Kings Mountain & Sandy Run Baptist Church visit - June 2002


Kings Mountain Visitor Center

Maggie at Kings Mountain

Maggie at Kings Mountain

trail start

The first sign along the trail.


"Huzzah for Liberty" - the first trail sign.

destroy ferguson

"Catch and Destroy Ferguson! - the second trail sign.

along trail

Along the trail....

1815 monumet

The new Chronicle Marker telling about the 1815 interment of the remains of all those whose remains were left behind after the battle.

Roll 50 - 7

Both Chronicle Markers.

Roll 50 - 8
face the hill

"Face the Hill"


"Carolina's Upcountry Men"

Poplar Tree

"This Poplar.....

Hollow Tree

Partly burned out tree

maggie on trail

Maggie on the trail again.


"A Stroke of Irony"

dont give up

"Don't Give up the Hill"

Looking towards the spring.
(Click and drag for a 360 view).

"Water! Water"

kimoo spring The small spring shown at left is one of the few sources of water at Kings Mountain. After the battle cries for water of the wounded and dying Loyalists went unheeded.
back at spring
Roll 50 - 45
The view standing above the spring

(Click and drag for a 360 view).

Looking back at the spring.

more trail

More along the trail.


Cob webs in trees along the trail.

yelling boys

"Shelby's Damned Yelling Boys"


"In God and our Rifles We Trust"


President Hoover at Kings Mountain.

hoover 2

Hoover Monument.


"Shout Like Hell and Fight Like Deamons!"

old monument

The Centennial Monument

col coward

Colonel Coward

Splilt Tree

Split tree along the trail.


"Retreat and Surrender"

Monument Plaque

One of four plaques on the new monument.


"Quarter! Quarter!

Burial site of Major Ferguson.

Roll 49 - 3

Sandy Run Baptist Church Mooresboro, North Carolina

Priscilla Blount Rawlins and her daughter Nancy are listed on the membership rolls here. In 1794 they requested a letter of membership to take with them. At this time I do not know where they moved to, but it is quite likely the went to Kentucky with other family members. There are many very old grave stones that can not be read as well as quite a few with no markers at all. Perhaps on a future visit someone will be at the church and I can learn what records they might have.

The Broad River Genealogica Archive in Shelby, North Carolina has quite a lot of information regarding Sandy Run.

SR Cemetery 1

Different views of the cemetery at Sandy Run Baptist Church

SR Cemetery 2
Roll 49 - 6
SR Cemetery 3
SR Cemetery 4

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