Geo. L. will tell you what they want you to do
And Alfred and Lou will see that you come through
Jane she assists the ward clerk with his work
That gives her a chance to say what to do
In Wallsburg.

All you men who hold office in the priesthood
Get together and plan your work as you should
Remember it is getting a late hour
For you to show just part of your power
I cant spot you out by name
But let this hit you just the same
If people under your care quit work in the church and get lame
You will have to work hard or get the blame
In Wallsburg.

The officers in the Relief Society are wise as you will see
For Rose Ada and Kate tells you just what you'll be
Mirle leads the songs and Stella makes the music ring
While Polly Annie and Lend tries to sing
Ora keeps the books so you can see
How your record looks in Wallsburg.

Our Sunday School would be very bright
If Frank didn't stay out so late at night
Marvie and Mathew they step high
With all the young girls they try to fly
But Putting all jokes aside and telling the truth
They are doing a lot of good here for our youth
In making a good record for Wallsburg.

The Young Mens Mutual Improvement Assocation
Are trying to be the best in the nation
With William O. Mecham Carl Batty and Dewey Bigelow at the head
Do you know what for? the youth to be wisely lead
And remember the boys in your care are just the age
To think they are as wise as the ancient sage
Help them along their wayward tracks
Then they will - always want to come back
To Wallsburg.

The Young Laddies Officers how they would
Have all the girls noble vertious and good
Orpha, and Hazel and Rosette
Wouldnt neglect them not even on a bet
They in return need assistance from everyone
So the work outlined may be easily done
They toil labor and plan very wise
To have their girls take first prize
In Wallsburg.

The Primary Officers are no spring chickens
When they get together they give us the dickens
But we dont care for Elsie Ethel and Eva all three
Are just as good as good can be
Tis true they want the children to pay their anual fee
Then half the trouble to them it would be
When they go to meeting people say
They teach the children how to pray
So help them in every way to build up Wallsburg.

The Religion class in our ward we know very well
Lacks the support it needs which one and all can tell
But the work they put over will come forth with a bound
And better training cannot be found
Yes and the teachers all agree
That the lessons come to our children free
Another help in Wallsburg.

There are other people I havent mentioned
But to slight you is not my intention
To all of her inhabints our little valley is very dear
Each feels a kinship that is very near
While offices in the ward we do not all hold
Tis no excuse we must be bold in supporting Wallsburg.

1927 Verses sent to Ervin and Vada after the death of Donna Vee
When life seems lonely and drear
And our loved ones from us have parted
Remember this thought God will ever be near
To comfort and guide the lives we have started.

No one knows the sorrow of your heart
Unless in the same way have taken part
No one knows the comfort God will give
If only faithful lives we'll live.

Dont mourn for the dear ones God has taken home
For they are safe in his keeping
They no longer in this sorrowful world have to roam
Lets not keep them sad with our weeping.

How true the saying is to us one and all
Trials makes our faith grow stronger
The nobler and grander our lives will be
If we faithfully wait a little longer.

Then oh how happy we will be
In the relms of God our Father
If only his mercies and goodness we can see
In the blessings that still a little farther.

Just as sure as God those noble lives give us here
Unto us he will give them back children dear
So prepare to live with them in our home on high
For that time is surely drawing nigh.
Written March 1927
Things Penned.
If I wisdom to write with a golden pen
Words of incouragement to woman and men
To do and think things that are right
And seak the Gospel plan that sheds eternal light.

If I could write sacred words with a silver pen
I'd help the youth to live right and then
I'd save from their lives stumbling blocks
So they would be prepared when opertunity knocks.

If I could write effective words with a fountain pen
I'd help children from one year to ten
To make their childhood a heaven here on Earth
I'd teach them the value of life and birth.

If words could flow with a common pen
I'd tell of babies and the beauties I see in them
No wife would shrink from motherhood
But be thankful for a family just as they should

If I could write with an artists pen
I'd paint a beautiful picture of life and then
I'd put up signs along lifes high way
Saying these are to guide you from danger today.

If I could express my thoughts with a poets pen
I'd be to humanity a true and lasting friend
With faith in God there would be no doubt
And the beautiful light of hope would never go out.

These words came from friendships pen
I'll always be near you when
You need me let me know
I'll stand by your side or for assistance I'll go.

The sure and safe advice from Fathers pen
Helps keep the world in wiser men
He writes to his children love and trust
And councils them in the ways of the just.

Some of the dearest words comes from Mothers pen
And her prayers for loved ones to God asend
You can depend her love goes to every one
As long as she lives her duty to children is never done.

The letter of appreciation a dear son pened
Helped the broken heart of parents to mend
They give courage when loads are heavy to bear
And he tells us he willingly our burdens will share.

Then the dear letter daughter penned
Dear Parents all your needs I'll strickly attend
Never will I forget the love and kindness you gave me
I will give true love back to thee.

Letters so dear our grandson and daughter penned
We have been true trying our country to defend
We will be victorious in this war we feel sure
But great trials and aflictions we had to endure.

What in the book of life was penned
How low down or how high we'll asend
Will it be something on which we'll be glad to look
When our guarding aglel opens up his book.

When the angle reads from the book of life he's penned
There is only one thing you can depend
Is to face the facts as we find them there
When we reach the top of the golden stair.

This is what a sweetheart penned
Darling you mean more to me than just a friend
May we walk side by side till lifes journey ends
And be crowned with glory where Gods thrown we asende

The Discription of a Dream 1946
I dreamed I was walking by my husbands side
To a little church built in a country wide
We entered a building that was neat and clean
En there was a beautiful sight as I ever seen.

We were to early for the Sunday school to begin
Under that roof we were protected from temptation and sin
One of the superintendency came over where we sat
We had profitable and sociable chat.

He said are you coming back to meeting today
We are going to try was all I could say
What that question ment was a puzzle to me
For on that question my mind didn't work free.

While we were waiting we'll have an unprepared programe
And show all the good things of life we can
That gentleman there will represent grandfather
And the silver haired lady will represent grandmother.

The young couple will represent husband and wife
And give you a history of married life
The young boy and girl will represent courtship
And give to us older folks a worthy tip.

A little boy will represent the strength of childhood
A little girl will represent babies only as an angel could
The grandfather steped forward with head bowwed as if in prayer
Soliciting Gods blessings on all that was there.

His face shone bright with a hallowed light
To behold his form was a pleasure and delight
Peace Peace be with you I heard him plead
It was so approperate in this time of need.

Take the-advice from one who has lived a long time
To live honest and virtaus will be sublime
I'll soon be fore score years old
The gospel plan has brought me blessings untold.

My council is to be true to self and God
Keep in the narrow path and hold fast the iron rod
We reap joy and happiness from the good we do
Check what I've said and see if it isnt true.

Grandmother steped forward with hair silvery gray
Marvelous are the words I heard you say
In vision I see her frail form standing there
Her soul had been mellowed with sorrow and care.

A heavenly peace shown on her wrinkled brow
Such radient beauty in my minds eye I see now
She said with the saints I walked bare footed over the plains
But the blessings I've recieved has soothed all those pains.

I gladly excepted the gospel and listened ta the call
It was a sacrifice to leave relatives and all
I humbly acknowledge Gods merciful hand
That guided me to live in this wonderful hand.

May God grant us happiness till we meet on the other shore
Where we'll obey Gods comandments ever more
Though Fathers and Mothers forsake us still
We know the lover of our souls never will.

When friends forsake us and their love grow cold
There is one waiting patently to lead us back to the fold
Come forward young couple husband and wife
What is your aim in living this life.

They walked forward hand in hand
We are married for time and eternity you understand
This precious jewel was given me for a wife
And I promised to love and protect her all my life

And this is my husband so tall and grand
We are trying to be worthy to live in a better land
Then there are our children given by right devine
I'm greatful and proud of that family of mine.

Married life is holy and one of sweet acord
If we honor and keep the comandments of the Lord
My wife and family is a protection to me
For in them the beauties of heaven and Earth I see.

Courtship will be represented I do declare
By two virtuous youths so young and fair
Courtship has a charm that few people discover
Its worn me think to win one another.

Courtship sends forth lifes shining ray
Sometime here in life there will be a perfect day
True courtship guards virtue and keeps it pure as gold
It gives power in youth and strengthens when we are old.

Courtship may last long or quickly end
That depends how you treat lover and friend
Use the charms of courtship all the days of your life
It will hold the joys and happiness of husband and wife.

Childhood is represented by a boy standing there
Willing with his companions all his blessings to share
Said he I know what joy and happiness parents give
While the down cast and orphants needs help to live.

Take me for an example I have no worries or cares
Just think of the orphants what struggles are theirs
I can play with out cares from morning till night
What the shut in and cripples are suffering dosent seem right.

Some day we'll know and understand
Why so much difference there is in mortal man
The beauties of baby hood is represented by a little girl
With a dimpled cheek and a golden curl.

Her baby talk is only a goo--goo and a smile
That fills you with rapture all the while
Those innocent smiles that baby gives
Encourages one to try a pure life to live.

God bless all babys be they girl or boy
The inspiration they give fills the world with joy
Only a few words a dream inspired
But they help me rest when I am tired.

Dreams comes to us both good and bad
Some fills us with joy some makes us sad
Dreams are wonderful if they inspire to higher aims
Or help to bring joy that this life claims.

A Wintry Trip From St. George.
To contrast traveling in winter and spring
One gives us pleasure the other much worry bring
Jiss Winona and I started from St. George one warm winter day
The weather sone changed and it stormed all the way.

A snow storm caught us before we reached Canaryville
Before we got to Cedar we were in a blizard and it was snowing still
That storm was the worst I ever hope to see
We had to face it bravely there were just we three.

The snow flakes came so fast and think before our face
We couldnt tell if we were on the road or off some other place
A most uncomfortable experience we surely had
Going through wind and snow was really bad.

The snow plows kept working as hard as they could
They couldnt keep the road clear try as they would
Many miles we traveled but couldnt tell if we were on or off the road
Cars and trucks got off the road to go ahead they had to be towed.

We surely was fortunate for the road in places was slick as glass
Cars had to stay in line no one cared to try to pass.
It was Emilys sickness that caused us to make that trip
It had been so long we hadnt heard from her by letter or by lip.

When we got to her she was better I am glad to say
We felt it would be wise only one night to stay
To leave so soon and go back sent a pain to my heart
Seeing her so sick it was hard for us to part.

Circumstances wouldnt permit us to stay
We had to be back in St. George the very next day
To travel that road in winter with weather so cold
Why try to paint the picture for it can never be told.

Good fortune was with us the road slick was tis true
But we never got tied up in the snow all the way through
We take all kind of chances when our children are in need
Our hope are with them in thought word and deed.

Childhood Palls.
Today I have been thinking of my childhood palls
Ever one of them to me was wonderful gals
The first playmate I remember was Laura by name
My love for her always remained the same.

We played together with such delight
It was hard for us to be seporated at night
True friendships love was woven around our heart
Our wish was to go through life together and never part.

We were like fond sisters Laura and I
The memory of the good times we had will remain till we die
The play dinners we had was just like a feast
No better for us could be found north south west or east.

Many a play dinner consisted of boiled wheat
Without cream or sugar still to us it was good to eat
Sometimes it was green vegatables some times honey and bread
Then for a change it was mustard stalk pickled instead.

For our imaginary dinners we made mud pies
Closer and closer became our friendship ties
We had little stone pebbles for potatoes and beans
Pig weeds we gathered to make our greens.

We added new playmates one by one
But a dearer playmate I never had none
When more play mates were added our play seemed more real
We always tried to give each other a square deal.

We often planned our play for four
We were getting larger than we'd been before
Building play houses became a hobby
Together we' d chat in our play house lobby.

For our house we carried rocks to build the outer wall
Sticks we used to make the pitition that was all
We left a place for doors and windows here and there
That building was completed without worry or care.

With our home built in the shade of a willow tree
We were happy as grown ups could ever be
What we used for furniture you just wait and see
What ever we found must handy be.

Our stove was a can with a stick for a pipe
Remember that stove wasnt a cooking type
The cupboard was a box with a curtain to keep out the dust
It was filled with broken dishes that never rust.

The table was a board layed on two rocks
The bed was made on the ground to keep us from shocks
Chairs were rocks piled one on the other
We had to use them for friend or brother.

Our pathway led to our neighbors door
We used sand to make a carpet for our floor
We swept clean our floor with a sage brush broom
Everything in our play town had to boom.

As time went on we added playmates and friend
With the joys of their companionship to never end
Our play time was broadened somewhat then
Sometimes our number was up to ten.

With so many playmates we could have a play theatre
The tickets could be bought with a pin or raw tater
We would have acts one two and three
We tried to make them as funny as could be.

We played we were afraid of Indians and would be quiet as mice
Every one for a few minutes could be very nice
Then one would laugh and shout with glee
The indians are gone and we are free.

We had sewing bees and a Sunday school
With a teacher who taught the golden rule
All of this was a make believe
Ye were not trying any one to deceive.

We played we had familys of our own
For their mistakes we were glad to atone
In each home the children were counted by the dolls we had
When we had many it made us glad.

I cherished the first doll I ever had believe me
That was what Santa brought you see
It was a wooden doll with painted hair eyes and face
No other doll ever took in my heart its place

Our baby dolls were made with a handkerchief rolled tight
For the larger ones a blanket was just right
Our dolls were all sizes shapes and collors
And we were all make believe mothers.

Sometimes we were opra singers or a movie star
Or a gipsy fortuneteller coming from afar
Sometimes we were grandma or Aunt Net
We took care of our dollies to keep them from getting wet.

Sometimes we were a nurse to take care of the sick
Who was always ready when we heard the call come quick
Or a school teacher ruling with an iron hand
For every one must obey her command.

We played jacks and other games by the hour
If the sun shone or if we had a shower
We played we were uncle Ned or Aunt Sue
If we couldnt find anything else to do.

We had no marbles then for playing jacks
For that purpose we kept five round pebbles in a sack
We had not many things to play with in those days
We had to keep buisy in some sort of ways.

Our First Fishing Trip To Currant Creek.
I will never forget our first fishing trip to Currant Creek
I just cant describe it with pen or lip
While planning a vacation it takes pains and time
We tried to make things work out sublime.

Some one must take care of the home and store
And to that will be added a number things more
The cows and calves must be watered and fed
Pigs looked after chickens shut up before going to bed.

To enjoy ourselves we must leave without worry or care
So someone trustworthy must stay and work there
The post office was one thing we couldnt neglect
It took only one mistake for the public to detect.

Sister Polly Allred took care of the business and all
No care or worry was left for us to recall
The wagon must be ready with bows complete
And a cover put on to keep out the heat.

The wheels must be examined and properly greased
So all danger of getting dry and spueaking ceased
The harness must be perfect in repair
With lines bridle and everything there.

We had to travel on a long rough road
So we considered carefully what made up our load
Being your first long trip we hardly know what to take
Some extra things were taken so we'd make no mistake.

We took different kinds of vegatables some eggs and ham
Bread and butter cake honey jelly and jam
Canned goods were added to make safe and sure
There wouldnt be any hunger we'd have to endure.

Salt pepper sugar shortening and rice
Dishes were added to make things nice
Matches must be taken to insure a fire
On a trip warmth and comfort we never tire.

Bedding was added besides the supply we took to eat
Without that the camping wouldnt be complete
Pots and kettles went with our plans
And to make cooking utinsels complete we took frying pans.

The morning we were to start on our trip
We had things packed neatly in box and grip
We had a long way to travel that day
But it was a beautiful spring day in May.

At noon we rested and got something to eat
With roast chicken and trimmings it was a treat
With John Whitings we went to Currant Creek twice
We were friendly and everything went very nice.

We found them to be friends when we went to fish
For company kinder people one need never wish
Our journey took us through waste land that was bare
We enjoyed the breezes of the canyon air.

We were always glad to get where we could make camp
Our light came from the campfire in stead of a lamp
After a warm supper we felt rested and good
We told of past experience as good neighbors should.

We made our beds and slept under the stars
And had sweet dreams with out trouble or mars
The men went fishing every morning by eight
And came back to camp in the evening late.

Sister Whiting the children and I stayed in our camp
For along with the men we didn't want to tramp
We enjoyed the scenery for ten days and rested
Nor was we with anything unpleasant molested.

We got much pleasure reading a neglected book
And watching the children away from the brook
We had a warm supper when the men got back
Bringing their fish back in their dinner sack.

We fried the fish to the nicest brown
Just as well as we could in any town
Now we will be glad to safely return home
It has been wonderful in the wild country to roam.

We had all the fish we wanted to eat every day
And took fish home to our friends by the way
Ten days of rest and fishing made our trip complete
Now we were ready to brake camp and retreat.

Strawberry Lake And Up Provo Canyon.
We went with Elva and Clyde to strawberry lake
To see how many trout our hook could take
We camped in a shady nook where buttercups grew by a babbling brook
Then down to the lake we went with pole and hook.

We loved to stroll through natures scenes with dear ones nigh
Where in peace we can worship and on God relie
We loved the beautiful scenery and rivers in the hills
And the wonders of nature that gives us thrills.

We were not just going to get a mess of trout
But for the pleasure we find in camping out
If we never got one fish or had the frying pan greased and black
We'd enjoyed the call of nature as she calls her children back.

When our vacation was over and we were homeward bound
We were overjoyed with the pleasure we'd found
The voice of the friendly lake grew faint as from it we went
I often recall with pleasure the happy days we spent.

Years later another fishing trip we started to make
We loaded the car heavy with things we wanted to take
When you put people beding and food in a car
You may have trouble before you go very far.

When we first started before we got to Charleston we broke a car spring
Clyde made a trip to Provo to fix the darned thing
He left us stranded all day without any thing to eat
But Elva and Emily walked to Charleston to get us a treat.

It was lonesome that day waiting by the river side
But one must be patient waiting for lifes time and tide
We should never let trifles disapoint us though
Believe it or not when Clyde got back we were ready to go.

Again we started to go up to the grand daddy lake
But the mud was to deep for the car to take
We made our camp in a nice grove of trees
There we could listen to the song of birds and hum of bees.

When we had fish to eat we took it from a can
Fish must be in a stream before they can be caught by any man
When our vacation was over we went home to stay for a while
When we think or talk of that trip it brings a smile.

Fishing Trip With Altons Family.
With Alton and family we went away for a few days rest
To go to Currant Creek to fish we thought best
On the farm one gets weary and tired of work
Chores keeps one so buisy there is no time to shirk.

As soon as all was ready we were on our way
~e didn't count on faceing what we did that day
We enjoyed our ride to Fruitland then we turned to one side
We went over hollows that was both deep and wide.

We must take that road to get back to Currant Creek below
There was the place to fish we wanted to go
Before we traveled that road long it looked like a sheep trail
Before we got to the valley below we thought our hearts would fail.

We had to go over deep washes on a make shift bridge
And over ledgey country till we got to the top of the ridge
The dugways were so narrow we couldnt turn back
To travel over such roads it took the courage we lack.

To get to our camping place we had no trouble
But when we reached it safely our courage begin to double
The men folks set up camp then went to fish
That night we ate nice brown fish from a camp outfits dish.

Camping out in the mountains gave us rest and pleasure
The good time we had would be hard to measure
The nights were warm the stars in the sky shone bright
We spent our vacation with pure delight.

All vacations must end we must now turn back
We didn't enjoy going over the same winding track
To think of going over that road made us tremble with fear
We'd be sure of the kind of road we were going over another year.

We were ready to go take our duties up thats worth while
To watch the children frolic and play brings a welcome smile
We'll cheerfully go back to our friends to take a rest
And enjoy our home which is so wonderfully blessed.

Fishing In Hobble' Creek.
On the 15 th of June 1946 the law was out for fishing
For that happy day we'd long been wishing
On the 14 th we prepared and started on a trip
For a good place to go we needed a tip.

We must get a licence and fishing pole
If in this you failed you would have to pay the tole
To go up Springville Hobble Creek was our aim
If it was a mistake no one was to blame.

We baked and stuffed a big fat hen
And packed our eats in a grub box then
We baked bread and made an apple sauce cake
And wrote down the things we wanted to take.

Bedsprings were loaded in the trailer
Matresses blankets and pillows good enough to make beds for a sailor
Camping chairs and stove found their place
So the smoke of a camp fire wouldnt come in our face.

When all was ready we started on the read
In the canyon for a few days we'd make our abode
Our camping ground was nice and green
Close by the creek where the fisherman could be seen.

We said good night and sweet dreams to all that was there
To sleep and forget all worry or care
By four A. M. Don and Theron were each casting their line
For that was the time the fishing was fine.

The men folks got up early in the dawn
Slipped their clothes on and soon were gone
Before eight A. M. fish were caught fried and ready to eat
Our men sure had some of the fishermen beat.

The first few hours brought the best luck
For now fishermen were leaving in automobile and truck
There is nothing like striking while the iron is hot
For then is the time to catch a lot.

Two messes of fish was all we could get
We were all delighted and happy you bet
We had plenty to eat and enjoyed it too
You could tell by the time it took to get through.

We left camp thankful for the good time we had
We were all happy no one felt sad
We could go back home and be content
And think of the good time in the canyon we spent.

Fishing In Stinkin Springs.
One spring day in 1939 Theron Emily Don and I
To have a succesful fishing trip we thought we'd try
We went and fished in Red Creek for a day or two
Then to Stinkin Springs and lower Strawberry before our trip was through

We pitched our tent in a grove of pine trees by the river side
There in peace for a few days we hopped to reside
The men went on a fishing trip every day
Emily and I visited and some games we'd play.

When they got home at night dinner was ready to eat
A meal cooked on a camp fire is hard to beat
One forenoon we layed down to read and rest
We felt good and knew we had been greatfully blessed.

We were startled to hear a blast not far away
They kept blasting nearer to us that day
Till they shot a blast in front of our tent
So to see what happened outside we went.

We saw five men putting a blast close by in a hole
As soon as it went off they ran in the river to get their tole
They gathered fish up till it looked like a score
They put them in a gunnysack that was already half full or more.

They killed all the fish in the river there
They had beat and cheated us from getting our share
We were disapointed for what these men had done
There would be no use fishing in that river for any one.

They were reported for breaking the law that way
They found to get fish unlawfully didn't pay
They were caught and paid a fine of a hundred dollars or more
One got away clear but it was hard on the four.

Never have I saw such a wilful waste before
Dead fish could be counted along the river by the score
How men can kill things and not care how they waste
I think it beyond decency or even good taste.

Yellow Stone Park Vacation
Wonona took us for a trip on her vacation
To a most wonderful spot in the nation
It was to the Yellow stone park we went
Where a very enjoyable time we spent.

We left Salt Lake City in the morning before it was light
And arrived in the park before it was dark at night
We stoped for a rest in Shelley Idaho
There to see our grand children we wanted to go.

We traveled through scenery beautiful to behold
In a 'Land where to individuals the government never sold
The road wound through forests of trees streight and high
Where elk and buffalo were grazing for and nigh.

Deer and antalope were running here an there
All kind of wild life could be found every where
Birds of all kinds and collors to us were new
Geese and ducks flying over the lake numbered quite a few.

Along the road we saw bear up in a tree
The mother bear and her two cubs made three
The tourists stoped and gathered round the tree on the ground
All nerved up and ready to take to their cars with one sound.

One bear would sit beside the road
And unless you fed him some fight he showed
Bear came in our camp ground every night
All our previsions we had to deep out of sight.

We watched old faithful that time tested Geyser
And the wonderful things we saw made us wiser
I cant discribe the scenery with different collor and hue
Nor the thoughts of golden hours spent with you.

We saw beautiful white lillies growing in a pond
Those scenes vanish sometimes of things of which we were so fond
To see all the things in the park takes two weeks or more
Especially if you have never been there before.

When we left we said we will surely come back again
But we dont know how long it will be or when
We left there the Jackson hole county to see
Where the wild deer roam and all nature was free

When the men went fishing Winona and I
To keep mosquitoes .away had to try
Again we broke camp and was homeward bound
There the joys of nature we truly had found.

Experience with A Steer, In May 1893
I was going across the meadow one day
And I encountered a large red steer on my way
Holding his head high and tossing his horns in the air
I know he was challangeing the right of way there.

What was coming next that I would have to face
It was for him and I to have a lively race
I had to run for my life and climb like a cat
Believe me that day I was graceful at that.

I ran to the fence for protection with my baby in my arm
I scaled it safely so to us there would come no harm
And oh just on the other side of the fence I heard a sound
That sent terror to me from my head to the ground.

Just pawing and bellering he stood there
Throwing dust and dirt streight up in the air
Showing like men when their beat
He didn't enjoy taking the retreat.

So all I had for my protection and safety to keep
Was the fence he didn't know how to leap
I didn't stop to argue the point right there
Though I thought his behavior wasnt quite fair.

Through fences and ditches I fairly flew
For making my getaway was all I knew
This kind of experience I want no never
Excitement a little milder will do me forever.

From that day believe me and even till now
I just give the rightaway to even a mild cow
I feel it is no disgrace and no use to kick
When you know you run against something you cant lick.

I think it is far better by that experience and race
To always try and keep in my place
And when danger anger or temptation I find
To just leave them as did the steer behind.

Experience In Hobble Creek Canyon.
One morning early and bright
Our hearts was filled with pure delight
We thought there would be no mistake
To the canyon our familys and picnic to take.

Mother with four of her children were there
And to add to the fun all must share
Annie Mina Ida and Wilf ord with their bunch all told
Made a crowd that to Mother was good to behold.

Never have I been in a jollier bunch
The only draw back was we had to wait for lunch
We partook of the bounties of life that was spread
Then the after effect was all we had to dread.

The memory of that day we often recall
For it always furnishes a liugh for all
Although you are doing your very best
You may make sport for all the rest.

Then came the challenge for the fun of the day
And oh how easy it came our way
Two were appointed to choose up sides
And on certain lines we must make our glides

In a game of steal stick we must show our power
And that was done in less than half an hour
For to one of the group something befell
But to you it cannot be explained very well.

To get the most sticks was our aim and delight
And in that game you must make things right
To finish the game we didn't come through
What happened gave us something else to do.

To see me fall was such a funny sight
If we had finished the game it wouldnt have been right
And to be a good sport I sure had to share
The fun it made for all that was there.

So we just laughed and laughed till our sides were sore
To do justice to the ocassion we could do no more
Serviceberries were on the bushes just what we were after
But to gether them there was too much laughter.

The work was set aside for another day
So everyone could have fair play
Just such pleasant days are not always found in this life
When we find in them work worry and strife.

Remember running your fastest isnt always the best
Tis when you fall you loose your quest
When you brake up a game even in a merry way
At home the next time you are likely to stay.

Old and young I would advise you all
To guard your actions and see you dont fall
Only one thing that I can say to you
Its to see your part of the fun comes through.

Saving Two Lives.
Some of my experience were good some bad
I will tell you of some exciting ones I had
A nephew and a grandaughter was my good fortune to save
Both of them from going to a watery grave.

I was watching my nephew and nieces playing our in the yard
To tell you how quick things can happen could be hard
My nephew fell in a swill barrel head first
I got him out then getting the swill out of his lungs was the worst.

We worked with him till finely he survived
How thankful we were he still was alive
He grew to manhood and a family raised
In our hearts we humbly said God be praised.

Accidents happen we are least expecting
And on these we had not been reconing
Our grand daughter wondered away in her play
And fell in a creek that run along our way.
Myrna Carter is the girl I'm talking about
She layed there in the water and never tried to get out
I stepped to the door to see where the children were
That is how it happened I was able to save her.

I saw her go to the creek and off the bridge walk
Falling in the cold water was too much of a shock
When I got to her she layed still and white
To restore her we worked with mind and might.

She lived to be a comfort to her mother and dad
And many good times with her we've had
Our hopes for her is she'll make a success of life
And some day be a true mother and faithful wife.

A Little Bad Habbit
While very young I had a lesson in stealing
The temptation I had to you I'm revealing
My dear friend lost her hair ribbon in a little dance
I thought to have a ribbon now is my chance.

I picked it up and tucked it snugly away
And thought I'd wear it in my hair some other day
My concience wouldnt let me wear a ribbon I had stole
So I burried it and never told a soul.

I was sorry I took that ribbon tis true
But that sad experience haunted me my whole life through
I tried to pay her with kindness and love
And prayed for forgiveness from heaven above.

That was the only time I remember I had a desire to steal
It always reminded me if I lost something how I'd feel
I burried a ribbon for which I had to atone
For taking something that wasnt my own.

With that sad experience I burried the desire to steal
You cant get away from a sin you dont want to reveal
Stealing and lying is a vice children has to overcome
When its conqured it spells victory to every one.

A Foolish Man
I was in Provo where Winona and Okie got a thrill
It was at my expense so I had to pay the bill
Sometimes when you do the best you can
You may get stoped by an ignorant man.

He said Lady can you give me some information
Naturally I stoped without hesitation
I have been disapointed in love and have a broken heart
Oh tell me where I can send a lovers dart.

I was so surprised I felt almost dumb
I wondered if he was trying to get me under his thumb
As soon as I could I gathered my wits and then
I said dont you think you are one of the foolish men.

He had two young boys along to size up the situation
And hear him resite his little resitation
I said man you better get along the road and not wait
And remember you didn't get me on your bait.

A hearty laugh the boys got for their share
Kidding him they said you didn't make much there
He shied away and went in a store
And I never saw the foolish man any more.

Oh how the girls giggled and laughed with glee
When ever they told of that time with me
Many many years have passed but I'll bet
We have many good laughs about it yet.

Experience With A Bull.
All my life I have been afraid of cattle
So with that fear I've had a big battle
The experience may not seem much to you
But think of the horror I went through.

Father and I worked at the Bigelow ranch all day
And the night was dark before we got away
Crossing the meadow at night is a lonely place
Before we got through we had a race.

We stoped and listened the night was dark
We wasnt out walking just for a lark
We heard a sound that caused our blood to chill
What we had to do tested our strength and will.

A bull bellowing seemed to shake the ground
For safety there wasnt a place to be found
We knew that sound was between us and our gate
So we must make haste or be too late.

I had one child in my arms and Don had one too
We put in full speed and we made it through
When we got to safety we almost felt his angry breath
We were afraid if we met him it would be our death.

What a sound an angry bull can make
And what trouble they give if you make a mistake
When we reached our door we were trembling with fear
We were thankful to be safe when he came so near.

We built a new home at the edge of town
Cattle passed our place going up and down
When they drove cattle by in the spring and fall
I was always afraid of cattle thats all.

Sport For Lookers On.
This experience amused the lookers on
They laughed and told how funny after I had gone
There was a slaughter pen out side our lot
The fence wasnt a protection as we had thought.

We were hoeing beets Winona Okie and I tis true
We didn't know what was coming through
We had been told the cattle were dangerous and wild
And wouldnt be safe round man woman or child.

Every day they were driving wild cattle we know
We didn't think the high fence would let them through
One jumped over the fence like a frightened deer
It was so unexpected it filled us with fear.

Winona wasnt long getting up in an apple tree
Okie went over the fence like a honey bee
I stood dumb and just starred in space
I didn't know for me there was a safe place.

I was to frightened to climb the net fence
So I walked back and forth didn't use any sence
Then I went over a lumber gate with haste
For I didn't have any time to waste.

When I went through three fences I hid in the willows and grass
I knew again that way they were going to pass
When it was all over and I came from my hiding place
A bunch of fun loving neighbors I had to face.

It was amusing to them I have to admit
But if folks laughs at me I dont care a bit
You sure got panacy I heard them say
But I dont want wild stears coming my way.

I dont care if the world laughs and have their fun
As long as there is a safe place for me to run
I'd rather be fenced in strong and tight
Than be free in the open with cattle in sight.

Interupted Strole.
This experience I had while going to town
To me it was exciting but I'll try and write it down
It makes one feel foolish to have people see
The way I do when even a gentle cow comes toward me.

When they gather cattle in the fall
It seems to me theres no safety at all
The weather was warm the sun shone bright
And there wasnt a critter any where in sight.

I said to my daughter Elva lets take a stroll
To enjoy the beauties of nature would be our goal
We were leisurely going along our way
You'd better clear the road I heard some one say.

They were chaseing a wild steer up our way
So I wasnt long getting over the fence I'll say
Elva and her two children had a good laugh at me
For before they got there they had the steer in a correl you see

The fence was easy to go over the first time
It was made more like a ladder bent in line
When I tried to get back I just couldnt make the grade
For to go over that way the fence wasnt made.

The threshers had just left, leaving chaff piled high
When I jumped I burried in it or very nigh
Elva said Mother the steer is coming where you are
I struggled in that chaff till things went black as tar.

I got so excited I could hardly move a peg
In that chaff I couldnt get a holt with either leg
Well it all ended as good stories do
Luck turned my way for the steer couldnt get through.

It seemed to me I was shaking hands with fate
It was all done so quick I had no time to hesitate
All the time that steer was runing round wild
I felt as helpless as a little child.

The children laughed so hard at me trying to get back
It showed to me just how much I lack
Of courage to stand and face cattle and say
You have frightened me enough for one day.

I used to say if a cow shook her head at me
It wouldnt be any trouble for me to climb a tree
Things hasnt changed from the way it used to be
I'll always be frightened of cattle I can plainly see.

Experience with A Salesman.
Would it be better to take the funny side of life
And forget in this world we find sorrow and strife
I remember how the children kidded me on
About things that will live in their memory when I'm gone.

We find the path of life changes day by day
But we should follow the straight and narrow way
Dont think of me always being down hearted and sad
Sometimes I get angry some times I get mad.

This experience I had with a blanket salesman one day
Does it matter how much he argued or how long he intended to stay
I was hoeing weeds peacefully along a garden row
He wanted me to change my mind materially though. -

His argument was I have nothing to sell
Just look at these blankets and you can tell
If you want them later then you can buy
Any time it pleases you not I

He got me to stop and at his blankets look
Then he thought he had me on his hook
But soon the scene changed said he an order I must give
So comfortably your family and I can live.

I plainly told him I needed no blankets today
There would be no use for him to persuade or stay
Then he did what many salesman do
Looking our for self not careing for you.

There on the lawn he had his blankets spread out
And tried to tell me what it was all about
He was disapointed when the blankets I didn't take
It worried him when the sale he didn't make.

He got sassy and went into a rage
The language he used doesnt sound good on this page
He said I guess you think I am a piss ant
I will not take that kind of talk I know I cant.

You cant talk that way I said with a twich
So be on your way you son of a bitch
You should saw him run from that hoe and me
While gathering the blankets up he looked back to see

If he had any time to fold blankets neatly away
I had given him warning he had no time to stay
He knew it would be healthier for him to get away
He was to buisy to have much more to say.

I'm sure it was amuseing and a funny sight
But he didn't think me coming with a hoe was right
I smile when I think of me runing a man with a hoe
And what it would have been had he stubbed his toe.

Up in his arms went valise blankets and all
The wrong place that day he make his call
He said if you doubt me call the Stake President and see
If I am not what I represent to be.

If call anyone you may safely depend
It will be the sheriff my rights to defend
Instead of making any more calls he was glad to get away
His business had been spoiled for him that day.

We women have a right to defend ourselves all men should know
Sometimes your tongue can be a good weapon, though
Our protection will often depend on a hoe
Then when we tell them to get out they are ready to go.

Advice to Don About Going To Sleep At Night
When you go to bed at night
Draw the curtains from the cares of the day
So in peaceful slumber you may lay
Forget all cares worrys and trials at night
Then with joy awake with the morning light.

When you go to bed at night
Lay all your clothes and cares away
Get sweet sleep to prepare you for another day
Rest helps your day dreams to come true
And keep them from passing out of view.

When you go to bed at night
?ray you will reap the golden harvest of living
Forget unpleasent things be patient and forgiving
To sleep at night was what Father willed
When night falls and all nature is stilled.

When you to bed at night
And it is hard to control your mind
Remember your blessings then stop and find
Many joys and comforts fill your soul and stay
So the dark clouds will all be chased away.

When you go to bed at night
And little things bother and keep you awake
Forget them all for your own healths sake
Now softly close your eyes in slumber
And dream of the blessing comes to you without number

When you go to bed at night
Rest and sleep for tomorrow you have work to do
So sleep will be found in the soul of you
Dont depend in the relms of luck
To overcome laying awake it takes a lot of pluck

When you go to bed at night
And you go to sleep when the lights are out
Then your desire will be won without a doubt
Relax and say a silent prayer once more
And you will be greatful for ever more.

A Stray Pig.
I stayed at home one summer day
While the family went to the meadow for a load of hay
I found an old sow rooting potatoes out of a garden row
I thought to myself piggie you cant do that I know.

That old pig was stuborn and so was I
I just couldnt get her to budge but why
I armed myself with a sweeping broom
And swiftly I rushed from my living room.

I raised my broom and gave her a whack
She started to go then turned quickly back
I raised my broom and missed the mark where I aimed
That was ~hat made me feel so ashamed.
She started to run I stumbled and down I fell
How angry and humilliated I felt no one can tell
Quickly I jumped up and looked all around to see
If there was anyone in sight watching me.

At last I got the pig through the garden wall
I said I think you'd better be kept in a stall
This event was forgotten till I was about forty
Then my young folks had an ice cream party.

Some joke was told about every one there
So this one was told on me when and where
I felt quite easy for I thought they couldnt tell
One on me that would bring a good laugh so well

My nephew had been standing on a hill by our place
He saw it from begining to the end of the race
He said at that time he laughted till he thought he'd die
They laughed that night till I thought all would cry.

He said Aunt Annie dont be surprised any time you fall
That you make it amusing to one and all
Many times I have laughed about that race with the pig
Folks gets more of a kick to see anyone fall that is big.

It Doesnt Pay To Run For Water.
In our younger days we couldnt turn a tap and have running water
The summer days were long and getting hoter and hoter
I had to carry water from the creek and do my washing by hand
I am thandkful my grand children cant understand.

I started with two buckets to get water from the creek
And my baby started to cry very quick
He held his breath so I had to stay near
To leave him alone caused worry and fear.

When I got started back with my water I was bereft
I stumbled and fell one bucket went to the right one to the left
I got a little mixed and fell between and betwixt
Being plastered with mud and water I was surely fixed.

Just around the corner came a friend I thought to be
He was shaking his sides and laughing at me
A beautiful fall said he and his hat went up in the air
I didn't think him nice so I gave him a disgusted stare.

A Supposed Haunted House.
We moved to a ranch house where people said the place was haunted
We just laughed and said some adventure we wanted.
I was young but I said I have no fear
I'm sure anything unnatural will never come near.

Oh how I was startled one night when husband went to feed cattle
To stay in the house alone with my baby I had a battle
I had just layed down when I heard a loud thump and my nerve started aquiver
I thought some unnatural thing had something to deliver.

It was dark and believe me with my baby I dashed away
And till the chores were all done by my husband I'd stay
What did we find when we went to the house nothing more
Than a ham that we hung in the chimney to smoke lying down on the floor.

At night after we went to bed we heard a sound tip tap
It was hard that night for me to even get a good nap
No matter how hard we tried there was nothing we could find
It bothered me so much I couldnt keep it of my mind.

One day I was alone with my baby and she was sick
At any little sound I was startled and would jump up quick
I heard that tip tap and to be alone I felt it wasnt fair
I quickly opened the door down come a black cat on the rickety stair.

I wasnt frightened any more when I found that day
There wasnt anything unnatural around there to stay
Now when I hear uncommon noises I say that is natural enough
I'll never be foolish enough to take any ones bluff.

J..L. and Martha Parcell -- Happy Wedding Aniversary.
Is it any bodys business if you marry in the spring or in the fall
Or is it, any bodys business if you deside not to marry atall
But you'll find it loving business to live together 50 years
When you share each others joys sorrows and fears.

When is it any bodys business if your love lasts a whole life time
If it is simple helpful hopeful and sublime
Is it anybodys business if you dream of happiness then again
If you dream of showers after sunshine and sunshine after rain.

The business that makes love last a life time is made of material stuff
Its made of lots of patience when the going is mighty rough
Its made of understanding a lot of little things
Of trials and joys that daily living brings.

Love is sure to bring trials now and then
When sweet hearts prove but women and lover prove but men
Love must have endurance and loyalty intense
A lot of faith and charity and a load of common sense.

May I dwell in your thoughts dear and explore each mile
Down deep in your heart may I still linger a while
I have seen with my eyes your garden of love
A splender of beauty like heaven above.

I have encribed my name in the depth of your heart
Where the sun never sets and dear ones never part
I have dug in your garden and love I have brought
From your language of silence and a hidden thought.

May I hold you close to my heart and lips
And truely say I have thrilled you with my finger tips
Over the bridge of yesterdays my thoughts turn to night
And out of the distance comes a tender glowing light.

The center around our companionship that lasts through time and tide
The paths we have taken together have been long and wide
May we still in earths tomorrow find a sweet resting place
Then in heavens glad meeting we'll see face to face.

Fifty 5 Years Together
55 years ago today husband and I started life
We have worked side by side in sunshine or cloudy weather
On April 29, 1891 in the Manti temple we were united as one
And a wonderful blessing was given us by Gods apointed son.

We married for love not fortune or fame
We tried to prove faithful in playing the game
On the first day of May we had a reception and dance
We thought in the word we had a fair chance.

In the heaven of our love was a sky oer cast with blue
Dark clouds sometimes gathered but to each other we were true
I started married life with the faith of a trusting child
Sometimes the disapointments we had were anything but mild.

I have spent so many happy years with you
and planned so many things to do
While loving my husband it seems
He is part and parcel of my dreams.

I've stood by you dear husband all these years
Sometimes with smiles sometimes with tears
And countless are the many little prayers
I've breathed through faith for you unawares.

Step by step and grade by grace we went our way
And battled temptation each hour of the day
Husband and wife have a wonderful life to live
When each takes as much responcibility as they like to give.

Its better to dwell on the joyous hours we spent
For building a happy home our talents were bent
Our first aim was to make a peaceful home
Where in the garden of our love our children could roam.

God gave us precious children from heaven above
Each one was cherished with a Fathers and Mothers love
It wasnt our fortune to gain great wealth
And we didn't always have the best of health.

The thrill true love gives can never be told
And heaven alone can its beauties unfold
A gracious Father has ruled and made it so
We must merrit the love of a companion here below.

Our love has united us in the years that are past
If we still prove faithful it will always last
Although the years of youth have past away
Our love is stronger on this our 55 th aniversary day.

When we think of our playmates that has gone before
We know at the best we will not live many years more
Each year a bright star has brightened our way
With true love we will live joyous each day.

We started life in a very humble way
And we are still filled with humility today
Our path has been long rugged and steep
All the beauties we found we will try to keep.

The 55 years that has passed made our lives sublime
We helped each other with love and devotion time after time
Our children have been our guiding star
May the brilliance of their lives shine in our crown afar.

A New Year.
Nineteen and forty six is all ready here
Folks talks lightly of the coming year
Now it is time to turn a clean white page
For nineteen and forty five is off the stage.

Whatever the coming year brings of joy and pleasure
May they brighten your lives for your love I treasure
I wish you a very happy new year
And may it be a prosperious one my dear.

Full of love and friendship fond and sweet
And pies and cakes and bread and meat
And now and then some other treat
Such as spring winter fall and summer heat.

May the giver of gifts give unto you
That which is good and that which is true
The will to help and courage to do
A heart that can sing the whole day through

Whether the skys or gray or blue
May the choisest blessings of heaven be given
What is the use enduring hardships and strife
What is the use of living if you cant sweeten life

While we live we can love bestow
On some lonely and sad heart I know
Just read the thoughts of my heart I pray
For some things we feel are to deep to say.

January 1, 1946
Good morning Children dear
I am anxiously waiting from you t& hear~
Not a word have we heard of your christmas cheer
I hope you havent forgotten we are here.

Thanks for the presents they were very nice
We counted them over not only once but twice
Each present and thought brought a thrill of joy
As it did in childhood days Oh Boy

We get things to use to wear and eat
And the love sent with them couldnt be beat
We spent christmas alone each child was away
But our prayers and thoughts were with them all day.

Christmas cheer and glad tidings filled the air
Unless you tell us how you enjoyed yourself it wont be fair
On christmas eve we went to the show
The only place for entertainment we had to go.

To me christmas morning isnt like it used to be
Without children or a christmas tree
The old year has gone and we enter the new
May Gods choisest blessing be given to you.

May it bring friends as other years brought
With all good bleasinga and an enlightened thought
Have faith hope and charity my dears
So you will have happiness all through the years

I am thankful for my parentage and birth
For the priveledge of coming here on Earth
Thankful for the sunshine fine
And the dear friends and family of mine
Thankful for friendships power
For the rain sunshine and shower
Thankful for a home full of joy
Thankful for each girl and boy.

Thankful for a companion brave and true
Thankful I have honest work to do
Thankful I excepted the wonderful gospel plan
That God has given to mortal man
Thankful for the mornings light
That I have been protected through the night.

Thankful for the landscape fair
Thankful for the breeze blowing through the air
Thankful for a stream of water running by
Thankful for the bright blue sky
I am thankful for the food we eat the water we drink
I am thankful for something every time I stop to think
I am thankful the war is over and our boys are home
May they in a distant country never have to roam.

In Southern Utah.
There is a land in Southern Utah where we lived years four
No matter where we roam we will love it ever more
We could see in the moonlight the temple white and grand
Land of sunshine flowers and desert sand
Where beautiful roses and sego lillies grows
Down close by where the Virgin river flows.

Land where rainbow collored canyons and valleys grand
Where the hand of our maker tucked it with a powerful hand
I often dream of childhood home left behind
But I always know heavenly Father was good and kind
We listened to birds singing in the morning glow
Down close to where the Virgin river flows.

We went to the temple we got inspiration
And helped those who are dead gain a salvation
The testimonies prayers and songs gave us a thrill
When we knew we were doing Fathers will
We watched the sun as it comes and goes
Down close where the Virgin river flows.

Silver streams flow down from the mountain crest
In a land where one finds contentment and rest
It is soul inspiring when beauty changed it made a hue
From soft tones of gray and silver to a differant shade of blue
In the spring and fall the birds sing as they come and go
Close where the Virgin river flow.

We have many trials as most people do
But we enjoy life be the clouds gray or blue
We lived where the brilliant sun shone down
In St George a little southern town
Where flowers rare and beautiful roses grow
Where the beauties of nature you love to know
Down where the Virgin river flow.

Other people live happy then why not I
If the skys are cloudy they'll clear by and by
Successfully we may live each hour of the day
If we wisely use our talents while we may
Our footsteps may falter while here below
Down by where the Virgin River flow.

Snow Storm In Dixie
On December the eleventh we were suddenly awaken
To our surprise we found people here had been mistaken
That in Dixie there never could be much snow
With their past experience all seemed to know.

It was surprising when the sun wasnt shineing
It just hid behind a silver lineing
When the snow flakes come down from the sky
They found the Earth parched and dry.

Flake after flake filled dampened air
Till we wondered how much snow was left up there
On the morning of the twelvth the sun shone bright and clear
It had piled the snow up ten inches deep down here.

We had been told eithty five percent sunshine was expected every year
By all the old timers that was living here
I Watched the children playing in the snow
To them it was a new experience though.

Very little snow had fallen since nineteen thirty six
They thought the snow would be fine for Old Saint Nic
But christmas time was to far away
For long on the warm ground the snow wouldnt stay.

We wondered if signs and wonders will ever cease
No not as long as mortal man on life holds a lease
To so many that storm was a marvel and wonder
And it came so silently without any thunder.

My Testimony
I will leave to you my humble testimony in black and white
I know the church of Jesus Christ is right
I know my trials have been easier to bear
By offering a sincere and fervent prayer
I know that our Savior lives
And his mercies and blessings he freely gives
I know we excepted the free agency plan
That was wisely worked out for the salvation of man.

I know our kind Heavenly Father above
Is full of compassion sympathy and love
I know we are greatly blessed day by day
If we have sincerely learned how to pray
I know our acts and deeds are truely recorded
And each and every one will be justly rewarded
how happy we will be for- all good deeds we do
And we will regret the wrongs all the way through.

I know my thoughts words are sincere
When I say the tempter is always lerking near
To keep us from the straight and narrow pathway
Shun his influence and he'll want to stay away
I know that Christ on the cross was crucified
For you and me he suffered he bled and died
I know that prophets both old and new
Told of things that daily are coming true.

I know we have a prophet sear and revelator
That leads and guides but is no dictator
I know the gospel plan was taken from the Earth
Restored in the year 1830 years after the prophets birth
I know we are living in an age and time
When we can make our lives sublime
I know our redeemer was good and kind
I know that with all my heart soul and mind.

I know Adam and Eve was placed here on Earth
To replenish it and to spirits give birth
They were duely placed in the garden of Eden
Where every thing was beautiful nothing seeded weedin
The flowers were beautiful the fruit was grand
In the garden they must deside whether to fall or stand
The lord said I'll trust all these things to your care
But from sin and temptation always beware.

All the fruit in the garden you may freely eat
From the tree of life the fruit you must not pertake now I'll repeat
They pertook of the forbiden fruit and fell
They disobeyed a lower law for a higher one I can tell
I have pertook of the forbiden fruit Eve said
By satin I was tempted and unwillingly lead
Now Adam if you will come with me and pertake
We may stay together and a better world make.

Adam now could see the better way
He sincerely wanted Eve with him to stay
It would be better for them to people the Earth
Then they would be obedient and show their worth
They were told they would have to make a living by th sweat of their brow
That has been the penalty from then till now
The Lord said if you obey me from now on you win
Then I'll send a Savior to redeem the world from sin.

The savior lived a short time and was crucified
For the sins of the world he suffered bleed and died
Through his sacrifice we may earn eternal life
Where there is no sorrow pain or strife
I know that my redeemer lives
Which to me the spirit of inspiration gives
I know he lives which once was dead
Now he is numbered as one of the God head.

After Christs death the gospel was taken away for awhile
To all the honest in heart theres no denial
Christs mission was finished in a few short years
Then he was released from this valley of tears
Oh how necessary it is for us to so live
When our lives are ended his blessings he will freely give
When our career in this life is ended we can truely say
I have Tred to do good all along lifes high way.

I wish I could write a poem
That would make you see my dad
Could I picture his face with manly look
Such a dear smiling face he had.

I have tried in vain to portray it
And my efforts make me sad
I cant make you know the dear kind ways
Of the wonderful soul of my dad.

Thats why I wish you knew dad
One of the best pals a family ever had
He always shared our joys and cares
To us wonderful was our dad.

He has gone to his home in heaven
And I miss his dear words of cheer
For his love I heave a lonely sigh
I do miss him as long as I stay here.

How I would like to see my dear old dad
Just like he used to be
I wish that you could see him too
So dear he was to me.

Of times I seem to see him
As when I was a little tad
When he taught me to pray morn and eve
What a blessed Father our family had.

Forget You Dear Father Never.
Forget you dear Father never in word or thought
Though years pass by and trials brought
Your memory fondly lingers near
And wake sweet memories not forgot.

Yes the days go by and I love full well
To recall those days which are not
My heart now with rapture swell
To know by me you are not forgot.

Forget you not though time flys on
And it has many changes wrought
The mingled joys of youth have gone
But still in memory you are not forgot.

Of all the joys that I have known
There's none that gives me sweeter thought
Than those once known which now are not
Though still in memory not forgot.

Forget you not though death did sever
Some of the pleasures which we sought
Still there is a joy that lingers ever
In the thought that you are not forgot.

Yes there is a solace to me that is sweet
And always gives a pleasent thought
Tis the hope though parted yet we'll meet
In a home where we are not forgot.

I am thinking of my Mother
Of my mother kind and dear
And the many things she did for me
While yet on Earth she was here.

She nurturea me in childhood
As tenderly as could be
Of my many needs and wishes
She never failed to see.

My mother taught me day by day
To have faith and humbly pray
For God to guard my footsteps aright
Then to return my thanks to him at night.

Her face to me was wonderful to see
Her touch beyond compare
Her soul was full of sympathy
For all who needed care.

$he's gone to her home in heaven
I'll always miss her here its so
Yet oft I feel her presence near
To watch o'er me below.

Oh Lord help me to worthy live
While on this Earth I stay
That I may reach that blessed shore
And be with her some day.

Lord to us a mother giveth
Then he took you from us away
We know if we true liveth
We'll meet you again some day.

It is in this world only
Our comfort and hopes die
We'll try not to feel lonely
Or heave a bitter sigh.

Forget You Not Mother Dear.
Forget you not when dreams fade from view
Not when dear mother I'm thinking of you
I think of you in big and little things
That to me joy and comfort brings.

Forget you not when evening shadows fall
And I think of the joys you gave to all
Nor of the days thats past and gone
And the tide of time flows steadily on.

Forget not the beauty that life held in store
When for others you were ready to sacrifice more
We honor and love you for that service true
And we'll always keep your noble life in view.

Forget you not for the sacred touch
Of faith sublime you loved so much
It inspires my soul to follow too
To gain eternal life with you.

Forget not the smile that makes hearts lighter
And makes our lives seem all the brighter
What ever of sunshine or storm life held in store
You always were ready to sacrifice more.

Forget not the seeds of kindness
To lead us forward in our blindness
The seeds to bring blossoms tomorrow
To help lighten our load of sorrow.

You wove a thread in lifes golden book
And we are proud when on it we look
You put on the armor of truth and make it last
May your check be honored in heaven for deeds that are past.

Signed By: Annie Marie Boren Bigelow
Typed by Emily May Bigelow Stoker.
A Laugh
A laugh is just like music
It lingers in the heart
And where its melody is heard
The ills of life depart.

And happy thoughts come crowding
Its joyful notes to greet
A laugh is just like music
For making living sweet.
Found in a note book Mother gave me for Xmas.

Thoughts in the L. D. S. Hospital when I did not know.
March, 1937.
Though cold my hands and silent and still my heart
Know and feel my soul lives on
My last wish for each of you is choose the better part
For I will still be with you though I am gone.

The lovely influence you dear ones gave
Speaks love when you tried my life to save
Take comfort, be brave dear ones that mourn my loss
Count all of Gods works glorious not gross.

I have gone but left sweet me memories dear
To all I loved while I was here
You count it loss, I count it gain
Take comfort in knowing we will meet again.

While on Earth I have not done great deeds
But have tried to help those in need
Just for a little while I have been taken away
May my influence be felt for good day by day.

God speaks then we are all called back home
Do good while in this world you roam
A long time I have been with you and loved you so
Now I must say good bye, Christ said I must go.
Written by Annie Marie Boren Bigelow.
First read after Mothers funeral.
We had a beautiful Christmas day in 1946-
first thought was how the failures of life we could fix
We dressed before it was light you can believe
To see what Santa Claus left on Christmas eve.

Could it bring back pleasures like we had in our youth?
I'm sure when I say it did I can tell the truth
One never gets to old to enjoy a christmas cheer
Or forget the blessings we enjoy while here.

The christmas tree was lit up and out in view
When three of our grand children opened the door and came through
When they saw bundles under and on the tree
The awe, and surprise in there eyes you could see.

Wide eyed Marie stood and gazed for a while
Then she began to show a smile
Dear Santa came as he told me he would
And brought all of us things grand and good.

Days eyes were sparkling and he danced with glee
And almost before we knew it he was by the tree
Sorting the presents he thought his would be
See Mother the little red wagon and story book is for me.

Ray was so shy he wouldnt leave his fathers Jode
He seamed frightened but with amazement opened his eyes wide
It took some persuasion to get him to Join in the fun
When he found out what it was all about he was as big as anyone.

Each bundle held a surprise for young and old
The look in each eye the true story told
Nuts and candy was enjoyed all day
And none of our folks went empty handed away.
Completed December.31, 1946, by Annie Marie Boren Bigelow.

For Marie December.31, 1946.
Christmas is over and Santa's been here
We'll take care or our toys for we love the old dear?
For making things snappy
And bringing presents to make us happy.

The old year is goin and the new one is here
We'll sing and be happy all through the year
With our loved ones all our Joys we'll share
When there is work to be done I'll always be there.

For Dan December.31, 1946. Mothers Last Verse.
I'm Just a little boy with rougish eyes
Its a wonder the things I do for one my size
I play from early morning till late at night
So when I grow to be a big man I'll be allright.

A Life Sketch.
Annie Marie Boren Bigelow was born October 24, 1873 here at Wallsburg Utah. She was raised and spent most of her life here. She was married to Don L. Bigelow April 29, 1891 in the Manti Temple. Together they lived devotedly for over fifty five years. They had eleven children
of which six are still living.

After their second child was born she and her husband moved to Vernal where they homesteaded a forty-acre farm, built a home, barn and granery then left it in two years to move back to Wallsburg. They traded their farm in Vernal for a farm in Wallsburg which they had to clear of all the black sage brush and oak.

They bought a store and then run it for years and in addition they took the post office. While her husband was on the first mission she run the store post office and farm and kept her family going. She was so very ill he had to be called home to take care of her and family. Then later she watched worked and waited while he filled a second mission. She also helped send one of her sons on a mission and was proud of being a missionary wife and Mother.

She worked in her "younger life" in the Sunday School and Primary While in primary work she was called to be secretary of the Relief Society, then later first counselor, and then came the call for her to be President of the Relief Society and mother of the Ward. She served as president for sixteen years and did her duty in everything she was asked to do without complaining at to much to be done. She worked with the sick the needy and layed out the dead. She left her home day or night when ever anyone needed her. After working there that sixteen years she had to be released because her health broke, but even then she kept on working in the Ward. She taught the parents class in Sunday school for many years, and worked in the Young Ladies organization.

She served on a missionary committee that was appointed to raise funds to be sent to missionaries that were sent out from the Ward. It was a successful while they were in there working.

She spent many hours studying to get a better education for she only went through the grade schools and was never satisfied with the little schooling she had. She was determined to get, a better education and studied continually. She could give a lesson on any gospel subject and was very devoted to the gospel. She tried to instill in the hearts of others faith and a determination to live right. Her creed was to do unto others as she would have liked to be done by, and she lived it to the very letter.

She wrote many poems for all ocassions and never tried to have one published. She always said she didn't want earthly praise or glory, she just wrote to make those she loved happy. The past three years she has completed a lifes history in poem form of six hundred and sixty seven
verses. She just completed it and gave each of her family a copy for Christmas. The book also contains most of the poems she has written and a sketch of her husbands life which she helped him to write.
They moved to Salt Lake and worked in the Salt Lake Temple for three years then they moved to St. George- where they spent four years working there in the Temple. On April 16, 1946 they moved back to Provo and lived in the Edgemont Ward and have made their home there until the present time.

She was a wonderful person in every way. Gentle, kind and always was considerate of other peoples feelings. She could take a Joke as well as give one and she loved to be around where she could make people happy. She devoted her life to her family and friends, never thinking of herself or her comfort. She not only worked for the living but spent many hours working for the salvation of the dead, and now she has gone on, to meet her other loved ones and claim her reward that was waiting for her in Heaven.

Written and typed by Emily May Bigelow Stoker
Read in her funeral by W. F. Wiscomb, of the Edgemont Ward.

She's Gone
She's gone her noble work is o'er
As far as Earth's concerned
Each heavenly treasure there in store
She faithfully has earned.

Go Mother on your future road
Our blessings go with you -
And may your load be lighter there
Dear one so kind and true.

These flowers we place upon your bier
Tis all at our command
Yet we'd prefer to have you here
And place them in your hand.

Written and read in Mothers funeral by W. F. Wiscomb.

Died Sunday, January 5, 1947, at 1:05 at Provo, Utah.
Funeral Services held at Wallsburg, Utah January 8, 1947 and
Burried in the Wallsburg Cemetery.
Those Who Sent Flowers to Mother's Funeral
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Boyden
Mr. & Mrs. Eldwin Boren
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hansen and family
Mr. & Mrs. Wilford F. Boren
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Marriotti
Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Wall
Mr. & Mrs. Heber Hand (Ida Wall)
Mr. &Mrs. Bryant Larsen (Cora)
Mr. &Mrs. Elmer Malstrom (Alice)
Mr. & Mrs. Bert Roundy
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Nielsen (Leamington)
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Nielsen "
Mr. & Mrs. Omero Marriotti
Mr. &Mrs. Wilford Boren (Uncle)
Mr. & Mrs. Jasper Snow
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Gardner
Mr. &Mrs. Charlie Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Forest Farley
Mr. & Mrs. Emil Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Ward Webb
Mr. &Mrs. D. B. Thorne & family
Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Perkins & family (Milford)
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Allen (Milford)
Mr. & Mrs. C. Briscoe "
Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Butler "
Mr. & Mrs. Barney Bigelow
Mr. & Mrs. David Nuttal
Mr. & Mrs. Lewarence Ford
Mr. & Mrs. William Higbee
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Snow
Mrs. Dora Mecham
Mrs. Polly Allred
Mrs. Emily Batty and family
Mrs. Letha Marten (Mlford)
Mrs. Grace Goodfellow (Milford)
Edgemont Ward Relief Society
Wallsburg Relief Society
Seventh Ward Relief Society
Edgemont Camp of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Sharon Stake High Priests
Seventh Ward Bishopric
The Morgans The people Theron work for).
Bux Students (Leamington) (Altons.)